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  • What is your point? Did anybody force you to take a loan?
    Students have to think ahead not just about choosing the school but also about how to pay for it after. Common sense: if I can not afford to pay for particular school, I just don't go there.
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  • This is a great speech. We need more like this, unless you like paying big money out of your pocket for student loans. Not many can afford to do that.
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  • 1. Student Loan Debt Effects Thousand of Americans Each Year I am over $30,000 in student loan debt!
  • 2. Average Cost of Tuition over a four year period at a:
    • Private University is over $119,000
    • Public University is over $33,000
  • 3. Measly 3% of the Federal Budget was Dedicated to Education
    • Defense spending accounted for ¼ of the budget.
  • 4. Projection Indicate that in 18 years tuition prices could soar:
    • At a Private University up to $340,000
    • At a Public University up to $95,000
  • 5. In 2007 86.3% of students who applied for financial aid took out loans.
  • 6. Debt of students graduating in 2007
    • The average cumulative debt of students was $ 24,651
    • ¼ of students borrowed $30,526.
    • 1/10 of students borrowed $44,668
  • 7. The Education System As It Stands Needs Serious Rebuilding. Changes Must Be Made!
    • Universities and colleges are not properly educating students, an astonishing 1 out of 5 students take out student loans unnecessarily.
    • Inadequate aid is being offered, over ¾ of students who applied for federal aid took out loans.
    • in 2007 the average cumulative debt of students was 24,651
  • 8. I Am in Debt Because of Federal and Private Student Loans
  • 9. My Student Loan Payments Are the Same As Rent in Some Parts of the Country!
  • 10. Pursuit of higher education promotes a skilled and professional workforce. This consequently promotes a healthy and thriving economy.
  • 11.  
  • 12. Organizations Empowering Students Toward a Debt Free Future!
    • Student Advocacy Network
    • http://www.studentadvocacynetwork.org/
    • Higher Education Student Assistance Authority
    • http://www.hesaa.org
  • 13. Contact Elected Officials and Policy Makers
    • To find out who elected officials are in your area and to contact them visit
    • http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml
  • 14. Work Cited Page
    • The College Board- ww.Collegeboard.org
    • The Financial Aid Board – www.finaid.org
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    • Treasury Urged to Provide No Bailout Benefit to Private Student Lenders by Amit R. Paley, Washington Post, November 28, 2008 – www.washingtonpost.com
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