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Presentation by Prof. Werner Paulus from University of Rennes 1, France. Presentation was held at the EMAP training seminar in Larnaca, Cyprus for future Erasmus Mundus Master Courses consortia (18-21 February 2010).

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EMMC: Promotion

  1. 1. Master in Masterials Science Exploring Large Scale Facilities Information GuideContactErasmus-Mundus MaMaSELF Master Course 2010/2011University of Rennes 1Campus de Beaulieu, Bât 10BF-35042 RENNES FranceProf. Werner PAULUS, CoordinatorTel: +33 (0) : werner.paulus@univ-rennes1.frChristiane CLOARECTél +33 (0)2 23 23 58 58e-mail : christiane.cloarec@univ-rennes1.frFax +33 (0)2 23 23 56 22 http://mamaself.univ-rennes1.fr
  2. 2. Welcome! The « marché des Lices » The Broceliande forest Brittany offers you a in Rennes large range of possibilities to practice sport, especially seasports : would you Brittany and Rennes like to try Kitesurf or Land Yacht ? Being the prefecture of Ille et Vilaine, Rennes is also the capital of Brittany. Its central Summary Kite Surf in Saint MaloBrittany is offering different position allows visitors to the Before Arrival,kinds of seasides city to travel easily to the - Formalities p 4 -7 northern coast to places - Access to Rennes p 8 -9 the most important such as Mont-Saint-Michel, - Welcome service p 10 -11 things you have to think Cancale, Saint-Malo, and - Accomodation p12-15 about are: Dinard, to the Atlantic coast - Catering p 16 - Computer Access p 17 -Visa with the Gulf of Morbihan and the resorts of Quiberon and - Language Courses p 17 -Accomodation Carnac, or to the Loire and its - Living in Rennes -Travel - Sports p 18-19 ‘Chateaux’. The legendary - Culture p 20-21 You can also register for Brocéliande Forest is also only 40 km away. - Discovering Brittany p 22-23 a « Welcome service » and language course. The famous Mont Saint Michel: one hour from Rennes
  3. 3. FORMALITIES  students must have been given a long stay visa (‘visa long séjour’) from the French Consulate of Non - EU students Applying for a student their home country.European Students Must have residency permit List of documents to provide in - a valid passport assuming a long- order to obtain a residencyEuropean students are stay visa. (To complete on arrival) permit :exempted from having a - Be able to justify registration in a Application for a student -Proof of identity : valid passport,residency permit in order to place of higher education. residency permit is compulsory 3 identity photos, birth certificatestudy in France. Students from - have justification of sufficient for all periods of study lasting (translated into French)European countries do not need resources for the coming year more than 3 months for students -Proof of address : the leaseto ask for a visa. for France. - Proof of a place of residence. who come from a country contract (’contrat de location’) or The foreigners grant-holder of outside the European Union. rent receipt, or written Erasmus Mundus grants are confirmation of accomodation The period of validity of this (‘attestation d’hébergement’) reputable for satisfying funding residency permit is limited to the conditions. -Proof of registration at a higher validity of the applicant’s education establishment for the TO GET A LONG STAY VISA passport, and cannot exceed the current academic year (student’s study period.It is valid for a card). The non-EU students will have maximum of 1 yer, but can be -Proof of social security cover to present : renewed. -Proof of financial resources - Valid Passport (written confirmation of your - Official letter of acceptance Students who are citizens of a member state of the European grant or of personal financial - Proof of adress (accomodation resources). in the country) Union are exempted from having a residency permit in order to -Stamped self-addressed study in France. envelope We strongly advise the students to get a one year visa. This visa is allowing the Students who are citizens of a delivrance of a Residency non-European Union country permit, wich is not the case In order to obtain a residency with a 6 months visa. permit of more than 3 months 4 5
  4. 4. SOCIAL INSURANCES they visit during their Master Opening a bank course. It provides accident cover, Campus Beaulieu assistance if you loose your accountIn France, health insurance is passport, tickets or other travel During your stay in France, youcompulsory for everybody, it is documents. However, it is not a Medical examination will need a bank account, intocalled «sécurité sociale» comprehensive travel insurance. which payments can be made, Students are advised to take an On arrival in France, students money can be paid, medical EU Students additonal cover with a private who are not citizens of a insurance repayments made insurer if they want to be covered European Union country and etc.Students already inscribed at a for eventualities such as the loss of who are going to stay in Franceuniversity in the European Union or All foreigners staying in France money, personal belongings or etc. for over 3 months mustin the European Economic Area for at least 3 months can open All details concerning this Erasmus undergo a compulsory medicalneed to obtain an E111, E128, E106 a resident’s bank account Mundus Insurance and summary examination. This is organisedor E121 or personal insurance in which enables them to have a of cover, see separate form. by the ANAEM (National Officetheir own country. If this proof of cheque book and a bank card. Any students can become for the reception ofinsurance is not supplied, the student affiliated to the French Social Foreignrsand of migrations). Mamaself students can benefitwill have to join the French Social Security System for students. There Students must pay using a fiscal from a special offer from aSecurity System for students and is a choice between SMEBA stamp (‘timbre fiscal’). French Bank with excellenttherefore must pay the annual fee (www.smeba.fr) or Mutuelle des conditions. A meeting with thefrom the time of inscription. The examination consists of : Etudiants (http://www.lmde.com) bank will be organized during A number of brochures explaining a clinical examination the Summer school. Non EU students these organisations are available. an X-ray of the lungsErasmus Mundus Insurance Mamaself students will be a check of your vaccinationsThe Erasmus Mundus Programme registered at the French Health record.offers special cover to its scholarships Insurance by registration atstudents at no extra cost. Their University Rennes 1. During the ANAEM 110 rue de Vernfamilies can also benefit from special Summer school, we will also Rennespremiums. All non EU students organize a meeting with an Tel 02 99 38 76 60selected for automatically receive Insurance company, so that rennes@anaem.social.frfree medical insurance cover. This students can get informationcovers their unexpected medical about complementary Insurance inexpenses in the European countries Europe. www.anaem.fr 6 7
  5. 5. ACCESS TO RENNESCampus Beaulieu Arrival by plane The city of Rennes can be accessed by “Brittany now closer than different kinds of transport ever” : Rennes Airport Arrival by train How to get to Rennes from By plane: Regular flights to Rennes can be obtained from the majority of large European cities, either direct or with a change Direct train from Paris Roissy to Parisian airports in Paris or other French cities (Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Le Havre, Rennes. From “Roissy-Charles de Gaulle” Toulouse, Nice, Clermont Ferrand…) The SNCF station in Roissy is Many possibilities are available: www.rennes.aeroport.fr located near to air terminal no.2. Flights between Roissy to Rennes It is well sign posted and you can are daily, with 2-3 flights a day By car: The motorways from the east or the south link Rennes find information in Roissy airport. to other cities in France or Europe. during the week and 1 flight at the The majority of students arrive from Paris. weekends. Montparnasse-Rennes. By train: Train Grande Vitesse (TGV) If the times of the direct trains do From the Airport of Orly How to get to Rennes from the centre of Paris not suit you, you can take a train Many possibilities are available: You can get to Rennes by train from the station PARIS- from Paris-Montparnasse, which Flights between Orly to Rennes are MONTPARNASSE, which goes to many cities in Brittany (by serves towns in Brittany including metro go to the station “Montparnasse-Bienvenue”) daily, with 2-3 flights a day during Rennes. the week and 1 flight at the The journey Paris-Rennes is about 2 hours long by TGV. In that case, you will have to take weekends. Information office for Tickets must be bought at the ticket booths at the station or on the web. the Air-France bus, which makes airlines: + regular journeys to Paris with a www.sncf.com journey lasting 45mins. In front of the Townhall Train Station of Rennes Two other possibilities are available to get to Paris- Montparnasse : The metro (RER) or a taxi, costing about 35 Euros during the day. 8 9
  6. 6. PRACTICAL INFORMATION Welcome and integration into the University Rennes 1 How to benefit from these welcome servicesThe university wishes to assure the best welcome for foreignstudents of exchange programmes. This is why a plan of action You must request this service atwas put into place to provide help to the student upon their least 10 days prior to your arrivalarrival in Rennes and for their first few days at the university. in Rennes by filling in the form “Demande d’accueil” This formThis plan of action starts the 1st Monday of September. will be sent to the students inIndividual Welcome services available: June.Upon your arrival at the station or airport: a graduate assistant who On receipt of the application form, you will receive awill drive you to your accommodation and will help you to settle in response from one of the student help assistantswill meet you. (monitors). If necessary, you can exchange information atOn campus: the same person will accompany you to your campus the following email address:where your lessons will take place. They will also provide assistance sai@listes.univ-rennes1.frwith contacting your head of departments as well as the registrar’s N.B. Please note that sending the form “demandeoffice for the first time. d’accueil” constitutes the preconditions of an individualIn town: if necessary, you have the opportunity to be shown the reception. Please send the form to the international Officemain services around town (banks, transport…) and to Mamaself Office.Concerning accommodation: Official start of the new academic yearhelp is available to find private for exchange students : Welcome dayaccommodation if you haven’t Rennes Europôle and the University Rennes1chosen to live on campus. This organise a special starting day for exchangehelp is provided by the CROUS students : CROUS, Local Organisations,services, where lodgings available student, cultural and social and sportto rent are advertised. associations are all closely associated. 10 11
  7. 7. ACCOMMODATIONStudents residency « Beaulieu 29 »Two possibilities are offered to the student : reside in a room in the University There is an obligatoryresidence or find private accommodation. subscription (of about 9The rooms at the University residence are quite simple, so if you would like a euros) for fire insurancemore comfortable place, you might choose private accommodation, which is and water damagesmore expensive as well. (information of this is available at the reception of How to reserve your room in the residences once youLodging in Rennes in a a small kitchen where you can the University residences have registered).University Residence prepare your breakfast. There is You must have two also a common room or a passport photos and aTo reside in a room of one of the Firstly, send the reservation form television room in each medical certificate less thanuniversity residences, managed by to the Service of International residence. 6 months old to certify youspecialised services of the Ministry The monthly rent of a room is Affairs, for 1st of July (for have no contagiousof Higher Education: Le Centre 137.60 euros payable at the start occupation for the whole year or diseases.Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires of every month (the low rent is first semester) .et Scolaires (CROUS). due to the fact that part of the Secondly, you will receive the letter Attention : rooms atThe University Rennes 1 has an cost of maintenance and of acceptance to the University the university residenceagreement with CROUS to reserve investment is covered by residences: are allocated for onea number of rooms for foreign subsidies from the French State). semester as a minimumstudents from the European Thirdly, at arrival : your acceptanceprogrammes or bilateral letter will indicate to the Universitycooperation agreements. residence where your individualEach bedroom is 9m² and contains: room is reserved. You are advised toA bed, a desk, a wash-basin, a arrive at the reception of thewardrobe, shelves. You will find on University residence from Monday toeach floor, bathrooms and showers Friday before 4pm in order to(1 for every 10 rooms) as well as complete all formalities of entry. On your arrival, you will be asked for an advance payment of two months (in The Métro in Rennes www.crous-rennes.fr cash) of about 270 euros (1 month rent + 1 month guarantee). The old town center 12 13
  8. 8. ACCOMMODATION Gestrim Citea Accomodation residences •CITEALodging in Rennes Private for a temporary period In the town centerIf you don’t want to live at the • Auberge de jeunesse accommodation 35, Rue Antrain, Rennesuniversity Residence or if you For a couple of dayscan’t (because you will stay a •GEGIM Tel 02 99 27 20 63 10/12 canal St Martin Rennes 21 bd de la Liberté Rennesshort time in Rennes), there are www.citea.comother possibilities in privately Tel 02 99 33 22 33. e-mail : Tel 02 99 78 17 76 rennes@fuaj.org •GESTRIMowned accomodation : various Logements meublés ou vides . Centre de séjour La Marbaudais 6 avenue Janvier Rennesorganisations propose a list of - Résidence Les Plantesadresses. Auberge de jeunesse , for a stay (Campus de Beaulieu) Tel 02 99 85 91 10 between one week and 4 months.65€• The CROUS Rooms are 8-16 rue des Plantes Rennes e-mail rennes- for a week.proposed at the CROUS : Rooms about 190€ a month, transactions@gestrim.com www.fuaj.org studios about 330€ a month. Several residences in the town7 place Hoche Rennes - Résidence Le Forum (Campus center and at the campus Beaulieu.Tel 02 99 84 31 31 Private accommodation Beaulieu)studios about 320 € a See website : • DOMUS Services month.www.crous-rennes.fr 44 Clos Sévigné 35 510 Cesson Sévigné www.gestrim-campus.com - Résidence Les jardins de e-mail : domus.services@laposte.net Beaulieu (Campus de Beaulieu) •RESIDENCE ETUDIANTE Rooms studios, T3, T4 3 rue Xavier Le Gall Rennes (Center)• CRIJB (Centre Régional Studios, about 320 € a month. • Résidence Club St Martin (Center) 4 rue du Thabor RennesInformation Jeunesse de 35 rue d’Antrain. 78 appartements :Bretagne) Tel 02 99 87 94 00 studio, Ti T2, duplex. Meublés, bail •ESPACIL6 cours des Alliés Rennes modulable à partir d’un mois; •RESIDENCE SAINT CYR (Center) 13 rue du Puits Mauger Rennes Rennes-transaction@gestrim.com 53 rue Papu Fac HabitatTel 02 99 31 47 48 Tel 02 99 67 05 37 •LES ESTUDINES (center station) Different kinds of appartements Tel 02 40 74 71 87 23 rue de Chatillon Rennes in the towncenter or near the University campus. Price between www.fac-habitat.com Tel 02 99 51 54 98 www.crij-bretagne.com rennes@estudines.fr 240 € and 380 € per month. •LES ESTUDIALES (Center) Furnished studios and appartements in a •ARMORICA Résidence www.fuaj.org 24 bd Solférino Agence Giboire residence (42 € a day or 440 € a month étudiante www.appartcity.com for a 24m2 studio with bathroom and 197-199, Bd St Jean Baptiste De Tel 02 23 42 42 42 kitchen ) Make your reservation online : La Salle Rennes Price between 320 € and 360 € a www.estudines.com/residence- www.adele.org/public/residence month. logement-etudiant-rennes 14 15
  9. 9. CATERING Computer access and getting an e-mail address Computers are accessible in the university buildings on the Seven university restaurants campus of Beaulieu, being found in the new computer rooms. are available to students, some benefiting from a “snack” formula. @ At registration you will be given a student number written Tickets can be bought at the restaurant on your student card and an access code, which only you will know: your “Sesame”. These codes are essential for @Addresses of the university your first connection, although after this you will be able to change your access code. The student number will always @ restaurants in Rennes: be asked of you when you want to use a computer however. As well as being able to do coursework on theIn the town center: university computers, unlimited access to the universityChamp de Mars network and Internet is also permitted.11 bis, boulevard de la Liberté- Rennes.Tel French Language CoursesLe Fougères In the framework of your Erasmus Mundus Master, you46 rue Jean Guéhenno-Rennes. Tel will benefit of free language lessons. In Rennes, you will improve your French thanks to the lessons organisedDuchesse Anne by the CIREFE (Centre International Rennais d’Etudes110 boulevard de la Duchesse Anne- de Français pour Etrangers). Rennes. As you are participating to the Erasmus Mundus Tel .51 Students eating on the Beaulieu programme, you will participate to the french campus University RestaurantAt Beaulieu: language classes for foreign students for one semester.Beaulieu 1 In order to benefit from this course, you will have to fill37 avenue du prof Charles Foulon- in the FLE form (‘Français Langue Etrangère’) and Rennes. forward it by mail to the Mamaself administrative office.Tel CIREFE University of Rennes 2Beaulieu 2 Villejean CampusCampus de Beaulieu- Allée Jean Place du recteur Henri Le Moal - Rennes d’Alembert- RennesTel 16 17
  10. 10. LIVING IN RENNESSport at the UniversityThe sports service offers training courses, The University Every year SIUAPS publishes acompetitions within the associated limits : a Rennes 1 is one leaflet with all the sporting activitiesstudent who joins the sporting association of the French organised by the University (morebenefits from numerous activities (costs universities than 40 activities). This leaflet willabout 14€ + medical certificate). where sports are be available at your welcome day.The sporting association organises : the most Secrétariat du SIUAPS-exceptional demonstrations: football developed. Gymnase Universitairetournaments, dance spectacles, universitysports day. Avenue Pr.Charles Foulon Rennes-training courses : diving, climbing, Tel:, sailing. Sport in Rennes and http://www.ville-rennes.fr The SIUAPS (Service Inter Universitaire des Activités Physiques et Sportives) Brittany offers many sporting activities: aikido, Sport occupies a very important archery, athletics, badminton, place in Brittany. One Breton in The city of Rennes is basketball, boxing (English and French), four is a member of a sports organizing a lot of events in canoeing, climbing, dancing (African, club.The region also plays host to several sports, like «tout Contemporary, Modern-Jazz, Rock), many major sporting events, Rennes court » (‘all Rennes is diving, fencing, football, indoor especially watersports and running’) or «tout Rennes football, golf, gymnastics, handball, cycling, football… nage» (‘all Rennes is judo, karate, life-saving, q-jong (Chinese swimming’) and so on…. gymnastics), rowing, rugby, sailing, self- Transat en double’ Baie de defence, self-expression, stretching, Concarneau swimming, tai ji quan, tennis, trampolining, volleyball, weights, yoga. www.siuaps.univ-rennes1.fr www.sport-u.com 18 19
  11. 11. LIVING IN RENNES A brief history Rennes is situated at the confluence of the two rivers, the Ille and the Vilaine. Condate, the former Gallic name, became the capital for a tribe of Redones. Conquered first Rennes as a cultural capital by the Romans, and then by the Francs, the victory of the first Breton ruler, Nominoë, over the King Charles le With a large number of well-known artistic centres Chauve in 846, meant that the city officially became part (Théâtre national de Bretagne, Grand Huit, Théâtre of Brittany. In 1532, the Grand Dukedom of Brittany de la Ville, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Musée de Jazz à louest having been officially integrated into France, Rennes Bretagne), Rennes plays a vital role in regional (Novembre) became the administrative centre and the head office of productions thanks to the Brittany orchestra, the the Brittany Parliament. In December 1720 a fire Théâtre Chorégraphique de Rennes et Bretagne, destroyed many wooden houses in the city centre. The and also to the numerous people working in pictures city today is structured around two important sites dating and comic strips, cinema and photography, and back to the 18th century: The “Hôtel de Ville” and the music and theatre. The “Transmusicales” and “Parlement de Bretagne”. “Tombées de la nuit” are annual events that show this dynamism. www.lestrans.com History lives on in Rennes, with the centre from the 18th century, the Cathedral from Medieval times, the suburbs from the 16th and 18th Traditional music centuries. Rennes therefore benefits The biniou (bagpipe) – from the rich heritage plus the diversity bombarde duo symbolises of the architecture. traditional Breton music.Rennes Opera The Bagdad is a group www.tourisme-rennes.com composed of 21 musicians (binious, bombardes, drums) , they perform all ‘L’alignement du 21ème siècle’ Aurélie Nemours, Rennes over the world… Poster of « Rock’n solex » organised on the campus of Beaulieu Several events are organized in Rennes : concerts, theater, festivals shows… 21
  12. 12. CULTURE IN BRITTANY An exceptional cultural vitality The pirate city Saint Malo by night Brittany fascinates visitors, with its rich The village of Pont history, exceptional architectural heritage Aven is famous for and its cultural vitality inspired both by Discovering Brittany its painting school, tradition and modernity. Rennes is ideally situated for where Gauguin discovering Brittany! Brittany has the second largest number spent a time of buildings classified as historical Here are a few ideas for some trips : monuments after the Paris region.The Château of Vitré •Mont Saint Michel The region has more than 4000 châteaux and manor houses of an Is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, interest and density unique in Europe. where you can see The abbey, the The megalithic site of Carnac town and the Bay (90 km from Rennes) The region has the largest number of www.ot-montsaintmichel.com religiuos monuments in Europe : churches and chapels, conventsand •Saint Malo monatories, calvaries… The corsair town beside the sea. Whats a corsair? It’s a licensed pirate! Maritime heritage To see : aintMalo Intra muros the In the early 20th century, half of all beaches, the aquarium… (70 km from fishing boats were Breton… The Port Rennes) www.saint-malo-tourisme.com Musée of Douarnenez works to Mamaself students discovering safeguard and promote the maritime •Brocéliande Crozon heritage of the region. The forest of legends, in which Merlin Painting the magician , Viviane the fairy, the Knights of the Round Table and King Brittany has been one of the region most Arthur have left their visited by painters. The variety of coastal traces…www.broceliande-pays.com and interior landscapes and the Breton people have inspired the greatest from www.region-bretagne.fr Gauguin to Sérusier, Corot, Monet and www.tourismebretagne.com Picasso. www.ville-rennes.fr Horse riding in the Brocéliande 22 23 forest
  13. 13. SEPTEMBER 2010 21- 28 September (Dates to be confirmed) The first week- endThe Mamaself Master course is starting in September in before the start of theRennes programme will be an We have to manage with occasion for Mamaself We advise the students to the administrative students to discover thearrive at least 3 days before questions before the start city center (city tour), tothe start of the programme. of the programme. meet together at theWe organize the first opening dinner , andmeetings before the start of During these first days after participate tothe lectures in Rennes. arrival, you will be integration acitivities…You will receive by e-mail the informed on: Students will receive aexact date of expected arrival Opening a bank account programme andfor students. This informationwill be also on the website. (meeting with a bank ) invitations 2 weeks registration at University, before arrival. registration at health Insurance, complementary Insurance, language course, application for Residency Permit... 24 25