Your freedom, Human Dignity


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Human Dignity, God's image and Likeness, Love one another, Serving and Loving God, Be the light of the world, We are called to help others to live up the dignity God has called them. free will, Freedom

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  • By Faith we know that God is always here.God is an invisible God, we did not see Him, but by Faith we know He is near
  • Your freedom, Human Dignity

    1. 1.  Everyone is called to eternal live with God, Everyone! you, me, your family, the taxi driver, the mail man, your neighbor, Everyone!  God does not call you to Holiness all by yourself.  He wants to get everyone involve.  Everyone is called to The Final Goal • of ETERNAL LIFE • and Eternal Happiness
    2. 2.  Since everyone is created in images & likeness of God.  He expects that all live up to the dignity to which we are called.  And God expects all of us to help each other to live to the same human dignity  This is the tall order for millions and millions of people  Your FREEDOM is the Key, no only for your own grow and help to Holiness,  but also to helping others to grow in Holiness.
    3. 3.  Your FREEDOM is the Key  You influence others in the most,  not by your good look, or magnetic personality, although, I’m sure you are both.  But moreover, you can help others & change the world… by Freely Choosing God, and Living a Holy Life.  Today we going to talk about HOLINESS & Change the World.
    4. 4.  Holiness & Changing the World, What do they have in Common?  In order to answer that question we have to go back to the beginning…  This time lest go back TO “YOUR BEGINNING” • When God created you, You were made by Him in His images & Likeness • He gave you INTELLECT to know the Truth & FREE WILL to choose to follow the Truth • And He is the Truth! • Your FREEDOM is directed toward GOD.
    5. 5.  You are not the only one created in God’s Image & Likeness  Look around you, every single person that you have ever seen and you will ever see,  I mean Everyone! • EVERYONE that you have ever met, • that you know, or don’t know • that you like, or dislike, • People on the street, on the store, • On the News, on other countries, All are made in the Images and Likeness of God.
    6. 6.  It means All people share the same Human Dignity. It doesn’t matter if you • speak the same languages, • Or look a little different  Every person ever created, by God, is destine by the same Goal of Eternal Life with Him.  Now since all share the same Goal and same dignity of Human being  God makes certain demands on how we treat each other  The Scriptures teach us that we can not separate/discharge for the Love of God, for the Love of our Neighbor:
    7. 7.  Some times it seems, like it would be easier not to love your neighbor  For example: • You know God I love you, but my brother is really driving me crazy, I don’t want to love Him  Sorry!!! Just doesn’t work like that  God know we all need each other to get to Heaven  Let’s look the Scripture for evidence of the Link between the Love of God and the Love of neighbor.
    8. 8.  Some Scribes ask Jesus, which command is the best of all & Jesus answered: a) Hear o Israel: The Lord our God, The Lord is One and you shall love the Lord your God with all our heart and with all your soul, and with all your mind and with all your strength. a) The Second is this, You shall love your neighbor as your self.  See God is very serious on this matter. • Jesus is not quiet finished, when he come to the neighbor part  Right after loving God, with everything he has ever give you  He then ask you to love your neighbor; How much? As yourself!
    9. 9.  But Jesus did not demand something, He Himself did not show us. • At the incarnation Jesus, came to earth to share our humanity • God the 2nd Person of the Most Holy Trinity became man • Jesus has a Divine Nature, that he share with the Most Holy Trinity: Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. • And when Jesus was conceived in the womb of Mary, He took on our human nature, He really became man.  But what does this have todo with loving your neighbor? • Well Jesus became man because he love all man • We are all sons & daughters of the same Father in Heaven.
    10. 10.  Jesus loves you so much that He gave his life to save us from all our sins • What does this has to do with loving our neighbor? • Jesus shows us how to love our neighbor!!!  In fact He said: • This is my commandment that you love one another as I have love you • Greater love has no man than this than to lay down His life for His friends  That’s how you should love your neighbor.
    11. 11.  That is much as a challenge: It is easy to see God in the people you like and lay your life for them • family, friends, • those who are nice to you • Who smile and thank you when you do something nice to them  But what about your enemies? • I don’t have any enemies you may say! Will maybe you don’t • But what about the person who tease you? • Or those who doesn’t thank you when you do something nice for them? • O r those who ignore you? • What about the person who is a little different? • What about that someone else seems to like?  This is your Challenge!  You are called to love them even more.
    12. 12.  That’s what exactly what Christ did, and the Martyrs & all the Saints.  Where they do not find love, they brought love  If you don’t love that person • who is different • the person that irritates you a little bit, • Or the person that doesn’t fit in If we don’t love them “Then Who Will?”  By loving them you not only make them feel love,  but you become FREER yourself to LOVE even more
    13. 13.  Loving those who are hard to Love, your heart gets bigger & bigger  And who knows, maybe God put that person in your path, and in your life, at this time…  to teach you a little bit more about Him & His love for you.  So Jesus lay down his life for us, • Who should you lay down your life for? • Who is your neighbor? EVERYONE!!!
    14. 14.  Laying down your life, sometimes maybe is easier, • as having fun with your friends, • and compromising on the game you will going to play.  But sometimes laying down you life means: Call to Courage a) To defend those who are helpless b) Those who are tease c) Who are rejected d) don’t fit in e) or are forgotten
    15. 15.  Remember all people have the same human dignity  We are all part of the Royal Family of God.  To train you & give you many opportunities to love your neighbor, God did not created you in isolation, in loneliness, or all by yourself, or in some lonely island  In fact, He gives you a built in society to work upon, and where you can learned to love others.  This society is your family, too.
    16. 16.  This society is your family, Your family images the Love of God • Because like the Trinity, it is a communion of Persons • Your family is a communion of persons • People bounded together by Love  Your Family is where you get your first and last important education in every day life. • You can learn what is right & wrong • You learn about God & the Faith  And it is your family where you first learn to exercise your freedom.  The great thing is that you don’t have to put a lot of thought into learning; you simply learn by living.
    17. 17.  In your family you learn 1) responsibilities for others, 2) To depend on others 3) And most of all, “How to love others”  Have you ever had to take care of some one  Have you ever have help to mowed the lawn?  Do the laundry?  Wash the car?  Has you mom ever asked you to drive your bike to the store?  Do you go to church in family?  Play game with family?  Or just spend some time together?  And in all these normal daily events, that life seemed so routine, God’s preparing you to grow in Love for Him & others.
    18. 18.  Well, right now you are doing God’s will 1) Primarily by being a member or child in you family 2) When you obey your parents, you don’t know you are doing God’s will 3) and Growing in Love not only for Him, but for your parents & siblings as well  Notice how this two go together: Loving God & obeying your parents • This is a very practical application of: • how you ACT to LOVE GOD, • and how you Act to Love your neighbor  By loving your neighbor (in this case is your family), You are showing your Love at God
    19. 19.  Right now it is in this little school of daily life, where God prepares you for the big responsibility, that He has planned for you.  Just like Jesus had a family in Nazareth to model for us all • how important it is to honor our Father & Mother • Jesus honor His mother and His Father • Working as a carpenter with Joseph  Jesus in his Divinity, He held things in existence,  and yet here he was in a humble home in Nazareth… …obeying and honoring His parents, while He prepares for His Mission and passion
    20. 20.  God gives us all these people in our lives, to teach us • Who He is? • Who others are? • And Who we “really” are?  God gives you a whole world of persons, so you can learn to LOVE & SERVE them By serving them, We learn to love & Serve Him.  Think all those people you know, each of them reflects to you tiny bit about God  That you can only know it, through loving & serving each of them  Just think if you add up all those people, how much of God is revealed to YOU?
    21. 21.  God is an invisible God, we did not see Him, but by Faith we know He is near  The Scripture says: “Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen” (1Jonh 4:20)  If you can love & serve your neighbor who you can see, you will be able to love and serve God who you can not see.  Any time you are with others, you can choose to freely Serve them & Serve God.  You see? this is a 2 for 1 deal!
    22. 22.  But that’s not all, you need others, Yes you do! We all do! We all need other people around us.  Why? becuase through being with others you learn a lot about yourself: about your weakness or your strengths • For example: your teacher gave a special assignment, to make a big poster for your class. • At first you were working by yourself, all is working well, you are quietly working, • But let’s add one more ingredient: Your teacher tell you that other student would help you.  Now, you see how things change? • Maybe the other student has any other ideas, • Maybe he is working faster than you • Or maybe can talking to you & you were concentrated • Or maybe he really likes the poster & compliments it
    23. 23.  By adding another person into the project, the whole set of OPPORTUNITIES come to your way  Now, you have the opportunity to learn from the other person • To help another person • To grow on virtue of patient while working with others • Humility & accepting compliments • Generosity by including the others ideas • Also self discipline by working with together to stay in task  By working with others, you have the opportunity to learn about yourself, too, and grow on Virtue of Love of God
    24. 24.  Not only the other person have an effect on you, You can have an effect in other people, too.  You have given a Mission. YES a Mission!!!  Since your Baptism, it is your Mission to be the LIGHT of the World… …hrough all you know about • the greatness you have been created for… • And the dignity of all those around you  You have the mission to spread these knowledge of God & His great Plan to the whole world.
    25. 25.  You can be a Missionary Right Now to those around you.  You can bring Jesus to those who do Not love Him, because they really don’t know Him.  In order for others love Jesus, as you do, they have to know Him, this is your Mission!!!  Do you have any ideas how you can be missionary right now, • in your own house, school, neighborhood • Your job, city, state & country.  It is Easy: Do you reflect the Love of Christ? I mean trough your Actions!  Remember you were created in the images & likeness of God You are called to a great dignity, Do others see in you the image of God?
    26. 26. 1) If others see you, Are you an example of greatness that Jesus called you to? 2) What kind of example are you for others? 3) Does the example of how you live your life inspire those around you? 4) Your reactions reflect who you are? 5) Do you believe in your Own Dignity, as a person made in the image & likeness of God? 6) When you really choose to do what is right, good & true, Are you living out the true which you say you believe? 7) And are you a great witness to those, God wants you to meet?
    27. 27.  But you also change the world, • Not by Power in mind, • not by your awesome personality • “BUT BY SERVING!!!”  SERVING- By taking Jesus as example- His death on the cross-  and know that you were called to imitated Him in Loving & Serving one another.  The Key to SERVING one another, it is not how much You can done. • But how much you love your neighbor, as yourself… • How much empathy & love, you put into your actions,
    28. 28.  Every time you serve another, maybe by a) mowing the lawn of your grandpa b) Smiling one another, and being nice to each other c) Or picking up a paper of the floor d) Or getting your Mom a glass of Water e) Washing the dishes f) Giving some company to an elder person g) Feeding your animals, or walking the dogs h) Watering the plants and trees i) Or even watching your brothers while your Mom runs errant  Right now, this is how you are called to change the world  And it prepares you for further Missions, that God’s has planned for you, since the beginning of the time.
    29. 29.  Every time, you give the gift of Yourself, not only are you changing the world,  But you are becoming more & more who God created you to be  It is only in giving of yourself that you will discover who God created you to be  Have anyone ever ask you what you want to be or do? • I am pretty sure your imagination is already full with plans, dreams & many ideas…  But have you ever asked God, what His plans are for you?
    30. 30. a) We have learned about Loving your neighbor as yourself b) And you get lots of practice of that with your family, friends & neighbor c) We have learned about changing the world with our actions, by growing in Holiness  What can anything of these, have to do with the future? • By serving your family & friends • & by giving yourself everyday serving others…  …God will eventually let you know what vocation, He would like you to follow: • Is it marriage? • Is it to be a priest? • Is it to be a Religious Sister? • Or to be totally dedicated to his church, as a single life in the world  You are never too young or to old, to start praying and thinking about God’s plan for your life.
    31. 31.  By choosing to grow in Holiness, and using your freedom • to love God & serve others • You are already preparing for your vocation • Because you are living your Christian Vocation  St John Bosco is a great example of someone who lived his Christian vocation • and eventually this included a Call to Vocation of Priesthood.
    32. 32.  When Jonh Bosco was a boy, he was always fun & popular.  Other kids like to be around him.  God have giving him many gifts & talents  And one of the talents God gave him, it was the ability to entertain people  He used this talent to do Circus acts for the neighborhood boys, who didn’t know their faith  Then at the end, He will teach them a Catechism lesson  This didn’t seem anything too special at that time, just a way to help the boys,  But this would be the preparation for his Vocation, that God had in mind for John Bosco
    33. 33.  St. Jonh Bosco became a Priest, as priest, he continues down the path, he started a long time ago  And he continued to help young boys who had no one else to help them.  He wanted each of them to live up to the Dignity God created them for… • A person Created in His images and likeness with the eyes of faith  Saint Bosco loves God through loving his neighbor, in the particular way God planned for him.
    34. 34.  God has a wonderful plan for you, through loving others  And God is preparing your path  Are you preparing your heart to follow God’s plan, that will lead you to eternal life?
    35. 35. 1) Who has human dignity because they were created in the image & likeness of God? Everyone! 2) How Jesus show all men how much they should love one another? By dying on the cross for the sins of all men, he shows us how to love each other. 3) Who you are called to love & served? a) Lover your neighbor as yourself, This is the challenge b) To recognize the common dignity of all men, c) and to give back to God all gifts, He had given to you, through serving & loving others
    36. 36.  God is asking you to participate in his great Plan for the world  To change the world by our holiness, service & LOVE  Each one of us affect one another in a good way or bad one.  God is calling us to be the Light of this World  And don’t forget each human being has a Human Dignity  And person is created in God’s Image & likeness