Gyandeep newsletter (oct-dec 2011)


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Gyandeep newsletter (oct-dec 2011)

  1. 1. Communique ber - December 201 Octo 1Message from the chief custodian Elsevier Excellence in Seasons Greetings! Nursing Studies scholarship Hope this festive season of good cheer, showers Elsevier has you with blessings of joy, warmth and good always tried to tiding… encourage and promote a greater interest among Dear Gyandeep Member, nursing students It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the for their field of 5th issue of Gyandeep Quarterly newsletter. study, and alsoThrough this, we aim to bridge the gap and keep our members served them withabreast of the most updated information which allows you to the best ofparticipate and benefit from the work and various activities of our opportunitiesprogramme. through variousIn addition to this newsletter, our facebook page Gyandeep also educational andprovides a platform to interact & share knowledge and expertise fun events.amongst nursing professionals. This is where you can find the most In this regard,updated information about educational material in the field of Elsevier Gyandeep has launched the "ElsevierNursing. Wed love to keep you up-to-date about new releases, best- Gyandeep Excellence in Nursing Studies Scholarship"selling titles, and exclusive offers. programme to identify and reward nursing studentsWe are delighted to share with you, the success of the Nursing who are passionate about the nursing field. ThisPrincipals Meets organized by Elsevier Gyandeep all across India. We programme is aimed at the graduating nursingheard some great feedback and we are using that to help guide our students who need to simply answer a question, "Howplans as we move forward. can the nursing profession lead the change in the healthcare sector in India?"We would also like to thank all the nursing colleges that participatedin the Elsevier Gyandeep Excellence in Nursing Studies Scholarship. We received numerous responses from nursingWe have received an overwhelming response from many colleges and students. One student said, "Knowing that Elsevier isare in a process of evaluating the submissions. carrying out this scholarship programme and the competition is amongst nursing students across India,We would like to inform you that we are in a process of renewing the we, as students honestly are delighted! I am glad that IGyandeep membership. So, we request you to kindly send us your am participating in this competition!"updated contact details (email id, postal address, phone no. etc) atour email id; or simply join us on facebook An overwhelming response has been received fromand fill the membership form there. numerous nursing colleges across India. The write ups as submitted by students are being evaluated by aWe look forward to your continued feedback and interaction with the panel of judges. Then as per the scores earned, studentsGyandeep programme. who will be awarded the Elsevier Gyandeep ExcellenceYours Sincerely, in Nursing Studies scholarship will get opportunities to upgrade their skills, connect with their peers and receive most relevant and world class books worth Rs. 5,000 from the shelves of Elsevier. Follow this column and the facebook page of ElsevierAjit Sharma Gyandeep for quick updates about this NursingChief custodian, Gyandeep scholarship programme and for other importantElsevier Health Sciences, India information. |1
  2. 2. Elsevier Gyandeep organizes the Nursing Principals MeetElsevier Gyandeep has always strived hard to add value to insight into the world of health sciences. During one suchyour academic pursuits through timely knowledge updates, meet at Amritsar, Punjab, at Khalsa College of Nursing, themeetings, seminars and association with Nursing Key occasion was doubly graced with the presence of ElseviersOpinion Leaders (KOLs). As part of this endeavor, the Nursing renowned author Dr. Suresh Sharma whose NursingPrincipals Meets, christened as "Gyandeep Research & Statistics book is alreadyNursing Principals Meet Programme", has Prof. Mary Ranita, Little Flower College referred to as one of the best-sellers! Whilebeen successful in duly reinforcing the of Nursing, Kerala said, "It was a very addressing the audience, Dr. Sharma said,Gyandeep programme of Elsevier India, enriching and informative. Very good "While working on the manuscript of thisreaching to a good part of Indian nursing and I really liked being there." book, I was mindful to give the rightcommunity. Under this programme, information to the nursing students whoElsevier Gyandeep held Focus Group are keen to know about research methods. IInteractions with principales from leading joined Elsevier because I was sure thatnursing colleges across various regions of Ms. Neera Mukherjee, Shova Rani students would appreciate it betterthe India. During the meet, many esteemed Nursing college, Kolkata said, "Really considering it is from a brand that has lastedknowledge leaders came across the table nice and interesting event. I enjoyed a century and still is the best authority in and shared the experiences and the gathering, venue, food, everything. providing the best information solutions to pearls of wisdom to The presentation being shown to us health professionals!" give an was very good. Overall it was a nice change for us." Elsevier extends a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in the Nursing Principals Meet, for providing such an overwhelming response and feedback.Patient Connection Increases Nurse Satisfaction and PerformanceMany people say that meaningful work is the most important factor that they are looking for in a job. And no doubt many nurseschose their profession because of their desire to make a difference in peoples lives.Although in the 2010 Annual Pulse Report by Press Ganey, nurses scored the lowest of all hospital workers when it came to theirjob satisfaction and sense of engagement in the workplace, still the Grants study, published in the June 2011 issue of HarvardBusiness Review, stood in contrast and revealed that the more connected employees feel to the end users of their products orservices the better they perform.Grant offers these practical suggestions for increasing the connection of nurses and their supervisors with patients and theirfamilies:v long-term follow-up. Invite former patients to visit, talk or write about their hospital experiences. This can be powerfulFacilitategiven that nurses rarely have the opportunity to see the lasting difference that their work makes in patients lives over time.vPersonalize the patient interaction. Collect unique information about each patient during the hospitalization (e.g., personalinterests or stories about how they met their spouses). This can set the stage for greater identification and empathy, and enable nursesto discover points of similarity that facilitate bonding.vGather novel information. Gather stories about less familiar ways in which nurses can and do make a difference. For example, storiesmight describe how nurses have inspired patients to join the health care profession, or how nurses have taken courageous actions toidentify and correct errors made by doctors.vGet the patients perspective. Enable nurses to see the world from patients points of view, such as by spending time in the patientsrole.v a job well done. Create visible awards for meaningful actions taken to benefit patients. This is especially memorable ifRecognizeaward nominations can be submitted by patients, as well as by co-workers.Nurses do the three Ts (Talk and listen, Take time, and Touch) more often with the patient compared to doctors because they aremore involved in direct care. A nurse is communicative and responsive to patients needs and thus makes an emotionalconnection to them.Hospital leaders should do more to read and post comments from patients and to recognize nurses for just doing their job orfor their truly heroic efforts. Coordinating events to bring back former patients to share their stories is a great way to allow thenursing staff to make an emotional connection to their field and can serve to re-energize them to continue to focus on providinggreat patient care. What it means… IATROGENIC2| Inadvertent adverse effect or illness caused by medical examination or treatment.
  3. 3. Elsevier: Your Knowledge Partner for LifeIn conversation with….. Q. Are there any recent articles, books, people or conferences that have impacted your professional life? Ans. Yes. A two day workshop at KVM, Chertala on Quality Education. Q. Can you share your thoughts on developing and maintaining a sense of connectedness among the Nursing colleges all over India? Prof. Susamma Thomas Ans. National conferences, continuing nursing education Principal, M.O.S.C. College of Nursing, Kolenchery programmes, e-learning, faculty meets, nursing journals with wide coverage, social website like ORKUT exclusively forQ. What is the vision statement of this college? And how does fit in with your personal educational philosophy? Q. What are your views on the education scenario today andAns. Inspired by the healing mission of jesus, our vision is to do you think there are any specific changes that need to takedevelop nursing leadership to provide quality health care place?through innovative approaches of education, research and Ans. The education scenario in India needs to consider eachclinical practice. I believe that the goal of professional student as an individual with differences. I believe that thereeducation is ultimately the all round development of nursing should be a shift of educational focus from class room studiesstudents into complete nurses and moreover as to more practice oriented learning, and that it shouldcompassionate human beings. incorporate innovative teaching technologies like simulation,Q. How does it feel being the Principal of a Nursing College, in problem based learning.a position of huge responsibility? Q. How did you find the Gyandeeps initiatives like PrincipalsAns. It is a highly energizing job, letting me spend a quality Meet, students scholarship programme etc, and anytime with my students to be one among them and feel feedback on this?younger. This job helps update my knowledge & skill and Ans. Such programmes are highly innovative andgives me immense satisfaction by being involved in the informative, providing a platform to generate, develop andemotional and personal development of students. build upon existing ideas & views of principals. TheQ. What do you find is your biggest challenge as a scholarship programme is bound to benefit the talented yetPrincipal? And what would be your most important goal? under privileged students.Ans. The biggest challenge for a principal is to maintain Q. What it means to you to be an Elsevier Gyandeep member?harmony among faculty members and to bridge the gap Any ideas or thoughts that you can share with us to furtherbetween the teachers and students so that they work this programme?effectively and stay connected to one another. Ans. A faculty meet/workshop on teaching-learningMy goal is to coordinate the activities of faculty so that the strategies or for development of new resource material canstudents are adequately guided to acheieving the expected be conducted on zonal basis (North India, South India etc.)outcomes in their educational programmes Q. Favorite Quotation:Q. What was the biggest accomplishment/failure which you Ans. "Stay poor, Stay Happy”would consider a stepping stone in your career?Ans. After 20 years of graduation at the age of 42, I gotthrough the kerala entrance examination for M.Sc. Nursingcourse and I did M.Sc. in OBG Nursing, from CON, TVPM,Govt. Medical College. Principals are the knowledge professionals. We invite you to contribute your thoughts, articles, stories/experiences etc to be published in the further issues of Gyandeep newsletter enter our Fun Festive Season Contest! The Indian festive season is here and Elsevier Gyandeep wants to make your celebration a little bit sweeter. So enter the contest for a chance to win gift voucher worth Rs. 1000/- Please, complete the following sentence: Teaching has taught me_____________________________________ To SMS your response, type GD <space> FFSC <space> <Your sentence> and send it to +91-8527 422 622 You may also send your response at our email id: contactus@elsevier.comDid you know???The average number of thoughts that humans are believed to experience each day is 70,000 3|
  4. 4. New ReleasesNursing consult is the most trusted and Mosbys Nursing Skills is the onlinecomprehensive online resource for nurses solution for the best in skills andoffering authoritative information to help provide procedures reference as well asbetter patient care. learning and competencyØFind answers squickly management designed to meetØ quality of patient careImprove the the training needs of healthcareØEducate patients institutions today. Over 900ØStay informed of new developments customisable online skills andThe available information resource includes: procedures are available in a user- Books: n Over 38 leading nursing reference books. friendly format to help standardise Nutrition & Biochemistry for Nurses Journals: n Full-text of over 38 leading nursing journals. the way skills are taught, learned Author: Sreemathy Venkatraman and Sucheta Dandekar n Education: Over 8,000 patient handouts. Patient and administered. For more ISBN: 9788131228234 | INR 395.00 n Over 8,000 high-quality images. Images: details, write to us at Evidence-Based Nursing Monographs. n Drug Information and Calculators. n Best Practice Clinical Updates and Nursing NEWS. n Over 370 Practice GUIDELINES and much more… nMust Read...Pharmacology for Nurses Author: Tara Shanbhag, Additional Professor, Department English for Nurses of Pharmacology, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Author: Shama Lohumi Karnataka, India. ISBN: 9788131228227 | INR 210.00 Pharmacology forms a core paper in B.Sc. second year. This book targets the INC Syllabi. The book gives an idea about the various drug groups administered to the patients and their mechanism of action in the body. The book specifies the role of nurses in monitoring and caring the patients who have been administered different drug groups. ISBN: 9788131228272 INR 325.00 gyandeep quiz Management of Nursing Services & Education Author: I. Clement Participate and win exciting gifts…! ISBN: 9788131228111 | INR 395.00 Q. Match the following with their particular fields: Joseph Lister Blood circulation Alexander Fleming small pox vaccination Christian Barnard Microbiology William Harvey Penicillin Louis Pasteur Heart transplant Edward Jenner Antiseptic surgery Robert Koch Pasteurization Mail us your responses at: Textbook of Midwifery & Obstetrics for Nurses Join us on facebook Author: Kamini Rao ISBN: 9788131221884 |INR 625.00 ELSEVIER, A Division of Reed Elsevier India Pvt. Ltd. |4 14th Floor, Building No.10B, DLF Cyber City, Phase-II, Gurgaon-122002, Haryana, India. Tel: +91-124-4774444 - Ext 312, Fax: +91-124-4774100, Email: