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Elspeth Male Product Work Log
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  • 1. Product Work LogName______Elspeth Male____________________ Date ______April 18, 2012__________Product ________A Time for Everything_(a novel)_________________________________________Date/Time: Activity: Commentary:August 7, 2011 I finalized the project idea with Morgan. I am excited to start4:30-5:00 We went to Yawn’s Bookstore in and I know Mr. Canton to see if Mr. Yawn would be our Yawn will have facilitator. knowledgeable advice. Morgan has started to write already and will be sending me the first pages soon.September 7, 2011 We had our first group meeting at According to Mr.6:30-7:30 Yawn’s tonight. Mr. Yawn outlined all Yawn’s timetable the deadlines we would need to meet Morgan needs to and outlined the year for everyone. finish writing in December and I will start editing in January. He is also going to bring in a guest editor!September 30, 2011 I received the first sixty pages from I am eager to get Morgan. started!October 1, 2011 I read through the pages for the first First round of editing5:30-7:30 time today, editing for grammar and done, ready to do the any obvious mistakes I saw. second.October 9, 2011 I edited the first sixty pages for the This time during5:30-8:30 second time. editing I focused on content and making sure the storyline flowed and
  • 2. effectively started the book.October 12, 2011 The last round of editing of the first I finished any last7:30-9:30 sixty pages of the book is done. edits and sent the book back to Morgan. We talked and went over together all the corrections I made.November 2, 2011 We had another meeting at Yawn’s and It was interesting to6:30-8:00 Mr. Yawn brought in three guest see the process of authors and editors. book publication through the eyes of the author. The authors all gave us advice on storylines, editing, deadlines and other aspects of the entire process. They were very nice and gave us their contact information in case we needed help.December 7, 2011 We had our December meeting at It was interesting to6:30-7:30 Yawn’s where Mr. Yawn said we see how our books needed to finish our writing and start are going to be the editing process. He also began to published. However, show us the steps necessary to get our I am nervous because books ready for publication. Morgan has still not given me another section of her book. She is supposed to be almost finished by this point.January 4, 2012 Today we had another group meeting I am very worried at6:30-7:30 at Yawn’s bookstore. Mr. Yawn finished this point about
  • 3. showing all steps that need to be done where Morgan is in so books are ready for publication. We her book. She has also looked into publishing online. promised to send me pages but at this point we are very behind on the deadlines.February 17, 2012 I received twenty new pages from I cannot wait to start Morgan. editing again!February 21, 2012 I read through the new pages numerous I edited the pages4:30-6:30 times and edited for grammar and and then discussed content. the edits with Morgan. She said she will get the next pages to me very soon.March 12, 2012 I received ten more pages from Morgan. I am feeling more confident over my editing skills and cannot wait to continue editing.March 12, 2012 I edited the ten pages first for grammar The story is4:30-6:00 and then read them again for content progressing nicely and any last mistakes. even though it is only about halfway done.March 19, 2012 Morgan sent me another eighteen pages We are making slow today. by steady process.March 20, 2012 We went to Ball Ground today and I The pictures look4:00-4:30 took the pictures that will be on the really good and it cover and the back of the book. makes me feel better to see the pieces of the book start to come together.March 26, 2012 I edited the eighteen pages Morgan sent The story is evolving
  • 4. 5:30-8:00 me for grammar first and content well but we still have second. a long way to go.April 6, 2012 Morgan sent me the last fifty pages of I am stressed that I her book over Spring Break. have to edit the rest of the book this quickly but I am thankful that the book is done.April 8, 2012 I started to edit the first thirty pages of It is hard to edit so6:00-8:30 the fifty that Morgan sent me. I many pages at a time corrected mostly grammar but some but I finally see all content as well. the storylines coming together and it is exciting to be near the end.April 9, 2012 I finished editing the thirty pages of I have loved editing5:00-7:00 Morgan’s book and sent her the the book and it is corrections. satisfying to see the book reach its end.April 10, 2012 I read through the last twenty pages of It is sad to see the5:30-7:30 the book and started grammar end of the book but I corrections. am very proud of how far Morgan and I have come.April 11, 2012 I edited the last twenty pages for I have finished7:00-8:30 content and gave them a couple more editing the book in thorough reads. pieces and am now looking forward to looking at the book as a whole.April 12, 2012 This was my final read through of the With this full read I4:00-8:00 book. I read the book as a whole and made sure all points made any last corrections that were of the storyline were needed. wrapped up and finished completely.
  • 5. The book is now done.April 14, 2012 Morgan and I went to Kinkos today and The rough draft11:00-12:00 learned the different types of Kinkos gave us looks publishing available. We uploaded the really good and I book to Kinkos and also to the Nook cannot wait to pick store. up our final copies!April 16, 2012 We picked up our copies from Kinkos The books look and are now done. amazing and I cannot wait to show my friends and family.