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Sexto A

  2. 2. RUDY FERNANDEZ RUDY FERNANDEZ I’m 26 Years old. I’m 1 meter and 96 centimetres. He’s from Spain. He was born in Palma de Mallorca. He plays in the NBA, his team is Blazers.
  3. 3. I usually play withthe spanish selection When I play basketball, I always wear shorts, a T-shirt, trainers and wristbands.
  4. 4. I’m hisfavourite food .
  5. 5. I’m Helen Lindes.I’m his girlfriend. I always see his basketball matches.
  6. 6. Mario Casas and Blanca Suárez By Andrea & Sandra
  7. 7. Mario Casas is an actor. He is Mario Casas from La Coruñain Galicia (Spain) but he lives inMadrid. He likes football and listens to music. At the weekendhe likes watching TV. He never wears a skirt.
  8. 8. She is anBlanca Suárez. actress. She is from Madrid and lives in Madrid. She always wears a t-shirt. She likes going out with her friends. She ussualy wears dresses.
  9. 9. By Andrea Borreguero And Sandra Gómez See youuuu !!!!!! ;) 
  10. 10. Orlando Bloom is an actor. He´s from Canterbury (Kent), UK.
  11. 11. In his free time he usually goesswimming and he sometimes plays tennis.
  12. 12. He likes fhotografy, reading and singing.
  13. 13. He usually wears T-shirts and jeans.
  14. 14. His favourite food is salad.
  15. 15. Penélope Cruz is an actress. She is from Spain. In her free time she usually goes swimming and she sometimes playstennis. She likes photography, dancing and walking too. She loves fashionable clothes. She usually wears jeans and a jacket. She never eats fish.
  16. 16. BOB ESPONJA
  17. 17. He lives in a painapple. He works in The Krusty Krab. He always eats burgers He has got a pet, Gary. His favourite friends are Sandy and Patrick.He usually wears trousers, socks and a T- shirt but he never wears skirt or earrings. He likes fishing. He sometimes waches TV.
  19. 19. OUR FAVOURITE SINGER By Nura Bargo & Ángela Manzanares
  20. 20. Bruno MarsHe´s from the USA.He Usually goes to the cinema.
  21. 21. His favourite food is spaguetti and pizza. He usually plays football.
  22. 22. He loves animals and singing. He plays the piano and the guitar. Bruno Mars sings brillantly.
  23. 23. MariaSharapova
  24. 24. Where she from?SHE IS FROM RUSSIA.
  25. 25. She alwaysplays tennis in her free time.
  26. 26. She usually reads books.
  27. 27. She sometimesgoes to the cinema.
  28. 28. She never wears skirts.
  29. 29. She likes pizza.
  30. 30. By:Fouzya El Makkioui
  31. 31. MOURIÑOHe is from Portugal. He always plays with his children. He goes to the cinema and trains to the Real Madrid. He usually wears tracksuit or suit. He is a bad person (because puts his finger in other trainers eye) By Arturo Romo
  32. 32. My name is David. I m fromSpain. I usually play footbal and i never go shopping.
  33. 33. I like Iker Casillas. He s tall and he always plays football.
  34. 34. He is the capitanand the goalkeeperof Real Madrid andthe spanish Team.He always plays in Real Madrid and the spanish selection.
  35. 35. He usually wear cool clothers and trainers. When he was young he loved hischicken. He sometimes plays with his chiken. He never goes to the cinema.
  36. 36. I want to see Real Madrid in Madrid.I always see on TV Real Madrid and Spain.
  37. 37. Selena Gomez is an actress and a singer. She was born in 1992. She is 19 years old. She is the main character in the series `The Wizards ofWaverly Place’ in was name is Alex Russo. She is famous for some girls. She likes fashionable clothes and goingshopping. She hasn’t got any brothers, she lives in Texas with her family. Signature:
  38. 38. Sergio Ramos is a football player. He is from Andalucia. He is 25 years old. He always plays in the Madrid team. His coach is Mourinho. My favourite team is the Madrid team. He plays football in the Spanish team, too.