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  • 1. Communique uary - March 2012 JanMessage from the chief custodian BOTOX INJECTIONS NOW USED FOR SEVERE Dear Gyandeep Member, URINARY INCONTINENCE May each coming day fills When people think of Botox your heart with new hopes, injections, they probably think open up new horizons and of getting rid of unwanted brings for you promises of wrinkles around the eyes or brighter tomorrows. forehead, but recently the US This is a season that will F o o d a n d D r u g m a g i c a l l y p ro v i d e t h e Administration (FDA) catalyst, motivation and approved using the injectionspersistence we need to reinvent ourselves. So, why to help patients withnot start with taking a lead to get more involved in this neurological conditions whocommunity? It doesnt take much to make a difference suffer from incontinence, orand make your voice heard. an overactive bladder.We invite you to share your thoughts with us so that Botox injections paralyze thewe can disseminate them to the Indian nursing bladder muscle to prevent contractions that cause urgency to urinate orfraternity. Contribute through your articles, reviews, leak. Although medications and behavioral modifications are treatmentsuggestions, topics for discussion etc and participate options, many patients, especially the elderly, do not respond to thesein the various upcoming campaigns and programmes methods and need a more aggressive approach.organized by Elsevier! "About 80 percent of patients with neurological conditions, such as spinalThrough this issue, we would also like to thank all the cord injuries, Parkinsons disease and multiple sclerosis, see improvementNursing principals and students who participated in after about a week, and the results can last four to nine months," saidthe Elsevier Gyandeep Nursing Studies Scholarship Charles Nager, MD, co-director of the UC San Diego Womens Pelvicprogramme. Such an overwhelming response has Medicine Center at UC San Diego Health System.motivated us to further this programme with more Incontinence is the seventh condition, including chronic migraines andnew campaigns for the nursing community. underarm sweating, that Botox has been approved to treat since the drugRegistrations for the Nursing Studies Scholarship first arrived on the market as a wrinkle reducer in 2002.Contest, 2012 are open and can be done by sending The outpatient procedure uses a local numbing gel, followed by 15 to 20an email at, mentioning the injections in different areas of the bladder of the participating college, expected no. of "It can really be life changing for someone with severe incontinenceparticipants and contact details of the coordinators. issues," said Nager who also serves as director of Urogynecology andThis year promises to be exciting with many new Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery in the Department of Reproductiveproduct releases & campaigns especially for the Medicine at UC San Diego.Elsevier Gyandeep members. Let us know if theres UC San Diego Health System is currently recruiting for a clinical trial toanything specific you want to see in this newsletter. test Botox injections versus sacral nerve stimulation as incontinenceWishing you the best in life! treatment options.Regards, Sacral nerve stimulation uses small, electrical impulses to the nerves that control urination. The impulses are generated by a small device surgically placed under the skin. Attached to the device is a thin, electrode-tipped wire that passes under the patients skin, carrying impulses to the sacral nerve. The surgery is an outpatient procedure done under localAjit Sharma anesthesia.Chief custodian, Gyandeep Patients involved in the clinical trial are required to have tried two drugsElsevier Health Sciences, India that previously failed to treat their incontinence issues. |1
  • 2. ELSEVIER GYANDEEP EXCELLEN CE IN NURSING STUDIES SCHO LARSHIP! The Elsevier Gyandeep Excellence in Nursing Studies Once again we congrat Scholarship contest concludes successfully ulate and wish the Elsevier group ! to excel in their services. Thank you Launched with an objective to iden for giving an tify the nursing opportunity to be a part in your services." students who are passionate about the nursing field, it Elsevier believes that received an overwhelming response and nurses play a vital role in the health participation care sector of country and from various nursing colleges across Indi hence, the nursing students a and ended must be encouraged to up rewarding the 50 best write-ups on strengthen their interest and the theme "How passion for their can the Nursing Profession lead the own field. With this scholarship change in the programme, Elsevier healthcare sector in India". Each of thes has reached a milestone in e 50 winners is supporting the stud now entitled to world class books worth ent fraternity in their studies and Rs. 5000/- from learning process. By the shelves of Elsevier. providing its world class books as the scholarship reward, it not only The esteemed panel of jury who celebrated the assessed the students achievement but also helped participants write ups on the abo ease their ve topic, was educational expenses. composed of Prof. Sujana Chakrav arty (Principal, Delighted to be cho Rufaida College Of Nursing, Delhi), sen as the winner, Breeza Merin Mrs. Ambika Thomas said, "This gav Ravindran (Dean, M.A. Chidambaram e me immense pleasure to be a College Of part of the Elsevier Gya Nursing, Chennai), Dr. Saroj Kumar (Princip ndeep excellence in nursing al, Ahilya Bai studies scholarship awa College Of Nursing, Delhi), and Mrs rd. It was really motivating and . Shashi Bala, encouraging to me and (Principal, Mata Gujri Institute Of Nur this inspires other students also sing, Punjab). to participate in the Elsevier offers a heartfelt thanks to all the future endeavors. The prizes are judges for the very useful for our high effort and commitment that they put into er studies." evaluating the Taki write ups. ng a further step in this regard, we invi te registrations for the Elsevier Gyandeep In the words of Dr.A.Jayasudha, principa Excellence in l, Sri Gokulam Nursing Studies Scholar Collge of Nursing Salem, "Excellence is ship 2012. For online doing ordinar y registration, visit the thin gs extr aordin aril y wel l… link At the out set I http://www.faceboo congratulate the Elsevier Gyandeep for their Excellence 085496366909 or writ in Nursing Studies Scholarship. Elsevier e to us at excels in giving an opportunity not only for the Nur . se Educators, Administrators, and Researchers but also for the young Student Nurses by organizing various pro grammes and competitions. The students are high ly motivated toparticipate and receiving a scholarship gives them apride not only for the individual and also for theInstitution. Nursing Principals distributing the Scholarship prize vo ucher to winners WHAT IT MEANS…2| Dyspnea: Difficult or labored breathing; shortness of breath. It is a sign of serious disease of the airway, lungs, or heart.
  • 3. Elsevier: Your Knowledge Partner for LifeIn conversation with….. Q. Could you tell us a little bit about Q. What are your plans for the college in the next 5 - 10 years? yourself? Your academic highlights? Ans. To start post basic B. Sc. Nursing course under Indira Your personal philosophy vis-à-vis Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and later M. SC educating the young? Nursing in Critical care. Ans. I passed B.Sc. nursing as well as Q. Do you believe that everything in the college has to be as M.Sc. Nursing in Medical- Surgical per the letter of the law? Nursing speciality from RAK College of Ans. Yes. We strictly follow INC syllabus and do believe that Nursing under University of Delhi. I am every institution should do so in order to achieve a uniform Srinanda Ghosh a nurse teacher for about 34 years. I standard of nursing education and practice throughout India. Principal have taught students of all the nursing Q. What are your views on the education scenario today and Woodlands College Of Nursing courses starting from ANM to M. Sc. West Bengal do you think there are any specific changes that need to take nursing students in different govt. place? institutions. I worked as a Reader in Ans. Opportunity for higher education has become veryWest Bengal Govt. College of Nursing, Kolkata before my competitive and expensive also. More and more colleges ofretirement from Government service. In between I have also nursing in government sector should be opened.worked as the Secretary, Indian Nursing Council for a period Q. How did you find the Gyandeeps initiatives like Principalsof about 1 year 4 months. I believe that any student with Meet, students scholarship programme etc, and anyaverage intelligence can achieve success in nursing feedback on this?profession if she develops little bit of love towards it. Ans. Principals meet brought a change in our day to day busyPersonally I enjoy teaching and am willing to help students in schedule. We were informed about your publications also.any extent to make them succeed. Students scholarship programme was unique. I am sure youQ. What is the vision statement of this college? And how does will carry on these types of programmes in fit in with your personal educational philosophy? Q. Favorite Quotation:Ans. Our parent hospital Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital Ans. "Purity, patience, and perseverance are the threeis a renowned hospital in Kolkata and nursing care demands essentials to success and, above all, love."of the patients of this hospital are very high. We haveestablished the college to provide best possible care basedon recent scientific knowledge and principles and our mottois providing service with excellence.Q. What has been your experience with the presentcurriculum? How are you utilizing this experience at thecollege?Ans. I feel the present nursing curriculums are quiteadequate. More emphasis is given on clinical practice so thatthe students gain expertise in patient care rather thanbookish knowledge only. We are sending our students tovarious clinical fields to get hands on experience in caringvarious groups of clients. I believe that this type of curriculumwill ultimately motivate the students to become a clinicianrather than a class room teacher.Q. What are the important methods and inputs that can helpteachers impart excellence in education to their students?Ans. Teachers should follow the philosophy of patientoriented teaching in clinical fields more and more and alsoupdate their knowledge and skills through various continuingeducation programmes.Q. What facilities are available in your college to help thestudents stay updated with the latest research and news intheir field of study?Ans. Students are given very good facilities in our institute.Students may remain updated through the college librarywhich is adequately equipped with books, journals,newsletters, newspapers and unlimited internet facility.DID YOU KNOW???When you take a step, you are using up to 200 muscles. 3|
  • 4. New Releases Title: Management of Nursing Title: Mosbys Comprehensive Review of Services and Education Nursing for the NCLEX-RN® Edition: 1st Examination Author: I. Clement Edition: 20th ISBN: 9788131228111 Author: Nugent ©Year: 2012 ISBN: 9788131231173 Price: `395.00 ©Year: 2011 Price: `1750.00 Title: Understanding Nursing A classic resource that has helped nurses pass the NCLEX exam for over 60 ® Research years, Mosbys Comprehensive Review of Nursing for the NCLEX-RN Examination,20th Edition is fully updated to reflect the newest NCLEX-RN test Edition: 5th plan. Content review is presented in a concise and full-color outline format Author: Nancy Burns organized by the core areas of medical-surgical, pediatric, maternity/womens ISBN: 9788131230428 health, and mental health nursing, with a practice test following each unit. ©Year: 2011 More than 4,200 practice questions and rationales -- including more than 600 Price: `795.00 questions in the newest alternate item formats -- are written by a team of trusted NCLEX experts led by author Patricia M. Nugent. A companion CD enhances your NCLEX review by allowing you to customize quizzes and exams and download audio review summaries of key content. Title: Mosby’s Nursing Drug Reference 2012 Edition: 25th Author: Linda Skidmore-Roth Answers to gyandeep quiz ISBN: 9788131230848 (Oct-Dec issue) ©Year: 2011 v Lister - antiseptic surgery Joseph Price: `1075.00 Alexander Fleming - penicillin v v Barnard - heart transplant Christian v Harvey - blood circulation William Louis Pasteur - pasteurization v v Jenner - small pox vaccination Edward v Koch - microbiology Robert gyandeep quiz 1. Which of the following drugs precipitate depression? a) Reserpine b) Clonidine c) Methyldopa d) All of the above (answer) 2. A hypothesis which a researcher tries to disprove is: a) Research hypothesis b) Null hypothesis(answer) c) Alternate hypothesis d) Positive hypothesis 3. Which of these are not retroperitoneal? a) Inferior vena cava b)Spleen( answer) c) Ascending colon d) Rectum e)Descending colon 4. Which of these values does not exhibit the contraction characteristics of smooth muscles? a) Slow b) Periodic c) Incessant (answer) d) Protracted 5. What is the most common cause of hyperkalaemia? a) Metabolic acidosis b) Hypoaldosteronism c) Renal impairment (Answer) d) Insulin deficiency Send your answers to our email id: You may also send your response through SMS. For this, type: GD112<space><Your name><space><ans1><ans2><ans3><ans4><ans5> (e.g. GD112 Priyanka Jain abcda) and send it to +91-8527 422 622 Join us on facebook For any query contact: Priyanka Jain |4 ELSEVIER, A Division of Reed Elsevier India Pvt. Ltd. 14th Floor, Building No.10B, DLF Cyber City, Phase-II, Gurgaon, Haryana-122002. INDIA Tel: +91-124-4774312, Fax: +91-124-4774100. Website: E-mail: