Leiusure and e vnts powerpoint


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Leiusure and e vnts powerpoint

  1. 1. Marilyn Monroe Exhibition Amna, Emanuela, Jess, Sasha, Mark
  2. 2. What Is It? The Marilyn Monroe exhibition runs from the 9th march-18th may. It is an exhibition in celebration of 50years since her death. It includes various pictures of her throughout her career and personal life as a young woman in the industry.  Also includes real dresses and costumes worn by Marilyn Monroe with manikin models of Monroe’s actual figure  To the audience is permitted to buy the hand printed photographs from the original negatives  Huge career- short but successful saw her in many big Hollywood films staring along side many talented actors and actresses, perform in front of the president and see her as a social icon.
  4. 4. Where Is The Exhibition?The exhibition is currently held in the Getty ImagesGallery in London which is just off Oxford street – Eastcastle Street The opening times of the exhibition are: Monday to Friday : 10am-5.30pm Saturday : 12am-5.30pm FREE!
  5. 5. FINDINGS In the exhibition there were over 60 images of Marilyn as well as plasma screen projecting clips of her films.They also had a display of 12 some ofher most famous outfits from various films including some like it hot.
  6. 6. PERCENTAGE OF MALE: FEMALE AT 11:35 The time we entered the visit was at 1135.14 At that present time there were 3 males of and 6 females.12 In terms of the amount of10 people at the visit it still an early time, most people were in or on 8 their way to work. 6 It may have gained more of a female appeal as Marilyn Monroe 4 is a icon for many woman and 2 the visit having dresses from her films as well as photos will 0 interest woman especially those Male female interested in fashion.
  7. 7. PERCENTAGE OF MALE: FEMALE AT 11:45 At 1145 the visit began to gain more visitors there were 8 males14 and 12 females, female being the12 predominant gender in the visit.10 In the 15 minute period many 8 people could drop by during a break look around the visit and go 6 as it was also free. 4 Many people around the shopping 2 area could also visit. 0 Male female
  8. 8. FACILITIESThe types of facilities they had to offer inside the visit were:Toilets (disable toilets)Disable access at the entranceOffice area for employees and were purchase of pictures can be done.Fire exit/Fire extinguisherTables and chairsPrice of pictures depending on sizePhoto prices:115- small225- medium295- large655- extra large
  9. 9. AGE AND ETHNICITY We noticed that the age range of people visiting the exhibition ranged from 19-50 .The age range was generally quite broad as Marilyn Monroe hasappealed to a wide audience even though she was at her peak 50-60years ago.
  10. 10. Images
  11. 11. Images
  12. 12. ComparisonThe Marilyn Monroe exhibition is one of the many gallery’s that have existed across London.Another similar Gallery would be The Michael Jackson Exhibition.Gallery’s are often compared with one another.Iconic Figures like Monroe and Jackson have influenced exhibitions to honour , appreciate and respect them.
  13. 13. ComparisonSimilarities / DifferencesMonroe / JacksonCentral location / Inner SuburbSmaller Venue / Larger VenueItems worn by the Icons on DisplayPhotographs showing iconic moments in LifeFree Entry / Admission TicketPhoto’s for Sale / Photo’s not for Sale
  14. 14. Where Did We Find This Event? Timeout
  15. 15. CONCLUSION To conclude, Marilyn Monroe Exhibition is an interesting and entertainingexhibition that has the potential to attract different visitors especially the fansof the actress. On the particular day, it was found to be more popular among female visitors.However, there were improvements that can be made to make the exhibition more attractive to different visitors.
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