God came to earth for you


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God came to earth for you, Our Savior, Immanuel: God with Us, Redeemer, Baptism and Grace, Catholic Baptism, Symbols of Baptism.

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God came to earth for you

  2. 2. GOD CAME TO EARTH FOR YOU  In the last episode we learned about the Beginning of world.  We learned that God made you and love you.  Today I want to tell you something very special that happen in the world, about 2000 years ago.  You know that God has many, many ways to showing His love for you.  But God did something more amazing than anyone can ever imaging!!!  Do you know what God did?
  3. 3. God Came to Earth to Be with Us  What God did?  God wanted so much to show his love for us that He actually came to earth.  God came to Earth to be with us.  HE became man like you & me, and at yhe same time, He still God…  When we say de name of Jesus we are saying the name of God, who became man!
  4. 4. God Came to Earth to Be with Us  God is very closer to us, but because He is God, He is invisible,  So it could be very hard to think about Him..     We wonder what he is like? We wonder how he loves us? We wonder if he is thinking about us? We wonder how God would like us to behave?, etc.  God is a wonderful Mystery,  which means God reveals Himself little by little, but sufficient enough to comprehend his will.  God is a Mystery and we will always be able to learn more about Him  He tells us about Himself and He tells us that HE LOVES US.. 
  5. 5. God tells us about Himself  God tells us about Himself and He tells us that HE LOVES US..  And He shows us how much He loves us!  How did God do this?  God shows us He loves us by coming to earth for us.
  6. 6. God shows us He loves us by coming to earth for us  Do you remember how we talk about our 1st Parents: Adam & Eve?  Remember that God made them & filled them with His very Own Life!  We have a name for God’s life: “GRACE”  GRACE: is God’s life in a soul,  With God living in them,  Adam & Eve were in harmony with each other, and the creation;  Was very easy for them to do good, and easy for them to reject evil.  They were very happy, but then they did a terrible sin.
  7. 7. Without Grace is hard  They disobey God’s one Rule for them. They sin!  And ever since, they sin, nothing has ever being the same.  They lost God’s Grace in their souls  Human nature is hurt/wounded  The intellect is subject to error, and the flesh is subject to the passions  and Our will is weaken: it is hard to do good & easy to do bad.
  8. 8. Without Grace is hard  Because of their sin, which is called The Original Sin:  Human beings suffer, and get sick  We Experience Spiritual death, and Eventually we died (physical death)  And Some times we find very hard to be good  But the worst of all, it is that when we are born, we do not have GOD’S LIFE in us.  We do not have GRACE!!!
  9. 9. Without Grace is hard  Adam & Eve send God’s life out of their soul when they sin.  And so they could not pass God’s life on to their children.  They can not pass it on to you, or to me.  So when we are born, we are not sharing God’s life
  10. 10. God doesn’t Stop Loving us!  But we need God to live/ to dwell in us, before we can live with Him in Heaven  It was a very sad thing that Adam & Eve sin  And it is very sad that “WE” sin, too!  But God is a loving Father and He did not stop loving Adam & Eve  And He doesn't stop loving us because of sin!
  11. 11. God doesn’t Stop Loving us because of Sin!  Do you know what God did after Adam & Eve sin?  HE promise that he will end someone to save us.  Also through the prophets, He promised, he would give us His Spirit & change our heart.  Many, Many years later God send someone: “Our Savior”  OUR SAVIOR:  The One who save us,  and recover the Grace lost  Do you know who this someone is?  It is God only Son, and we called His name: “JESUS”
  12. 12. God send someone: “Our Savior”  It happen about 2000 years ago.  If we look the map, you will see a little tow in Bethlehem,  That’s were Jesus was born  Before that town near by, God would send an angel Gabriel to a young Girl name Mary.  God has taken extra care of Mary  in fact, because God’s goodness to her  She has always has God’s life in Her
  13. 13. God send someone: “Our Savior” The Birth of Jesus Foretold God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin’s name was Mary. The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you…” … the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God. You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. … his kingdom will never end.” “How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?” The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God. ..no word from God will ever fail.” (luke 1:26-38)
  14. 14. The Birth of Jesus Foretold
  15. 15. Mary said Yes to God’s Plan of Salvation  Mary is the only human person to live that close to God  When she saw the angle she was very surprise.   The Angel asked her to be the Mother of God The Mother of the Savior that God has promised to Adam & Eve  Eve said NO to God’s plan, but Mary said YES!  Mary believe that what God said is True. She knew, God would take care of Her  She trust in God and told the Angles that she would do what ever God want it.  “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” (luke 1:38)
  16. 16. God send “Our Savior”  Entonces el Espiritu Santo came over her,  and by the Power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus began to live inside of Mary.  After this, Mary went with her husband Joseph to the town of Bethlehem  While they were there, the time came for her to have her child  She gave birth to her 1st born Son  She wrapped him in cloths and laid him in a manger,  because there were not room for them in the Inn.
  17. 17. Emanuel God with Us  Her Child was Jesus  Jesus is God, and yet he came a tiny baby like you & I once were,  He born I a place we called stable  in a manger, with dirt & cold:  what uncomfortable!!!
  18. 18. to show us how much He loves us!  He was God, but he came on earth, and he was born as a little baby to show us how much He loves us!  And when grow up, he would tells us that we all need to become like a little children in order to go in Heaven with Him.  Jesus was a normal little kid, and He was also God. One mayor difference between Jesus & us, is that Jesus never sin.  We might try to be good, but some times we do bad things and we sin, because our human nature is wounded  But Jesus is God, He is all Good.
  19. 19. to show us how much He loves us!  Jesus always please God the Father, Yes! Jesus was pretty much like us.  He became tired as we do  He had to learn tings as we do.  In fact St. Joseph thought Him how to build things.  Jesus became a carpenter like St. Joseph, and it took him time and hard work to learn all  He was like us in every way, except, He did not sin.  Jesus obey His mother Mary & Just as we must obey our parents. (Luke 2:51-52)
  20. 20. to show us how much He loves us!  Why did God limit himself to become a Human?  God came to earth because He loves you     He was to be near you HE wants to fill you with his life: “GRACE” He wants you make you happy forever. He wants you to be with Him forever in Heaven  And He wants it for all of us,  and so He took our place to make up to God for the sin of Adam and Eve and for all our sins  He died on the Cross, so that we may not died for ever.
  21. 21. Jesus Made Possible for Us to receive Grace  When Jesus died, He made possible for us to receive God’s life again:  And God’s life last forever  After Jesus died, God raised Him from the death;  We called this RESURRECTION.  Resurrection is Jesus greatest miracle; after we died, we will also Rise again  With God’s life in our soul, we will live forever with him in Heaven  There We will always know that God loves us  There we’ll love him forever & ever  Jesus came to earth for you, so that you can be with him forever in heaven
  22. 22. The Candle Symbol of God’s Life  Last lesson we talk about the Candle  We use the lit candles as a sing of something special  The candle is a sing of God’s life  It is a symbol of God’s life  Adam & Eve had God’s life in their souls.  When God made Adam & Eve, He filled them with His life.
  23. 23. God filled them with His Life  But then what did Adam & Eve do?  They disobey!  When they sin, they blew God’s life away  They blew Grace away, that they did not have God’s life any longer,  So what happen if their children asked them to light their candles!  They Cannot! Because they do no have any light!  They do not have God’s Grace to share in  To have Grace in our souls, God has to make it possible, again!
  24. 24. If they had kept God’s Grace  If Adam & Eve have kept God’s life in their soul,  They could it given it to all their children  But they lost God’s life  And just as any “unlit candle” cannot give any fire to others candles  Adam & Eve couldn’t give God’s life to us.  But we know God promise to send Someone to save us!
  25. 25. Who Came to Save Us?  Jesus came to save us  HE came down from heaven just for us.  By doing this Jesus made it possible for us to receive God’s life again.  HE recoveres the Grace lost by Adam & Eve.  The God’s Grace that we do not have when we born
  26. 26. God give you His Life  God give you YOUR LIFE when He first made you (when you born)  But do you know that He Gave you HIS LIFE, the day you were BAPTIZE  God’s life is in you, it is the greatest gift you will ever receive  It is the best thing God can give you  It is an invisible gift, but it is a very real gift
  27. 27. God give you His Life  Let’s go back to the day of your Baptism  The day you receive God’s life in you.  Do you remember the day you were baptize?  Have you seen a person or a baby being Baptize?  You may remember some of the symbols and actions that we used.  And one of them is “the Candle”
  28. 28. Symbols of Baptism 1) Pascal candle 2) Baptismal candle 3) Baptismal Fount 4) Water 5) White dress
  29. 29. The Pascal Candle  A t Baptism there is very special candle  Called the Pascal Candle  It is Blessed in Easter and is used in every single Baptism: 1. It remains us of Jesus 2. and the life that he gives us when we are Baptize
  30. 30. Baptismal Font  What do you see in Baptismal Fount?  Water !  We use water to wash and to get clean  In Baptism Water remains us that all our sin is wash right off our souls  Our souls became beautiful and clean  And God Comes to fills out our souls with his life again
  31. 31. Baptismal Candle  Each person/baby has a Baptismal Candle  And this candle is lite to show that God is living in that baby now.  The Baptismal candle is lite with the fire of the Pascal candle: symbol of God’s life
  32. 32. The Soul is filled with Grace  Usually a Priest or Deacon, that Baptize the person/baby  takes the water and pours it over the Babies head,  or by immersion in the water  And said:  Name:_____ “I baptize you in the Name of the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit”  Now the person’s soul is filled with God’s life  And then the baptismal candle is lite to show us that God’s life is in you now !
  33. 33. God is living in you, Now!  God is living in you, now!!!  But you need to continue nourishing that Grace with other sacraments  But specially with the Holy Eucharist, (which pours Grace over Grace)  So your soul would be strengthen, and it won't get weaken by sin, again.  And Now you can live with God forever in Heaven.  The day of your Baptism is the most important day in your life,  you want to remember it always!!!
  34. 34. Dress in White  The person or baby is dress in white  Why we used white?  It shows that our heart is clean now  We use White because it shows that Baby’s soul is made clean by Baptism.  There is no dirty or sin on it, at all!
  35. 35. A Special Remainder Of Our Baptism  We have a special remainder of our Baptism every time we use Holy Water I t remains us that we belong to God That God’s Grace dwells in us by the Power of the Holy Spirit C. That we are temple of the Holy Spirit D. That Jesus came to earth for us A. B.  When we go to the Church, We usually find holy water at Mass  Right inside the door, there is usually holy water, in the Holy water fountain.  Holy water remains us our Baptism
  36. 36. Water & Sing of the Cross  We deep our finger in the water, and we make the Sign of the Cross: “In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” 1) This remains us that Jesus died for us ,   to wash away our sins & to give us God’s Grace 2) and it also remains us of the Holy Trinity: “The Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit”
  37. 37. Blessed with Holy Water  Holy Water and Blessed with it,  it is a way to remember the day, when God’s life came into you,  in the day of your Baptism!!!
  38. 38. God Came to Earth because He loves You