How to Scale Storytelling with Native Advertising


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Want to scale your content marketing strategy through creative distribution efforts like native advertising?

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “don’t depend on rented land” in content marketing. While this is true, content distribution is a smart way to amplify a solid content marketing strategy and reach a wider audience you wouldn’t have been able to get in front of otherwise.

A few highlights to expect include (but aren’t limited to):

• How to create high-quality content for distribution
• Where to distribute your content
• Best practices in content distribution

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  • Having an external writing team or service such as Scripted allows Marketers to save time, focus on strategy, keep their marketing team small, and get more creativeoriginal content from multiple writers.
  • Coming up with an ideas is a pain, and you should do two things: brainstorm to see what makes sense and what is consistent with your own brand. Though you should NOT ignore your competition - use tools like sharedcount to analyze the success of not only your own stories, but benchmark against your competitors (try putting together a draft of this, I can help iterate). I also want to give a primer on Google Keyword planner here. 
  • Content needs to reflect your brand and be relevant to your audience. Without understanding who your content is for and when it’s relevant, you’re brand is just creating content for the sake of creating content. Before you dive into idea generation answer these key questions first.
  • Allow as many idea opportunities to influence your editorial calendar. Don’t limit this process to one content manager or writer. Though you should NOT ignore your competition - use tools like sharedcount to analyze the success of not only your own stories, but benchmark against your competitors (try putting together a draft of this, I can help iterate). I also want to give a primer on Google Keyword planner here. 
  • Highlight employee activation.

    Scripted’s top articles: Teaching a computer to read (NLP), and Jake’s article. Was written by an employee on our product team. It was organic and very relevant to a specific audience. Try to keep these stories aligned with your brand message, but not every story needs to be out content writing if it helps promote our brand authority.

    Jake – Scripted Weekly (product update)

    You don’t have to be a journalist to create great stories. New York Times example of most popular article?
  • Also think of scale in terms of guest posts. Talk here about having several pre-written guest posts that are brand-relevant. Not all publications are going to accept your guest posts, but you should have them in your back pocket and be willing/ready to reach out to dozens of relevant outlets to get distribution
  • Not all publications are going to accept your guest posts, but you should have them in your back pocket and be willing/ready to reach out to dozens of relevant outlets to get distribution.

    Technorati story.

    Publishers want exclusive content.
  • The reach of your brand’s website and social media followers are limited. Although you may be getting organic traffic and shares with your content, in order to scale your reach you must invest in syndication. There are organic syndication partners where you share your RSS feed with the publication and if you’re approved you’re content will be distributed to their audience. We started with Business2Community, Social Media Today, HuffPo, Multibriefs, Medium – and looking to be featured more in publication. There is also paid syndication that allows your content to get guaranteed reach and leads in your target audience. Companies such as eMedia, eMarketer, and the AMA all offer these services.
  • How to Scale Storytelling with Native Advertising

    2. 2. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 1.0 CONTENT MARKETING What is Driving the Content Marketing Category
    3. 3. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 1.1 CRITICAL TRENDS 3 Critical trends for marketers: 1. Brands Thinking Like Publishers 2. Move from Traffic to Attention 3. Audience Shift to Mobile
    4. 4. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 1.2 CMO PHILOSOPHY 78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing… Hanley Wood 2013
    5. 5. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 1.3 BRAND INVESTMENT Brands are investing in content - $44B (p) in 2014 Custom Content Council 2013
    6. 6. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 1.4 PRODUCTION COST Effort and cost to produce content has come way down
    7. 7. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET But there’s so much content to compete with… 1.5 INTERNET MINUTE
    8. 8. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 1.6 ATTENTION ECONOMY Effort and cost to produce content has come way downBrands are fighting a war for consumer attention
    9. 9. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 1.7 NATIVE ADVERTISING Native = content distribution + attention capture + scale True Native Distribution Promoted In-feedBrand Content + Consumed On-site
    10. 10. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 1.8 PUBLISHER ADOPTION Publishers are quickly productizing their native offerings…
    11. 11. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 1.9 NATIVE AD TECH …and native ad technology is solving the scale challenge Brand Content (all assets) True Native Distribution 1B+ PVs of True Native IMPs 250+ Publishers 2,000+ Publications Reach Native Ad Server (+CMS inside)
    12. 12. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 2.0 STORYTELLING Why Original Storytelling Matters
    13. 13. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 2.1 GOALS Brand Storytelling Goals Brand Awareness Customer Acquisition Customer Retention Engagement B2B B2C Brand Awareness Lead Generation Customer Acquisition Thought Leadership
    14. 14. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 2.2 DEFINE SUCCESS How Do You Define Success? Web Traffic Social Media Sharing Time Spent on Website Direct Sales Qualitative Feedback from Customers SEO Ranking B2B B2C Web Traffic Sales Lead Quality Social Media Sharing Sales Lead Quantity SEO Ranking Time Spent on Site
    15. 15. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 2.3 SUCCESS Success for Scripted’s Content EngagementQualified Leads
    16. 16. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 3.0 SCALING SCRIPTED Scaling Content With Scripted
    17. 17. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 3.1 SCRIPTED SCALING Small Team, Big Content Team • Content Manager Volume • 50+ pieces of content published per month Content • Blog Posts • Guest Posts • White Papers • Slideshares • Webinars Content Creation Scripted Writers In-House 20% 80%
    18. 18. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 3.2 SCRIPTED SCALING Efficiency of External Writing Teams Editorial Calendar Submit Guidelines Content Written Review Content Publish/Promote Measure Plan content 4 weeks in advance 30+ pieces of content written in 5 to 10 days 3 to 5 days of review and editing Promote across relevant channels immediately Measure and optimize
    19. 19. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 3.3 SCRIPTED SCALING What Type Of Content Is Easiest To Scale? Thought- leadership Long-form content Newsworthy/trend content Evergreen content
    20. 20. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 4.0 SCALING IDEAS Scaling Idea Generation
    21. 21. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 4.1 IDEA GENERATION Your Brand Don’t Create Content Just To Create Content Content Creation Timing Your Audience Know This First:
    22. 22. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 4.2 IDEA GENERATION Content Manager Industry Writers Social Media Employees Monthly Themes Customer Stories FAQ Industry News Competitor s GA Keyword Tool Editorial Calendar
    23. 23. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 4.3 EMPLOYEE ACTIVATION Employee Activation “Your greatest stories may not come from marketing.” Written by a Scripted Engineer 15,000+ views
    24. 24. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 5.0 GUEST POSTS Scaling Guest Posts
    25. 25. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 5.1 GUESTS POSTS Have Exclusive Content Ready
    26. 26. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 6.0 SCALING DISTRIBUTION Scaling Native Content Distribution
    27. 27. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 6.1 FREE YOUR CONTENT Scaled native distribution is key Brand Website Brand Social Media Sponsored Social Media Native Distribution
    28. 28. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 6.2 OWNED FIRST Distribute to owned audience first
    29. 29. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 6.3 DISPLAY DISCONNECT Interruptive ad products are the wrong vehicle for content Google: DoubleClick 2013 / YouTube 2013
    30. 30. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 6.4 A BETTER PATH We have entered a new era of digital marketing
    31. 31. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 6.4 A BETTER PATH Native advertising + content marketing = made for each other IAB Native Advertising Playbook 2013
    32. 32. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 6.5 IAB GUIDELINES Primary native offerings follow specific IAB guidelines IAB Native Advertising Playbook 2013
    33. 33. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 6.6 TRUE NATIVE Truly native offerings are fully integrated executions IAB Native Advertising Playbook 2013
    34. 34. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 6.6 TRUE NATIVE EXAMPLE Enable brands to promote content alongside editorial…
    35. 35. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 6.6 TRUE NATIVE EXAMPLE …and provide a fully integrated user experience with content
    36. 36. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 6.7 ALTERNATIVE IN -FEED Alternative in-feed offerings have fewer native characteristics
    37. 37. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 6.8 SOCIAL NATIVE Within social platforms, users expect to click off-site…
    38. 38. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 6.9 SECONDARY EXAMPLES …but in publisher environments, there is a spirited debate Content Recommendation In-feed or In-stream units (click out)
    39. 39. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 7.0 MEASUREMENT Native Engagement Metrics
    40. 40. SCRIPTED.COM I NATIVO.NET 7.1 NATIVE MEASUREMENT Engagement metrics are critical for all forms of native Viewability Click (Read) Rate % Retention Rate % Time Spent on Content Scroll Rate Second Click % Brand Lift Recall %
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