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  • 1. Email MarketingNew Opportunities for Reaching Subscribers
  • 2. The Traditional Methods • Direct MailChanging Your Perspective. • Saturation Mailings / Resident – Occupant Addressing • Area Level Marketing • Census Data • Cluster Systems • Targeted Mailing • Household Demographics – Equifax TotalSource, Acxiom InfoBase Premier, etc… • Gender, Age, Income, POC, Home Owner, Education, etc… • LifeStyles / Special Interest • Skiing, Soccer, Knitting, Wine, Home Computer Games, etc… • Telemarketing
  • 3. Status of Direct Marketing • Postage costs continue risingChanging Your Perspective. • 3 increases in the past 3 years • Response rate are in a down trend • Good response rate 1.5 – 2.5% for direct mail • Realization of results can take too long • Final result could take up to 3 to 4 months Source:
  • 4. www.astech-intermedia.comBrave New World E-MAIL Marketing
  • 5. Internet Usage Continues a Growth Trend Average Web UsageChanging Your Perspective. Month of March 2003, U.S. Number of Sessions per Month 31 Number of Unique Sites Visited 54 Time Spent per Month 26:43:29 Time Spent During Surfing Session 32: 35 Duration of a Page viewed 00: 56 Active Digital Media Universe 122,436,847 Current Digital Media Universe Estimate 174,188,438 Source: Nielsen//NetRatings Audience Measurement Service. Source:
  • 6. UCLA Internet Study • Report released January 29, 2003Changing Your Perspective. • Top 5 Internet Activities • Email & Instant Messaging • Web Surfing • News • Online Shopping/Buying • Entertainment Info • Strong penetration throughout all age ranges Source:
  • 7. UCLA Internet StudyChanging Your Perspective. • 59.3% of survey respondents use Internet @ home • 47% of non-users plan to connect in 2003 • 71.2% will purchase more online in 2003 that in 2002 • Total time spent online continues to increase Source:
  • 8. Email Marketing Advantages • Faster to execute, receive responses, and track resultsChanging Your Perspective. • Email vs Direct Mail • Completion Time • Email 7 – 10 days • Direct Mail 4 – 6 weeks • Response Time • Email 3 – 5 days • Direct Mail 3 – 6 weeks • Email should comprise half of all mail received by US HHs by 2005 Source:
  • 9. You Want a Reason, I’ll Give You Several • Establish online relationships with your current subsChanging Your Perspective. • Online relationships, once established, can mean greater ROI • Fractional cost to that of Direct Mail or Telemarketing • Potentially higher response rates • Drive traffic to your website • Viral Marketing – Satisfied subscribers/customers may be more likely to forward the offer to a friend than they would be to actually pass on a physical mail piece.
  • 10. Compiling an Email DatabaseChanging Your Perspective. • Permission based Opt-In Websites • Surveys (online & offline) • Product Registrations (online & offline) • Warranty Cards
  • 11. The Email Append Process Email Enhancement Database Newspaper Subs DatabaseChanging Your Perspective. Email Address appended Where name & address match found. Subscriber Enhanced Email Marketing Database Welcome Email Blast All recipients given opportunity to OPT-OUT
  • 12. Email Reverse Append • Do you have email addresses for which you do not have aChanging Your Perspective. physical address? • Learn more about the households associated with those addresses through a “Reverse Append” process • Match your email addresses to data provider email append database • Deliverables: • Name • Full Mail Address • Append Demographics and Lifestyle Information
  • 13. What to Expect – Match RatesChanging Your Perspective. • Email Append Services • Reverse Email Append • Consumer : 10% - 30% • Consumer: 20% - 30% • Business: 10% - 15% • Business: 5% - 15% Source: Equifax Marketing Services
  • 14. Case StudyClient Test of Equifax Email Data
  • 15. Results • Email Append • Reverse AppendChanging Your Perspective. • Client Subscriber • Client Email Addresses: 227,963 Records: 1.4 MM • Matches: 81,473 • Matches: 179,490 • Match Rate: 35.72% • Match Rate: 12.63% • Total Enhanced: 260,927 • Overall Match Rate: 15.83%
  • 16. Privacy Guidelines (DMA) • January 2002 – The Direct Marketing AssociationChanging Your Perspective. (DMA) issued a set of guidelines for commercial solicitations via email. • Solicitations may be sent to an individual/household when “The solicitations are sent to the marketers’ own customers” • Additionally the “individuals did not opt out after the marketer has given notice of the opportunity to opt out from solicitations online.” Source:
  • 17. Privacy Guidelines (AIM) • A subsidiary of the DMA, the Association for InteractiveChanging Your Perspective. Marketing (AIM) has established a set of “Best Practices” for email address appending and marketing. • “Email appending is acceptable if the recipient is a customer of the marketer or has another previous business relationship with the marketer.” • “The data sources used in the match process should be permission-based in that the data source(s) provide notice and choice regarding the acceptance of receiving third-party email offers. In addition, once the marketer’s file is matched with the data source, all appropriate suppression files should be applied.” Source:
  • 18. Privacy Guidelines (AIM) • “The first time a marketer sends an email message to theChanging Your Perspective. recipient of a matched email address, the marketer should clearly express the intent of the email solicitation and provide the recipient the opportunity to exercise choice regarding the receipt of future commercial email messages from the marketer.” • “When the recipient is a customer, email address data may be appended to the marketer’s file after the initial outreach and provided that the recipient did not opt-out.” • Security of the email addresses is responsibility of marketer • The marketer and the vendor share responsibility for responding to recipient inquiries arising from the email append process. Source:
  • 19. Changing Your Perspective. Questions & Answers
  • 20. Thank You!Changing Your Perspective. ASTECH InterMedia 999 18th street # 2740 denver, colorado 80202 303.296.9966 | fax 303.296.9969