Zilant™ Training Presentation 2013
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Zilant™ Training Presentation 2013

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Zilant Wellness Platform Training Presentation for Care providers on using the Zilant™ Wellness Platform and monitoring devices.

Zilant Wellness Platform Training Presentation for Care providers on using the Zilant™ Wellness Platform and monitoring devices.

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  • 1. 9/29/2013 1 Zilant™ Wellness Platform Care Provider Training Program
  • 2. We Empower Independent Living with easy- to-use wireless & cloud technologies We Connect the aging with care-givers, doctors and loved ones! 9/29/2013 2 Zilant™ Wellness Platform
  • 3. Training Clients on Zilant™ 9/29/2013 3  Care givers assist “clients” in monitoring their health independently.  In this training program we will learn how to train clients on using the Zilant™ Wellness Platform and monitoring devices to manage their health.
  • 4. Introducing Zilant™ 9/29/2013 4 The Zilant™ Wellness Platform is a home monitoring system for elders and chronically ill to live independently at home using monitoring devices to measure vital signs, track activity and set reminders.
  • 5. Let’s Set up the Unit! Connect antenna, LAN and power on back panel 9/29/2013 5  First, mount antennas on back panel.  Next, insert 3G SIM card into SIM slot. (If cellular reception is unavailable, plugin LAN cable to WAN port.)  Plugin power cable to back of the unit and to power outlet. Antenna mount SIM slot LAN cable - to router Power cable - to outlet Insert 3G SIM card
  • 6. Optimize 3G Coverage 9/29/2013 6  Zilant™ uses 3G connection from AT&T.  Improve 3G signal quality and service performance by placing Zilant™ hub close to windows.  You can verify signal strength and optimise performance using Zilant™’s ZMS dashboard.
  • 7. Check Front LED for Unit readiness 9/29/2013 7  Power button lights up as Zilant™ powers on automatically.  Push the Power button if it does not.  The following LED lights indicate unit readiness  Bluetooth, Zigbee and 3G turn from yellow to solid green.  Wi-Fi is blinking green.
  • 8. Monitoring Devices  Devices are factory paired and connect automatically to Zilant™ upon power up.  The “care giver” advises clients on the devices to use depending on their health care needs. 9/29/2013 8  Zilant™ Platform typically includes blood pressure monitor, scale, oximeter, glucometer, motion sensor and wireless camera.
  • 9. Device Performance 9/29/2013 9 20-32F 65F Bluebooth devices blood pressure, scales, oximeter, and glucometer 32F WiFi camera ZigBee devices Eg motion sensor  Optimize device performance by placing devices at these recommended distance from Zilant™  Bluebooth devices eg blood pressure, scale, oximeter, and glucometer within 32F/10m radius.  Zigbee devices eg motion sensors within 20-32F/6-10m radius.  WiFi camera within 65F/20m.
  • 10. 9/29/2013 10 Health Dashboard  Zilant™ allows users to access and share their health information with caregivers and family on a cloud-based ZMS health dashboard  To view your client’s dashboard, go to - https:://customername.wkl.com and login in your administrator ID.  Note: We recommend Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox browser to optimize ZMS performance.
  • 11. 9/29/2013 11 Health Dashboard  In the landing page, select Manage Clients to view list of clients.  Next select a client you wish to view in the Gateway List.  In the client’s profile page, select MyHealth Dashboard to view client’s readings.
  • 12. 9/29/2013 12 Health Dashboard  In your client’s MyHealth Dashboard you can view your client’s latest device readings in real time.  Select Bluetooth Data Log to view all your client’s existing readings in a time range.
  • 13. 9/29/2013 13 Weight Scale Measures body weight and keeps track of weight changes  Press switch on the bottom front of the scale to calibrate.  When scale displays 0.0 lbs, step onto the scale.  Remain still while reading is captured.  Body weight is displayed.
  • 14. Weight reading on Dashboard  Let’s view real time updates of the weight readings on the dashboard. 9/29/2013 14 All readings are updated real time with date/time stamp
  • 15. 9/29/2013 15 Blood Pressure Measures your systolic and diastolic pressure and heart rate  Sit comfortably and gently roll up your left arm sleeve.  Place the cuff directly against skin. Fasten velcro strap securely around upper left arm.  Ensure cuff is 2-3 cm above elbow and at the same level as the heart.
  • 16. How to use a Blood Pressure Monitor  Click the start button and remain quiet until the measurement is complete.  The systolic and diastolic pressure and heart rate are displayed in that order. 9/29/2013 16
  • 17. Blood Pressure readings on the Dashboard  Let’s view real time updates of the systolic, diastolic pressure and pulse rate readings on the dashboard. 9/29/2013 17 All readings are updated real time with date/time stamp
  • 18. 9/29/2013 18 Pulse Oximeter Oximeter measures blood oxygen level and pulse rate  Press end of oximeter device to lift up the flap.  Insert your finger into the oximeter until it touches the built- in stop guide.  Remain still and do not move while taking the measurement.  Blood oxygen level and pulse are displayed.
  • 19. Pulse Oximeter readings on the Dashboard.  Let’s view real time updates of the blood oxygen level SPO2 and pulse rate readings on the dashboard. 9/29/2013 19 All readings are updated real time with date/time stamp
  • 20. 9/29/2013 20 Quick and easy way to measure blood glucose level using small blood drop sample Glucometer  First remove lancing device tip by turning it anticlockwise.  Insert a new lancet.  Twist and pull to detach the tip.  Replace lancet after regular use.
  • 21. How to use a Glucometer  Attach lancing device tip and turn it clockwise to fasten over the lancet.  Select comfortable skin penetration level depending on your skin type.  Hold test strip by its middle section and insert into glucometer. 9/29/2013 21
  • 22. How to use a Glucometer  Ensure code number displayed on glucometer matches code number on test strip container.  Select Post meal activity option using UP/DOWN button.  Press Power button to start.  Blood drop icon is displayed indicating glucometer is ready. 9/29/2013 22
  • 23. How to use a Glucometer  Gently prick fingertip with lancing device and draw a small drop of blood.  Feed droplet on test strip.  Glucometer displays blood glucose level, temperature and month/day/time of test. Note - On occasion you may need to remove test strip from device to see readings. 9/29/2013 23 Blood glucose reading
  • 24. Glucometer readings on the Dashboard  Lets view real time updates of the blood glucose level readings on the dashboard. 9/29/2013 24 All readings are updated real time with date/time stamp
  • 25. 9/29/2013 25 Schedule audio and visual alerts Medication reminder  Medication reminder produces audio and visual alerts at scheduled times.  Open the box with the blinking LED light and remove pills to be taken.  Press button on top right corner to end the alert.
  • 26. Medication Alerts on the Dashboard 9/29/2013 26  Let’s view real time updates of medication alerts on the dashboard.  Caregivers can set a medication schedule for customers. Alerts are sent for medication reminders and notify caregivers on missed dosage and pill refills. All alerts are updated real time with date/time stamp
  • 27. Review Progress  First ensure client has taken all the device measurements.  Next it’s time to review client’s progress to ensure client can manage independently by taking device readings without assistance. 27
  • 28. 9/29/2013 28 Once satisfied that client can manage independently, report to Central Office that training is successful. Congratulations
  • 29. 9/29/2013 29 Watch Training Video http://vimeo.com/embeddedwireless/zilant-training-video
  • 30. 9/29/2013 30 For all technical support enquiries please contact your local representative Or email us at techsupport@embeddedwireless.com Thank you