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Increase Revenue By Demand Shaping At Point Of Sale
Increase Revenue By Demand Shaping At Point Of Sale
Increase Revenue By Demand Shaping At Point Of Sale
Increase Revenue By Demand Shaping At Point Of Sale
Increase Revenue By Demand Shaping At Point Of Sale
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Increase Revenue By Demand Shaping At Point Of Sale


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Demand Shaping is Mandatory for Increasing Revenue And Providing Good Customer Experience …

Demand Shaping is Mandatory for Increasing Revenue And Providing Good Customer Experience

As product choices and the number of SKUs grow, demand shaping techniques are mandatory for increasing revenue and for providing good customer experience in this customer-centric world

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1.       Increase Revenue By   Demand Shaping   At Point‐of‐Sale                     
  • 2.   Sales forecasting is a challenge in the best of times!    The times we are in make it a herculean task.   Market demand shifts  continually as economic conditions change, products change, prices fluctuate,  competitors act, new products are introduced, marketing creates  promotions…….. The list is quite endless.   Current planning and forecasting  methods are reactive and struggle to keep up with these shifts.    The solution is “Demand sensing and Demand Shaping” ‐ active methods to  predict what demand will arise and keep ahead of the market.  Demand  sensing is the ability to detect what choices customers are buying patterns  and the trends associated with these choices.  Demand sensing can help you  to quickly see market shifts to plan your product mix and offering.    “Demand sensing and Demand Shaping” - active methods to predict what demand will arise and keep ahead of the market  Page 2 of 5 
  • 3.     Demand Shaping For Higher Sales       Demand shaping is the ability to guide customers to the best choices at point‐ of‐sale.  This is the true to key to supply chain efficiency.   However, demand  shaping needs product intelligence at point‐of‐sale to guide customers to the  best choices.  Some of the ways to demand shape are –    If you offer many products or SKUs, there are typically strong buying  patterns in the demand.  For example – This printer is often bought  with this paper, this cartridge and cable.  Then, when a customer  selects the printer, you can to automatically show him the other items  that have strong buying patterns.   The customer will thank you for  this because the usually need these additional items, and you just  saved him a lot of effort thinking about it, and a ton of time searching  for it.  And you made more money in this sale!        Customers buying patterns   Customers who bought this product also   bought this other product, or these   products are very often bought together.   Page 3 of 5 
  • 4.      If you offer a product with many attributes, every sale will begin with the  customer calling out a few attributes.  The opportunity to demand shape  is to recommend a good choice based on the partial list of attributes the  customer has called out.  Demand Shaping requires the ability to  complete the order with the right attributes. The best way to complete  the order is to have sales intelligence these attributes are bought with  these other attributes.  It is the Amazon‐esque way to look at products  with many attributes.       The opportunity to demand shape is   to recommend a good choice based on   the partial list of attributes the   customer has called out.        The biggest opportunity of Demand Shaping is guiding customers to  close‐enough SKUs.  Most buying is done with ‘kinda‐sorta’ attribute  description. As the number of product features grow, there are a large  number of SKUs that we similar.  So there is a significant opportunity to  guide a customer to a similar or close‐enough SKU.  The SKU may differ in  attributes that the customer did not call out or specify.  If you can offer up  this SKU it is a win‐win. You have served the customer. You have won the  sale. You have moved your inventory. Your competitor did not get this  customer.        The biggest opportunity of Demand Shaping is guiding customers to close-   enough SKUs.   Page 4 of 5 
  • 5.     Demand Shaping is Mandatory for Increasing Revenue And Providing  Good Customer Experience     As product choices and the number of SKUs grow, demand shaping  techniques are mandatory for increasing revenue and for providing good  customer experience in this customer‐centric world.    Think of demand sensing as predicting what demand will arise, as opposed to  simply reacting to incoming orders. Shaping demand, on the other hand, is all  about steering customers toward available products and services.      Call To Action – How much revenue can you gain by demand shaping and up‐ selling? What are the strong customer buying patterns in your demand that you can  leverage to increase revenue?  For a quick evaluation to quantify the revenue gain  please contact Emcien at  About Emcien, Inc. Emcien offers an analytics software solution that auto-detects customer buying patterns and trends in sales transaction data. With Emcien’s analytics companies’ can increase profits by intelligently guiding customers to the best product choices and recommending additional products at point-of-sale. Companies also use Emcien’s analytics to optimize their product offering to capture demand at highest profit. Customers include Fortune 500 companies and manufacturers in the electronics, automotive and industrial sectors. Emcien was named a 2008 Cool Vendor in SCM and ERP 2008 by Gartner, Inc. To learn more, call 404-961-6360 or visit Page 5 of 5