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  • NW Technologies has been known to be a strong company in Oregon. NW Technologies is a woman owned manufacturing company which needs to take their company to the next level and build an online community. With the help of using social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ building a online community is free of cost and will take an investment of no more than 20 hours a week to gain maximum results.
  • Social media has been around for a little over thirty years. Social media has made it’s presence in most major platforms and niche groups. Social media has only been a topic in conversation for the last ten years.
  • These days almost everyone visits the worldwide web. With free wi-fi and public hotspots internet connection can be found almost everywhere for free.
  • This is a infographic by Fred Cavazza. This infographic places Google and Facebook as a centralized focus. These are two sites that are visited by millions of people everyday. The idea is that if you visit one of these two sites that you will see advertising or talk about these other platforms with your friends. These two platforms are capable of multi-functioning of power and influence. Their ability to continue evolving in the technology world. The more sites that you use the more friends and followers you gain.
  • This information supports the infographic in the slide before. When looking at these statistics it is no question why in the infographic it had placed Google and Facebook as a centralized focus point. With these numbers of visitors daily, how can you pass on free social media? These millions of daily visitors have the potential of becoming part of your community.
  • Social media is an open source of free media. Social media is an excellent tool to utilize and save money. Compared to the traditional forms of advertising social media can be made available to the public instantly.
  • These four social media sites are the most commonly known and widely used. These sites are free to use and view. All four sites are an open free source of advertisement. If you were to invest a few hours each week online to post business related updates and answer and respond to messages, then you have the potential of building a large community with a great number of followers.
  • When customersfeel connected to your business they are more apt to talk about your services with their friends and the associates that they know. They will also be quicker to recommend your services in conversation. Talking to your customers in a friendly manner will increase their comfort level and they will feel as if they are talking to friends not a business. Keeping good relations also enables the customer to gather trust in the business. When the customer “likes” you on Facebook they are more apt to use your business rather than the competitors. It is also free advertising when their friends view their “likes”. This will improve customer satisfaction and also save you money on long distance customer service phone calls.The more impressions a consumer gets of your business, the more likely they will remember your name in the future 
  • This chart is from the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. This chart represents a 3 year period after social media was introduced at their businesses. Their traffic increased by 72% and improved their search rankings by 62%. CGM reduced their overall marketing expenses by 49% and increased their sale percentage by an additional 43%.
  • These are significant items that will help your business thrive. The idea is that if you put your name and brand out there that the consumer will help circulate it.
  • Considering all the advertising costs that you can save this is a practical and safe investment. The only thing that I am asking you to invest is a few hours a day. Given all the possibilities of what social media can bring to your business this is a win-win proposal.
  • Nw technologies

    1. 1. NW Technologies
    2. 2. History of Social MediaSocial media has been around for several years from the 1950’s phone phreaking era, to the first BBS(Bulletin Board Systems) in 1979. Geocities is the first social networking that started in 1994 followed by AOL Instant messaging in 1997.Social media is anything but new. Social media is better known through Facebook or Twitter. Social media sites include shopping, dating, gaming, blogging and business networking are a few areas that have excelled in the last few years.
    3. 3. USA Online Population• 98% of the online population of the USA uses Social Media sites• Around the world every 6 out of 10 people use social networks and forums• USA has an estimated population of 308.7 million people with an estimated 240 million internet users
    4. 4. Daily Hits and Visits• Google has 2 billion hits daily• Google+ logs in 20 million daily• Facebook logs in 175 million daily• LinkedIn logs in 2.9 million daily• Twitter logs in 1 million daily• MySpace logs in 1 million daily
    5. 5. Advertising Costs• Magazine large ad, 10 words $10,000• Newspaper(Wall Street Journal) full page black/white national ed. $164,300• Radio Rotation -4 weeks $20,000• Television Commercials 30 sec. $350,000• Super Bowl Ads $2-3 Million• Online Ad Placements $1,000• Social Media $0
    6. 6. Social Networks Compared700,000,000600,000,000500,000,000 2002400,000,000 2003300,000,000 2004 2005200,000,000 2011100,000,000 0 Friendster My Space LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Google+
    7. 7. More Personal Attention
    8. 8. Consumer Generated Media (CGM)
    9. 9. Consumer Generated Media (CGM)• It can increase your sites link popularity• It can increase your companys brand awareness on the Web .• It can increase your search engine rankings• It gives you quick access to a lot of people
    10. 10. Conclusion• Social Media is key for keeping close personal relationships and building trust with the customers• Social Media is a great opportunity that is available to every internet user and is free• Social Media gives you quick access to a large amount of people• Social Media can increase your company’s brand awareness
    11. 11. SOURCES• www.fastcompany.com• www.fredcavazza.net• www.mvfglobal.com• www.socialmediaexaminer.com• 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report