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  • 1. www.astech-intermedia.com DPVDelivery Point Validation
  • 2. Changing Your Perspective. If an address doesn’t exist, what’s it doing in your list?
  • 3. Defining what an address is An Address Is Defined By Webster As:Changing Your Perspective. “… directions for delivery on the outside of an object (as a letter or package) …”
  • 4. Efficient mail delivery begins with your address Focus On Getting All of Your Mail Deliverable- As-Addressed, Rather Than Simply ReducingChanging Your Perspective. Your Return Mail Volume! • If You Succeed With the First Effort – the Second Effort Will Handle Itself! Understand How a Small Improvement Can Return Value • Cost of Poor Quality More Than Just the Postage
  • 5. The true cost of returned mail includes: • Print and mail costs of initial mailerChanging Your Perspective. • Postage on initial mailing • Lost sales opportunities • Handling of returned mail • One-off address corrections • Mail regenerations • Postage on remains • Communication delays
  • 6. Why a complete and correct address? • Increase Response RateChanging Your Perspective. • Increase Revenue • Maximize Postal Discounts • Minimize Waste • UAA (Undeliverable As Addressed) • Attempted not known • No such address
  • 7. Defining a quality address A Quality Address Is Defined By USPS As:Changing Your Perspective. “A Quality Address Contains Complete and Correct Elements that Comply with USPS Address Management System Standards and Allows Automated Sortation to the Intended Delivery Point for Delivery To the Specified Recipient Without Requiring the Use of Delivery Force Knowledge to Complete.”
  • 8. What is a Standardized Address?Changing Your Perspective. A Standardized Address Contains: • All Necessary Elements Present and Correct • Address Elements Correctly Placed • Address Elements Printed on Envelope or Mailing in Standard Format
  • 9. How?Changing Your Perspective. Collection of Information • Input Accuracy • Real-time Address Validation • Forms and Web Properly Designed to Capture All Necessary Address Information • Apartment and Suite Numbers • City Names
  • 10. How? Start with Standardized AddressingChanging Your Perspective. • Train Data Operators to Input Address Information Consistently • Separate Fields for Address Elements • Accommodate Separate Shipping/Billing Address Fields • Use USPS Standard Abbreviations • Publication 28, available on the USPS website: • http://pe.usps.gov/cpim/ftp/pubs/Pub28/pub28.pdf
  • 11. Why? Benefits of Standardized AddressingChanging Your Perspective. • Accuracy of Address Information • Helps Avoid Mail Acceptance Issues • Improved Aesthetic Presentation on Mail • Increases Customer Perception of Your Quality • Facilitates Carrier Delivery Efficiency
  • 12. What tools are available to help? Use CASS-Certified Software Enabled with DPV toChanging Your Perspective. Standardize the Address Information Before Storing •Standardize Street Name Information •Standardize City Name •Assign Correct ZIP Code •Assign ZIP + 4 Code •Validate Your Address is Deliverable
  • 13. Prepare yourselves for the future of mail Delivery Point Validation (DPV)Changing Your Perspective. • Confirms an address as an actual USPS delivery point • Identifies potentially undeliverable addresses on a mailing list prior to a mailing
  • 14. CASS and DPV Input: 104 Main StreetChanging Your Perspective. Denver, CO 80202 Output: 104 Main Street Denver, CO 80202-2499 DPV = N _______________________________________ Input: 100 Main Street Denver, CO 80202 Output: 100 Main Street Denver, CO 80202-2499 DPV = Y
  • 15. FirstLogic DPV • Y – The address is a confirmed delivery point.Changing Your Perspective. • N – The address is not a valid delivery point • S – The primary range is a valid delivery point but, the parsed secondary range is not valid in the DPV directory • D – The primary range is a valid delivery point but the secondary range data is not available on input
  • 16. Advantages to using Delivery Point Validation (DPV) • DPV brings validation to a finer precisionChanging Your Perspective. • DPV can complete and assign incomplete addresses that basic address cleansing could not assign. • DPV allows mailers to screen out Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) mail • Merchants can use DPV as a tool in fighting mail-order fraud.
  • 17. Create an Address Quality ProcessChanging Your Perspective. Update Validate Standardize
  • 18. Points to remember Be Prepared for Unique Address FormatsChanging Your Perspective. • Dual Addresses • Military Addresses • College/University Addresses • Rural Route/Highway Contract Addresses • Private Mail Box Addresses • Primary/Secondary Numbers with Leading Zeros
  • 19. Summary • The Quality of Your Address Data DirectlyChanging Your Perspective. Affects the Deliverability of Your Mail • Small Efforts Can Reap Big Results • DPV Required by USPS by August 1st 2007
  • 20. Thank You!Changing Your Perspective. ASTECH InterMedia 999 18th street # 2240 denver, colorado 80202 303.296.9966 | fax 303.296.9969 www.astech-intermedia.com