Passionate Ink Booknotes July 2009 Edition


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Passionate Ink's author releases for July 2009!

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Passionate Ink Booknotes July 2009 Edition

  1. 1. Book Notes Bringing you new releases, chats, and book signings from your favorite Passionate Ink authors! July 2009 Vol. 4, No. 7 Book Releases Undercover Lover This symbol indicates a book published in By Jane Leopold Quinn ISBN: 1-60601-324-6 print. These may be new releases, or works previously released as eBooks. Sam Bolt’s youthful mistake, a danger- ous mistake, seriously impacted his fam- Body Heat ily and compelled him to become an undercover cop. Dedicated, but tortured By Imari Jade and guilt ridden, he accepts his lonely life. Rayna Wright was the daughter of the President of the United States and le- gally blind since birth. But did that mean Until he meets Liz. Fascinated, he can’t she was off-limits? Bodyguard Hurst resist her beauty and the peace he feels Rodriguez certainly hoped not. when he’s with her. EXCERPT BUY STRIP SEARCH ISBN: 978-0425229255 EXCERPT BUY By Shayla Black writing as Shelley Bradley The best way to go undercover is take it all off! A sexy CPA goes undercover as a male stripper in the mobster’s Vegas club to nail a Mafia kingpin. The perk? The club’s owner. Sure she’s got some unsa- vory connections, but how can anyone with those legs be all bad? She’s got a head for business, but is out of practice in the pleasure department. If anyone can strip her of her inhibitions it’s Did You Win the new guy who’s stirring her wildest g- string fantasies. But besides the sizzling sexual chemistry they have in common, they both have secrets. They learn quickly A Free Book? that, with the mob closing in, what gets exposed is as irresistible as it is dangerous. Don’t forget to check EXCERPT BUY July 2009 1
  2. 2. Passionate Ink Authors Forbidden Desire Desire Incorporated: The Temp By Carolina Valdez By Minx Malone ISBN: 978-1-60088-424-5 Stan Gordon, M.D., is well aware of the unwritten Ava Kincaid took the temporary job at Desire In- code forbidding sexual liaisons between a physi- corporated because she desperately needed the cian and those in his charge, but when he provides money, not because she was secretly hoping to see intimate care for Brian Storm, a seriously injured her ex-boyfriend Gavin Sloan police detective, he comes dangerously close to again. She’s already been there, crossing the line. When he does try, he's shocked done that and gotten kicked in the to find desire is forbidden, not by the teeth. She just wants to do her job code but by the emotional demons Brian and go home. wrestles. But when they meet up in the halls Tortured while working undercover be- of Desire, the chemistry between fore they met, police policy prevents them is as strong as ever. Suddenly Brian from sharing the full story with she’s doing way more than filing. Stan, yet reliving the trauma threatens to destroy their new and deepening love. If Brian can't overcome what's been done Temping has never been this good to him, he risks losing Stan to a more and Ava finds herself wondering if responsive man. perhaps this position could lead to something more permanent? EXCERPT BUY EXCERPT BUY Passionate Ink Book Notes Dawg Town Hustle Questions or comments may be directed to : By Anne Kane ISBN: 978-1-60521-228-9 Kaylee has no idea that she’s a prairie dog shifter, or that the reason for all the male attention she’s been attracting is her first A Promise at Dawn heat cycle. When her boss fires her in a jealous fit of rage, she decides to go find By Jane Leopold Quinn ISBN: 1-60601-422-6 some action at the local biker bar. When the cute little dawg waltzes onto Widow Faye Burke watches the sun rise his turf, Logan isn’t about to let any of over the Atlantic Ocean. Her guilty pleas- his buddies get their paws on her. A ure is the hunk running along the beach. game of pool turns into a sexy seduction The lovely woman watching Gil Farrelly as Logan introduces her to loving, Prai- gets his creative juices flowing. He’s deter- rie Dawg style. mined to paint her. Faye fears their age difference will separate them. Gil intends to prove otherwise. EXCERPT BUY EXCERPT BUY Romance Writers of America The mission of the Romance Writers of America is to advance the professional interests of career-focused romance writers through July 2009 networking and advocacy. 2
  3. 3. Passionate Ink Authors Lockdown Eve of Chaos By Delilah Devlin ISBN: 978-1419922114 By Sylvia Day ISBN: 9780765360434 After surviving an attack by an inmate, prison correc- How do you tell Satan that you ran over his tions officer Gillian Priest arrives at her hellhound? new unit, determined not to ever let her guard down again. Things get complicated Evangeline Hollis has no idea and when a handsome new prisoner enters her she doesn't want to find out. Living dreams and seduces her. When fellow offi- with the Mark of Cain—and the two cer Billy Hedron makes a pass, she’s al- sexy brothers who come with it—is ready primed, ready to ease the arousal her trouble enough. She doesn't need to sexy dreams have left with a more appro- borrow more. Too bad Satan is too priate mate. pissed to oblige her. Billy Hedron knows his old marine buddy, How can a Mark drafted by God Gabriel Vlahos, is posing as a prisoner to strike a bargain with the Devil? Eve's find a demon within the prison walls, and about to find out... who better to hunt one than an incubus? When his buddy seduces Gillian in her dreams, Billy stands ready to serve the needs his EXCERPT BUY friend stirs up in the attractive woman. But things take a deadly turn when the demon they seek decides it’s time to take them all to Hell. EXCERPT BUY Sinful Seven Book 1: Unmasking Cinnamon By Eve Knight ISBN: 978-1-60088-425-2 Seducing His Lordship Sneaking into a masquerade party provides By Brenda Williamson ISBN: 978-1-59632-958-4 Stephani with the perfect cover as the sultry siren Cinnamon. Will her secrets remain hidden once Chad, her willing playmate Handsome Lord Laramore is everything Lady for the evening suspects her to be a Carmody wants in a husband. Except his two woman he loved but lost? Can he un- years of neglect forces her to take matters into mask Cinnamon to again love the real her own hands to gain sexual favor. woman underneath? After spending exorbitant amounts of his money, and concocting a story of an illicit affair doesn’t work, she barges EXCERPT BUY into his life, hoping to seduce him. Gabriel married Carmody out of con- venience. Little did he suspect he’d fall in love. However, a dark secret holds him at bay until the presence of her tantalizing body makes it impossible to ignore his hunger to mate. Only how well will his innocent wife handle his animal lust? EXCERPT BUY July 2009 3
  4. 4. Passionate Ink Authors Masters of the Shadowlands 3: Breaking Free Secrets Volume 27: Untamed Pleasures By Cherise Sinclair ISBN: 978-1-59632-965-2 By Leigh Court ISBN-13: 978-1603100076 A submissive, Beth must yield to become I can satisfy a woman using just my- aroused, but after a sadistic husband, she’s words!" too scared to give up control. The last thing she wants is a ruthless, powerful Dom. But that’s just what she gets and That outrageous claim made by a exactly what she needs. drunk Damian Hunt, Viscount Ather- ton, escalates into a high stakes wager between two friends. Damian bets his prized racehorse that he can do it... EXCERPT BUY George Beringer gambles his London townhouse that Damian can’t. And the surprising woman George chooses for the bet is very respectable virgin sister, Claire! Hard Case By J. Hali Steele ISBN 9781419922862 EXCERPT BUY Case couldn't believe his security expert hired the tantalizing female cat to manage It's Love, Baby! his newest voyeur club. When he finds her, hand in her pants, in a voyeur's room, he makes his move-a move with bigger re- By Josie St. Marie ISBN: 978-1-60435-337-2 percussions than he can imagine. A white lion from the Kind species, big cats with vampyre blood, Case has honed his Abandoned by her best friend at the begin- blood-sucking ancestors' magic to a fine ning of a well needed vacation in Las Ve- art. One taste of her and her sexual de- gas, Blue Gerard hopes that sexy lights, and he comes undone. stranger Landen Avanti can help salvage her trip and turn it into a sensual escapade of new experi- Tres has her own plan-use the lion to for- ences. get her mysterious vampire lover. She's drawn to both creatures for different rea- sons. The vampyre enjoys watching while Blue puts aside her good-girl sensi- the cat brings out a new side of her- bilities and dives into the bad-girl pleasures Landen offers. Landen is performing for watchers. more than willing to pleasure the delectable Blue and turn a week of Forced to choose one, can she live with- business into one of erotic fun. He out both? willingly sheds is straight-laced persona and allows his amorous side full rein. They both know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, EXCERPT BUY but, when their week of passionate explo- ration comes to an end will they be able to walk away? EXCERPT BUY July 2009 4
  5. 5. Passionate Ink Authors Mirage Wolf-Bitten By Monica Burns ISBN: 978-1-59998-831-3 By Ella Drake ISBN: 978-1-60088-426-9 An ancient prophecy and a sheikh's pas- Alaya ran from home to avoid her fiancée, sion. One woman will ignite the flame that Brock. Unwilling to tie herself to a were- fulfills them both. wolf, Alaya wars with her divided longing to run to him, and her urge to 2009 EPPIE for Best Historical Erotic Ro- run away. mance. Eager to make Alaya his mate and 2008 RT BOOKreviews Reviewers Choice prove he isn’t an animal, Brock es- Nominee capes captivity by the enemy, Wolfsbane. Brock is of the PACk, a RT BOOKreviews gave it a Top Pick - 4.5 community of shifters sensitive to Stars and called it "a must read." petroleum. He braves the gas clogged suburbs to track down his errant Sylvia Day said, "...sexual tension as mate. Together, their passion ignites, scorching as the desert the novel is set but before returning to the PACk, in..." they must escape the clutches of the dreaded Wolfsbane. A Recommended read from Two Lips Re- views and #1 Fictionwise author, Emma Wildes EXCERPT BUY EXCERPT BUY The Pleasure Club: The Marine By Anna Leigh Keaton ISBN: 978-1-60088-421-4 Incognito: Arresting Victoria Welcome to The Pleasure Club, where fantasy becomes reality. By Anna Leigh Keaton ISBN: 978-1-60088-428-3 Sherilyn Jax has laid out her heartache to The Pleasure They met once through The Pleasure Club, Club, and they’ve promised to now they find one another in the heart of find her the perfect Pleasure Incognito. Drake Kavanaugh is a pri- Master to fulfill all her needs vate investigator working undercover to to finally say goodbye to the set up a sting on a human sex slave man who left her years before ring. He wants Victoria, but he has to to go off to war, and never keep his distance or risk blowing his returned. cover. The Pleasure Master is perfect Victoria Casey wants him more than in his reenactment of that fate- anything in the world, and when she’s ful night, down to his wide in his arms she feels safe. Little does shoulders and milk chocolate she know that one good deed could lead skin. And when she does what her right into the middle of his sting needs to be done, just like her beloved fi- where her life, and her body, is up for ancé, he makes everything all right. sale. EXCERPT BUY EXCERPT BUY July 2009 5
  6. 6. Passionate Ink Authors Kathleen Dante Inkers Signing at the Literacy ENDANGERED Signing in DC Leigh Court Shelley Bradley/Shayla Black SECRETS VOLUME 27: UNTAMED PLEASURES TEMPT ME WITH DARKNESS BOUND AND DETERMINED Jo Davis TRIAL BY FIRE Susan Lyons UNDER FIRE SHE'S ON TOP TOUCH ME Lauren Dane CHAMPAGNE RULES RELENTLESS WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS...AFTER DARK Janet Mullany A MOST LAMENTABLE COMEDY Jennifer Haymore A HINT OF WICKED Crystal Jordan CARNAL DESIRES Eden Bradley A 21ST CENTURY COURTESAN Shelli Stevens FORBIDDEN FRUIT TAKE ME DANGEROUS GROUNDS Kelly Maher LUST AT FIRST BITE Amanda McIntyre DIARY OF COZETTE Robin L Rotham TORTURED BIG TEMPTATION Angela Knight Victoria Janssen TIME HUNTERS: GUARDIAN, THE DUCHESS, HER MAID, THE GROOM AND BERKLEY SENSATION THEIR LOVER Beth Williamson Kate Pearce THE REDEMPTION OF MICAH SIMPLY SHAMELESS HELL FOR LEATHER SIMPLY SINFUL RIDING THE LINE Marianne LaCroix Passionate Ink Book Notes Monthly ROYAL BONDAGE Contest! MEN AFTER MIDNIGHT Every month several lucky Book Notes subscribers win some of the fabulous books you see in every issue of Book Notes. How Monica Burns do you win? If you’re receiving this newsletter, you’re already MIRAGE AND DANGEROUS entered! Winners are announced monthly here in the Book Notes newsletter. Sylvia Day EVE OF CHAOS Please Note: One prize per subscriber per month. Prizes must be IN THE FLESH redeemed by the end of the month. Maya Banks Congratulations to Our July WINNERS: SWEET PERSUASION THE TYCOON'S REBEL BRIDE Please contact Karen Steele to claim your prizes!! Ann Macela · orelukjp0@ WINDSWEPT · barb0912@ YOUR MAGIC OR MINE? · bbwlover_00@ · mgchargois@ July 2009
  7. 7. Upcoming Chats and Appearances Minx Malone Join me at The Naughty Girls Next Door blog for a chance to win a copy of The Temp. Sylvia Day July 15, 2009 * 5:30-7:30 PM RWA National Conference "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing Marriott Wardman Park Hotel 2660 Woodley Road, NW Washington, District Of Columbia July 23, 2009 * 1:30-3:30 PM Comic-Con Avatars, Icons, and Anti-Heroes Panel/Book Signing San Diego Convention Center 111 W. Harbor Drive San Diego, CA 92101 Leigh Court Wednesday, July 15, 2009 Come meet Leigh at the "Readers For Life" Literacy booksigning in Washington, DC, at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel, from 5:30pm—7:30pm. J. Hali Steele every Friday. Monica Burns July 15, 2009 RWA Literacy Signing 5:30pm - 7:30pm Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. Washington, D.C. September 25 -27 RAW (Readers Appreciation Weekend) Hosted by Lora Leigh Pullman Plaza Hotel 1001 Third Avenue Huntington, WV 25701 · July 2009 7