EMJD: Programme management, quality assurance and sustainability


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Presentation by Pascal Chardonnet from Université de Savoie. Presentation was held at the EMAP training seminar in Tallinn for future Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates consortia (18-21 January 2012). For video see http://vimeo.com/38026297.

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EMJD: Programme management, quality assurance and sustainability

  1. 1. Program Management, Quality Assurance and Sustainability Pascal ChardonnetUniversité de Savoie -EMJD Coordinator 18-21 January 2012 Tallinn/Estonia 1 1
  2. 2. Erasmus Mundus Joint DoctoratesDespite the financial recession in Europe,investing in knowledge remains a high priorityThe relative success or failure of a projectoften depends on program management and ont h e q u a lit y a s s u ra n ce d o n e pr i o r toimplementationThe sustainability is a key question for allEMJDs 2 2
  3. 3. Program Management 3 3
  4. 4. EMJDsThe award of a new EMJD is alwaysassociated with the creation of a newconsortium centred on a new project.The program management is the translationof this new idea called «strategic plan» intoa well defined set of activities and managingthe delivery in a successful completionKey question: can we identify a «goodproject management» ? 4 4
  5. 5. As we will see, I have identified some(known) of the core elements of successfulprogram management and this topic shouldbe implemented before : Governance andOrganization, Strategy an d FrameworkProcesses, Assessment an d ContinuousImprovementProgram management requires objectivesoriented budgetingLike any endeavour, success starts with agood foundation 5 5
  6. 6. I- Strategy and Framework ProcessesEMJDs : high complexity. Many actors : HEIs,Students, Agency EACEA, Local authorities.We need a strategyWhat are the good processes and practicesrequired for success ?What are the key ways we are going toachieve the defined strategic program 6 6
  7. 7. But Strategy doesn’t pre-exist, rather it takes form by the resources available and with the external actors and factorsStudents Strategy Resources Objectives Example : European Phd School in Astrophysics 7 7
  8. 8. Our Example : We initiated a PhD Program in 2002 with an International Agreement (our objective) Only (!) 6 partners: University of Nice, Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, University of Savoie, University of Roma, Freie University of Berlin and ICRANet Fellowships given by each institution But a Joint PhD diploma 8 8
  9. 9. Our primordial IRAP PhD gave us experience in management Three meetings per year Often contacts via email, tel Creation of an international faculty The scientific cooperation is essential as well as an efficient staff 9 9
  10. 10. Our next step: EMJD Consortium North Shore Hapuna Volcano Kealakekua TARTU Black Sand POSTDAM SHANGHAIRIO KOLKATA 14 14
  11. 11. II- Governance and Organisation Who decides? How and What? How the organization evolve through program phases ? Could we define a «culture of the program»? 15 15
  12. 12. Leadership by senior management: in ourcase the Director of IRAP PhD, Prof. R. RuffiniEarly and direct involvement of all partnermembers: host organization as well asexternal (Préfecture, CAF, CROUS...)Appropriate resourcing of programmanagement with sufficient flexibilityProgrammatic and timely reports 16 16
  13. 13. Governance EMJDs Strategy 17 17
  14. 14. The scientific goal is at the core of our projectmanagement. We have built a team in Nice toorganize and to solve all the technical detailsrelated to our project (Governance)Our consortium is composed of 13 partners and itis not weaken by this high number (Organization) 18 18
  15. 15. Governance EMJDs Organization Strategy 19 19
  16. 16. EMJD IRAP : Our Organization chart Prof. A. Marouani Partner 1 Partner « i » Partner 12 President Nice University Legal Representative Prof F. Vidal Dean of the Science Faculty Prof Remo RuffiniDirector of IRAP PhD Annie Vidal Marie-Noelle Champetier Alain Reboul Prof. Pascal Head of Director of the personnal Accounting officer Chardonnet Financial Service Coordinator Pina Barbaro Assistant Julie Coquin Cathy Siveri Julien Chabert Véronique Gallo Financial Financial Manager of the Manager payments manager manager agreement The Faculty Emmanuel Losero Administrator EMJD Students EMJD Students First Cycle Second Cycle 20 20
  17. 17. Organization : many parts of the project need to be structured simultaneouslyBeing assigned to the Office of International Projects Erasmus Mundus, Mr EmmanuelLosero deals with the "EMJD International Relativistic Astrophysics" in taking care oforders, mission’s orders and refunds or bills payment as well as verifying that the studentsare paid every month and by maintaining the budget. This project is under the supervisionof the Faculty of Science directed by the Professor Vidal.At the accounting office, Mrs. Julie Coquin is responsible for collecting EACEA revenuein order to place the dates of opening and closing of the agreement. She manages the"project builder", that is to say that she organizes the credits in 2 parts: one part“operating costs” and one “payroll” in accordance with the convention established by theEACEA.She also establishes thresholds limiting expenditures and the financial center where thecredits are.On the other hand, Emmanuel Losero closely works with the Finance department of theFaculty of Sciences, led by Mrs. Annie Vidal, through Mrs. Cathy Siveri who checks theexpenses, then Mrs. Veronica Gallo from accounting agency makes payments.Finally, Julien Chabert saves providers records on the software “SIFAC” so that bankinginformations could be stored in the database.The Accounting office also performs the grants’ payment.Pina Barbaro is in close contact with the students for Bank account, Social securityproblem, booking rooms in Nice 21 21
  18. 18. Collective determination of key performance indicators and their applicationVisa problem : «Convention d’accueil» centralized inNice -> residence permitInsurance: Social + MobilityEmployment contracts signed by the President ofNice UniversityStudent card: our students are registered in alluniversities 22 22
  19. 19. III- Assessment and continuous improvement What is the cursor that allow us to measure the ability to achieve the strategic program How we are capturing and sharing lessons learned Are we improving how we manage? 23 23
  20. 20. Feedback from studentsConstant dialog with the coordinator(thermometer)Each year the students wrote freely :«suggestions for improvement».A student delegate per cycleAnnual report for each studentquestionnaires from web-survey 24 24
  21. 21. Feedback from ExpertsOur FacultyPhD School in Astrophysics: high profileprofessors invitedConsortium meeting : 2 meetings per yearFrequent contact by phone or emails 25 25
  22. 22. Governance Continuous EMJDsImprovement Project Management Organization Strategy 26 26
  23. 23. Quality Assurance 27 27
  24. 24. Investing in Knowledge: competitiveness 2008: Harvard University Opens Office In ShanghaiAttracting experts from around the worldAttractive environment: different EuropeancountriesCompetence: the reason for successSuccess through qualityWide and specialized knowledge 28 28
  25. 25. The relative success or failure of a projectoften depends on the project managementand the quality assurance done prior toimplementationICRANet is a leading international center forresearch within the Relativistic AstrophysicsWe have created a Faculty in charge ofQuality Assurance of our program 30 30
  26. 26. Our Faculty University of Stockholm J.Rosquist Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur J. Pacheco Freie University of BerlinF. Mignard H. KleinertF. Vakili  Albert Einstein InstituteUniversity of Nice Sophia-Antipolis H. NicolaiP. Coullet  G.L. LippiV.Belinski University of Ferrara  F.Frontera  University of Roma La SapienzaR.Ruffini Tartu ObservatoryG.Amelino Camelia J.EinastoS.Frasca    Brazilian Centre for TheoreticalInternational Center for Relativistic PhysicsAstrophysics Network M. NovelloG.Vereshaghin  S.S. Xue Indian Center for Space PhysicsC.Bianco  S. Chakrabarthi  University of Savoie Shanghai Astronomical ObservatoryP.Chardonnet J. Yipeng 31 31
  27. 27. Quality Board«The Faculty monitors the scientific progressof each Doctoral Candidate. In agreementwith the Thesis Adviser and, if necessary, ofadditional experts sought for this purpose, theFaculty may suggest ways of improving theCandidates overall progress.» from thedoctoral Candidate Agreement. 32 32
  28. 28. European PhD Schoolin Relativistic AstrophysicsVery successful initiative (feedback fromour students and from Professors)The transfert of knowledge through trainingcourses and conferences is a major elementof our ProgramWe reinforce the international dimension ofthe career of PhD studentsImportant for employability (future employers) 33 33
  29. 29. European PhD Schools Nice: september 2010Les Houches october 2011 34 34
  30. 30. Nice Observatory : september 2010 Visit of CERN LHC : October 2010Les Houches : April 2011 35 35
  31. 31. PhD Schools (I)1. Nice, France (Lectures): from 6th – 30th September 2010 -2. Pescara, Italy (Conference, Lectures): from 1st – 13th October 20103. Pescara, Italy (Conference, Lectures): from 21st – 26th March 20114. Les Houches France (Workshop): from 3st – 8th April 20115. Nice, France (Conference, Lectures): from 25st May – 10th June 2011 36 36
  32. 32. PhD Schools (II)1. Nice, France (Lectures): from 1th – 30th September 20112. Les Houches France (Workshop): from 2st – 7th October 2011 -3. 3rd Galileo-Xu Guangqi Meeting : October 11-15, 2011 Beijing, China4. Les Houches April 15 - May 5, 20125. 13 th Marcel Grossmann Meeting in Stockholm University, July 1-8, 2012 Sweden6. Nice France (Lectures) September 1-21, 2012 37 37
  33. 33. Sustainability 38 38
  34. 34. The sustainability is the long-term maintenanceImportant to create network synergies:opportunity for improve collaboration betweenInstitutions (PhD Students ->Post-Doc)Key question: is it a natural consequence of agood program management and a high qualityassurance ? 39 39
  35. 35. The program management and quality assuranceguarantee a part of sustainability (good foundation)Joint Diploma: long-term visibility and stabilityEuropean PhD School: unique research experienceinclude ECTSWe need promotion. Communication is essentialWe need other funds. Each university partner willassign a dedicate grant to this program 40 40
  36. 36. But we need students: Promotion is essential Website: www.irap-phd.eu Posters: 1500 Mailing lists Adverts: CERN, Nature, Science International meetings 42 42
  37. 37. the International Program (IRAP PhD)Relativistic Astrophysics Ph.D.The field of relativisticastrophysics is rapidly becomingone of the strongest area ofscientific development due to the 2002fortunate interaction of a vastnumber of observational facilitiesin space, on the ground andunderground, and a verypowerful theoretical frameworkbased on General Relativity andrelativistic quantum fieldstheories. While the observationaland experimental activities in thisarea have been the result of a pullof successful internationalcollaborations, paradoxically nocomparable effort has been donein promoting coordinated actionsin the theoretical field. In 1995the International Center forRelativistic Astrophysics (ICRA)has promoted the creation of aninternational Network of centersoperating in the field ofastrophysics (ICRANet) with themain task of collaborating in thevery fast developing domain ofresearch of theoretical relativisticastrophysics. Some of the leadinginstitutions in North America, inEurope and in Austral-Asia arecollaborating in the ICRANetwhich has his coordinating centerin the town of Pescara Italy. As abyproduct of this activity, adedicated PhD program has beencreated by the ICRANet aimed atforming a restricted and highlyqualified number of PhD studentsable to approach research in thisnovel field of research. TheUniversities and Research Centersparticipating in this program, theInternational RelativisticAstrophysics Program of Ph.D. orfor short the IRAP pH, are: theETH Zurich, the Free University ofBerlin, the Observatoire de laCote d’Azur, the University ofNice- Sophie Antipolis, theUniversity of Rome “LaSapienza”, the University ofSavoy,.The Ph.D. degree will be grantedby the five rectors of theparticipating Institutions. EachIRAP PhD cycle last three yearsand its based in a Host Institutionselected among the onesparticipating in the program. TheIRAP PhD courses and scientificactivities will take into dueaccount that research in the fieldof relativistic astrophysicsencompass the knowledge of avery broad number of scientificareas ranging from themathematical and geometricalstructures of space-time, therelativistic field theories offundamental interactions both ata classical and a quantum leveland their verifications, as well as Abel Cluster 1689 and background galaxies. Credit: NASA, N. Benitez (JHU), T. Broadhurst (The Hebrew University), H. Ford (JHU), M. Clampin(STScI), G. Hartig (STScI), G. Illingworth (UCO/Lick Observatory), the ACS Science Team and ESA.the knowledge of astronomicaland astrophysical observationaltechniques and their associated The Courses The Faculty Application and Fellowships:phenomenological theoretical • Lectures on theoretical physics delivered • SELECTED THEORETICAL MODELS IN Julien Borgnino In 2002-2003 four positions will bemodels. This new style of at University of Roma ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS. Université de Nice-Sophie Antipolis opened, two of which with fellowships.research is by its own nature “La Sapienza“ by Prof. Remo RUFFINI: Lecture delivered at Observatoire de la Pascal Chardonnet The deadline for application is the 30 ofinterdisciplinary and special emphasis on LATE PHASES Côte d’Azur by Prof. Jose PACHECO. Université de Savoie April 2002. For the session 2003-2004,international. In order to optimize OF THERMONUCLEAR EVOLUTION Demetrios Christodoulou six positions will be opened three ofthe teaching, the students will OF STARS, GENERAL RELATIVITY AND • THE THEORETICAL UNDERSTANDING ETH Zurich which with fellowships, the deadline forfollow their courses organized by COSMOLOGY. OF SHOCK WAVES IN PHYSICS AND Jacques Colin application is the 30 of September 2003.the faculty in all five participating ASTROPHYSICS. Course delivered at Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur Please contact Prof. Julien Borgnino at:Institutions. The Statute of the • THE PHYSICS OF GRAVITATIONAL ETH Zurich by Prof. Demetrios Hagen Kleinert borgnino@unice.frIRAP PhD. can be found on INTERACTION; an advanced course on Christodoulou Freie Universitat Berlinwww.icra.it/IRAPPhD the mathematical and physical Jose Pacheco Invited Lectures foundation of general relativity with • SELECTED TOPICS IN QUANTUM Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur special attention to its generalization in RELATIVISTIC FIELD THEORIES. Lecture Ugo Moschella The courses will also include invited unified field theories. delivered at the Free University of Berlin Università della Insubria Como lectures by: Lectures held at the University by Prof. Hagen Kleinert. Remo Ruffini (Director) Prof. Riccardo Giacconi, Nobel laureate of Roma “La Sapienza” by Donato BINI, Università di Roma “La Sapienza” in Physics 2003, Giovanni MONTANI • SELECTED TOPICS ON OBSERVATION as well as and Remo RUFFINI. IN ASTRONOMICAL SYSTEMS. Lecture The Host Institution for the call V. Belinski, C. L. Bianco, delivered at University of Nice by Prof. in 2002-2003 and the 2003-2004 cycles G. Bisnovati Kogan, • PHENOMENOLOGICAL ASPECTS Julien Borgnino. is the: E. Costa, D. Blair, T. Damour, OF HIGH ENERGY COSMIC RAYS. University of Nice Sophia Antipolis P. De Bernardis, N. Deruelle, F. Everitt, Lecture delivered at University of In addition the students will be able to Grand Château H. Gursky, V. Gurzadyan, R. Janzten, Savoy by Pascal CHARDONNET follow courses in the Physics and 28 Avenue Valrose P Lipari, S. Masi, E. Pian, L. Piro,ICRANet Astronomy Ph.D. programs in the participating institutions. B.P. 2135 06103 NICE CEDEX 2 B. Punsly, K. Sato, V. Tchetchekine, S.S. Xue 43 43
  38. 38. the International Program (IRAP PhD)Relativistic Astrophysics Ph.D. the International IRAP PhD Relativistic Astrophysics Ph.D.The field of relativistic astro-physics has become one of thefastest progressing field of scien-tific development. This is due tothe fortunate interaction of a vastnumber of observational and ex-perimental international facilities Invitation for Applicants 2007in space, on the ground, under- The field of relativistic astrophysicsground, in the polar ice caps and has become one of the fastest pro-the deep ocean, with a powerful gressing fields in science.theoretical framework based on This is due to the coordinated in-Einstein’s theory of general rela- teraction of a vast number of in-tivity and relativistic quantum field ternational projects of observationstheories. In 1995, the International and experimental facilities in space, on the ground, under-Center for Relativistic Astrophysics ground, in the polar ice caps, andin Rome (ICRA) initiated an Inter- in the deep oceans. The fortunatenational Network of Centers in the circumstance occurs in these yearsfield of Relativistic Astrophysics of a considerable support to this(ICRANet) which has this year ac- endeavor by a powerful theoreti-quired the status of International cal framework based on Einstein’s theory of general relativity and rel-Organization. The ICRANet com- ativistic quantum field theories.bines the reseach powers of lead- Many international collaborationsing institutions in the Americas, have been dedicated to the de-Australia, Asia and Europe. The velopment of new experimentalcoordinating center is located in and observational facilities. Sincethe town of Pescara, Italy. 1995, the International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics in RomeIn parallel to these activities, the (ICRA) initiated an InternationalInternational Relativistic Astro- Network of Centers in the field ofphysics Ph.D. Program (IRAP-PhD) Relativistic Astrophysics (ICRANet)has been created with the goal of dedicated to foster internationaltraining a highly qualified number collaboration in the theoreticalof Ph.D. students in this exciting field of Relativistic Astrophysics. Since 2005 ICRANet has acquiredfield of research. So far, the par- the status of International Organi-ticipating institutions are: ETH zation with a coordinating CenterZurich, Freie Universität Berlin, in Pescara (Italy). ICRANet com-Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, bines the research powers of lead-Université de Nice-Sophia An- ing institutions in the Americas, Dark Matter Ring in Galaxy Cluster CI 0024+17 © NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI)tipolis, Università di Roma “La Asia and Europe. Prof. Remo Ruffi- ni is the ICRANet Director, Prof.Sapienza”, Université de Savoie. Fang Li Zhi President of the BoardThe IRAP-PhD is granted by all and Prof. Riccardo Giacconi Chair-these institutions . men of the Scientific Committee.Each program cycle lasts three The International Relativistic As-years. trophysics Ph.D. Program (IRAPThe courses and related scientif- PhD) is the academic branch of ICRANet, has been created withic activities cover a broad scien- the goal of training a highly qual- the International IRAP PhD Relativistic Astrophysics Ph.D. Invitation for Applicants 2006 The field of relativistic astrophysics has become one of the fastest pro- gressing fields of scientific devel- opment. This is due to the fortu- nate interaction of a vast number of international observational and experimental facilities in space, on the ground, underground, in the polar ice caps, and in the deep ocean, supported by a powerful theoretical framework based on Einstein’s theory of general rela- tivity and relativistic quantum field theory. In 1995, the International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics in Rome (ICRA) initiated an Inter- national Network of Centers in the field of Relativistic Astrophysics (ICRANet) which acquired the sta- tus of an International Organiza- tion in 2005. The ICRANet com- bines the research powers of lead- ing institutions in the Americas, Australia, Asia and Europe. The coordinating center is located in the town of Pescara, Italy. In par- allel with these activities, the In- ternational Relativistic Astrophysics Ph.D. Program (IRAP PhD) has been created with the goal of train- ing a highly qualified number of Ph.D. students in this exciting field of research. So far, the participat- ing institutions are: ETH Zurich, Freie Universität Berlin, Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques, Ob- servatoire de la Côte d’Azur, Uni- versité de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Università di Roma “La Sapienza”, and Université de Savoie. The 44 44
  39. 39. Example of posters 2010 20112012 45 45
  40. 40. 9 PhD positions available with funding in Relativistic Astrophysics - International Relativistic Astrophysics PhD ProgramJob Description:PhD Admissions and Funding at the International Relativistic Astrophysics PhD ProgramConsortium (IRAP PhD).The coordinating Institution is the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis located in the FrenchRiviera.The Partners of the Consortium are: UNIVERSITE DE NICE - SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France (Co-ordinating institution) Advertisement SHANGHAI ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY, China FREE UNIVERSITY OF BERLIN, Germany AEI - POTSDAM, Germany TARTU OBSERVATORY, Estonia STOCKHOLM UNIVERSTIY, Sweden UNIVERSITY OF FERRARA, Italy UNIVERSITY OF ROME - LA SAPIENZA, Italy in Nature BRAZILIAN CENTRE FOR PHYSICS RESEARCH, Brazil OBSERVATORY OF THE CÔTE DAZUR, France INDIAN CENTRE FOR SPACE PHYSICS, India INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR RELATIVISTIC ASTROPHYSICS NETWORK, Italy UNIVERSITY OF SAVOIE, FranceDirector of the course: Prof. Remo RuffiniPhD students will receive a very competitive salary (gross salary 2800 Euros per month anda 7500 Euro installation grant for non-European students), computing facilities and supportfor travel, and comprehensive benefits including paid vacation, health care insurance andretirement benefits. To be eligible, applicants should have obtained a Masters degree inastronomy, astrophysics, theoretical physics or a related field. We encourage applicationsfrom the best candidates irrespective of nationality, gender or background. Student researchwill be carried out in the framework of the IRAP PhD Consortium.Consult the web page : http://www.irap-phd.org for details and application instructions.All inquiries should be directed to Prof. Pascal Chardonnet: chardonnet@lapp.in2p3.fr.Applicants are requested send a curriculum vitae, an application form, a list of all universitycourses taken and transcripts of grades obtained, brief statements of research interests andexperience, and the contact information for at least two referees. Applications received bythe deadline of February 28, 2011 will receive full consideration. 46 46
  41. 41. Always imagine new ideasReinforce our research team between professorsLooking for an European Erasmus Mundus VisaWe have created our European Student CardWe have created our facebook page IRAP PhDProgramPatience and flexibility are also very importantin such high complex projects (to work againstviscosity)But the key is to delegate and to control 48 48
  42. 42. conclusion 49 49
  43. 43. Europe is facing up to extraordinary challengesin terms of securing sustainable economicgrowthYet in spite of the financial situation in Europe,there are definite reasons to be optimistic«Knowldge is limited, imagination encirclesthe world»A. Einstein 50 50