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Gyankosh newsletter-apr-jun-2012-final

  1. 1. Issue April - June 2012 CommuniqueMessage from the Chief Custodian News from the Digital World..!! Elsevier Health Dear Gyankosh member, Sciences recently We have something to celebrate launched Worlds First this season. While we all know Clinical Insight Engine that one of the great things about CLINICALKEY for librarians is that they are Faster Search Smarter lifelong learners, we also Answers. acknowledge the fact that they CLINICALKEY is not just Smarter search. Faster answers. play a vital role in encouraging a conventional clinical all around them to learn. And search engine, but a so, we at Elsevier Health clinical insight engine Sciences are always striving to designed to specifically address your 3 key search requirements: aid your efforts in bridging the Comprehensive, Trusted and Speed to Answer.information gap. We, at Elsevier value your continuing Comprehensive and Trusted- Reducing the Risk of Clinical Errorsupport and association with us. ALL Elsevier Medical and Surgical Journals including Clinics of NorthThrough its leadership and participation in technological America (500+)innovations, Elsevier has been playing a significant role in ALL Elsevier Medical and Surgical Reference Books (900+)the advent and continuing development of best-in-class ALL Elsevier Medical and Surgical Procedure Videos (12000+) andelectronic resources helping make life easier and more much more…productive for librarians, scholars and practitionersworldwide. Putting innovative, high-quality educationaltools where they are needed most in the hands of todays Speed To Answer- Elsevier Smart Content for Quicker, More Relevanteducators and the students who will be tomorrows Smarter Searcheshealthcare professionals is just one of Elseviers enduring ClinicalKey is the only online clinical tool with Smart Content, ensuringcontributions to health and science. it delivers answers that are more clinically relevant than those provided by conventional clinical search engines.Our new global product, ClinicalKey has been successfullylaunched across various regions in the country; and we are vContent is created when searchable content is mapped Smartdelighted with the response from the health care to a taxonomy classifying the meaning of terms in theprofessionals. Another product, ExpharmPro, a computer contentassisted learning package containing five programs which v ClinicalKey creates clinical Smart Content by mappingsimulate animal experiments in Pharmacology, has gained searchable journal, book, image and video content tomuch appreciation and is seen as a potential enhancement to Elseviers proprietary taxonomy, EMMeT (Elsevier Mergedsome of the animal experiments conducted across campuses Medical Taxonomy)today. Thank you all for the much appreciation and feedback v understands the meaning of searchable content, EMMeTon our offerings. We hope you would connect and allowing ClinicalKey to discover related content missed bycollaborate with our newer initiatives too. keyword searches on conventional clinical search enginesAs we mentioned in our earlier newsletter issue as well,Elsevier Gyankosh would like to partner up in organizing CLINICALKEY has been designed and developed after an extensiveLibrarians Meets across the country. You can send us your global research conducted which had more than 2,000 leadingproposals at medical consultants across the World. Launched on 10th April 2012 globally, CLINICALKEY was launched in India at 4 grand launch eventsWe request you to stay connected to us and let us know how in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai.we can actuate this Gyankosh programme further tocontribute more to your community. So far CLINICALKEY has received rave reviews and ELSEVIER is initiating institution wide FREE TRIALS.Regards, INCREASE YOUR INSTITUTIONAL USAGE & GET CLINICALKEY FOR 60 DAYS FREE..!! Institutions currently subscribing to MD CONSULT or JOURNALS CONSULT platform stands a chance to get a 60 DAYS FREE TRIAL if their current usage for the period of 1st Aug to 31st Oct 2012 is 25%Ajit Sharma more from the previous year during the same period.Chief Custodian Besides, the librarian not only gets felicitated but stands a chance toElsevier Gyankosh WIN exciting Prizes..!! Write to us at: to learn more or contact our representative Gunjan Hajela at +91-9971946622 |1
  2. 2. Robert Gorter (E-sales & Marketing Director APAC, Elsevier),ClinicalKey Unlocks the Next-Gen Rohit Kumar (MD, Elsevier South Asia) were among the esteemed panelists who occupied the dais and gave their valuable feedbackInformation Age in India on ClinicalKey.The ClinicalKey Launch in India was a huge success, creating ClinicalKey user, Dr. Medha Joshi from Tata Memorial Hospital,quite a buzz and left guests inspired to know more. It was well Mumbai gave a detailed feedback of the product. "If we appreciateattended by eminent members of medical fraternity ranging the time that clinicians and practitioners spend on patient carefrom Medical Superintendents, Practicing Consultants, and browsing through latest academic content, we would thenElsevier Authors, Librarians and PG students. The product, know the relevance and significance of ClinicalKey. This is indeedlaunched in 4 major metropolitan cities of India including fast and a smarter search at half of the time. We cannot rely onDelhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai, saw an excitement Google or plain search engines. How relevant is the information,and interest that was unmatched and unparalleled in the field who knows? But with ClinicalKey you are sure!"of health sciences. The august The launch function in Mumbaigathering witnessed an was also clubbed with theintroduction presentation of felicitation ceremony duringClinicalKey, followed by the live which the Elseviers esteemeddemonstration of the product. customers who have completedThe feedback sessions were 5 years of relationship withinteresting and exciting with Elseviers E-Products werethe audience promptly asking awarded. A special mementoquestions and getting their was given to JASLOKqueries resolved immediately. HOSPITAL for being the FirstThe event in Delhi was chaired ClinicalKey Customer of Southby Dr. Nimesh Desai (Director, Asia.Institute of Human Behavior ClinicalKey draws answersAllied Sciences), Dr. Mrinalini from the largest collection ofChaturvedi (Medical Director, clinical resources, coveringCyrobanks), Dr. M. Venugopal every medical and surgical(Medical Superintendent, specialty-eliminatingSwami Dayanand Hospital), physicians reliance on lessDr. Ravindra Chaturvedi (HOD accurate sources. ClinicalKeysAnesthesiology, AFMC Pune). In Mumbai we had Padma Shri content includes more than 700 textbooks and 400 top medicalDr. G.S. Sainani (Senior Pediatrician, Jaslok Hospital), Dr. journals, providing the most current clinically relevant evidence-R.K. Dikshit (Dean, B.J. Medical College, Ahmadabad); In based answers, as well as expert commentary, MEDLINEChennai, Dr Radha Rajagopal (Director, Medical Education, abstracts and select third-party journals. It is a part of ElseviersApollo Hospitals), V. Chockalingham (Professor Cardiology, continuing efforts to help clinicians improve quality and efficiencyDr. MGR Medical University), Dr. Thamizh Chelvan (Secretary through the smarter use of healthcare information. Along withIDA Tamil Nadu), Dr. Shaw Nawaj Khan (Medical Elseviers other clinical, educational and administrativeSuperintendent, ACS Medical College & Hospital) and in resources, ClinicalKey enhances workflow without disruption andBangalore, Dr. Rohit Shetty (Vice chairman, Narayana ultimately helps physicians deliver better patient outcomes.Nethralaya), Dr. Sriprakash KS (Vice chancellor, RGUHS), Elsevier Clinical Advisory Board (ECAB) launches the book "Understanding Male Infertility” The most recent ECAB Obstetrics and Gynaecology book "Understanding Male Infertility" was released amid much fan fare in a symposium on Genital Tuberculosis in Indian Habitat Centre on 12th May. The book was released by Dr. Behram Anklesaria, Chairperson ICOG (Indian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists), the academic body of FOGSI (Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India). Dr. Anklesaria commended the efforts of the Editors Dr. Sonia Malik and Dr. Ashok Agarwal in bringing together not just the cutting edge advances of internationally acclaimed practitioners in this field but also the equally relevant Indian perspectives ofsome of the leading infertility specialists from our country. The book has also received accolades from Dr. Botros RMB Rizk, Medicaland Scientific Director, USA IVF Program, Alabama and Dr. Dhiraj Gada, Member of Board of Directors and Scientific Committee,International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS) who have foreworded the book along with Dr. Anklesaria. Other dignitaries present at the event were Dr. Ashok Kumar, Deputy Director General, Central TB Division of Ministry of Health andFamily Welfare-Government of India; Dr. Kuldeep Jain, President, Indian Fertility Society; and Dr. Chitra Raghunandan, President,Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Delhi. According to these and other eminent Infertility specialists present at theoccasion, this book has addressed the practically applicable and desirable aspects of the very relevant and often underexplored part ofinfertility treatment in males. 2|
  3. 3. 4. What do you like the best/least about your work?In conversation with: I am very satisfied with my job. I am able to work with some really interesting Health Professionals. Because working with people is my strength, the paperwork really bogged me down at times. 5. What type of research and which source do you Mr. Khalid Nadeem Khan refer to before ordering for books? (Library, Faculty of Dentistry, l experts Subject Jamia Millia Islamia) l Students opinion l Web portal l Publishers promotional materials l Publishers Sales Team etc."Gyankosh is really helpful in keeping abreast of the latest 6. How can the librarian and teachers help each otherpublications and related information. Gyankosh is a good when it comes to enhancing the education of theeffort by Elsevier for librarians of Medical and Dental colleges students?all over India to suit their needs and build a storehouse of The collaboration between teachers and librarian is consideredknowledge by delivering world class information through essential in preparing students for a complex society where vasteffective innovative tools." amounts of information must be understood and managed. The1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Your professional guidelines encourage librarians to engage in own academic history and your job as a Librarian? collaboration with teachers to create a student-centered learningI have done M. Sc. (Physics) & B. Library & Information Science environment. The guidelines for the librarians also establish thefrom Jamia Millia Islamia (A Central University), New Delhi. I mission of Medical librarians: to ensure that students, staff, andhave completed PGDLAN from IGNOU. I have nearly 15 years others in the educational community are effective users of ideasexperience at different positions at different institutions starting and information. This is in line with the changing roles offrom India Meteorological Department, Department of Science librarians. The collaboration between the stakeholders i.e. theand Technology (Ministry of Earth Science), Govt. of India. students, teachers and the librarians is a must for proper functioning of the library as the lack of the clarity about2. What do you think is unique about your college collaboration and the development of collaborative library? relationships between teachers and librarians leads toOurs is a new Library so we update collection as per syllabus as underutilization of the library resources and improperwell as reference documents also. We have lots of Research acquisition.Journals in print form as well as Electronic form. The Library has 7. How do you keep yourself updated about the latestnew concept for proper use of library by having three different library management practices?places for different types of users. The first space is specificallyreserved for scholarly discussion on a round table at reception l Conferences & WorkshopsHall; another space is for book reading with open access stacks. l Research ArticlesWe have separate space for Print periodicals with reading space. l Promotional Materials by VendorsWe have audio visual room & Computer/Internet Laboratory. l Web PortalsThis is fully automated library with equipped LIBSYS software. l Interaction with peers.3. What according to you are the new roles of medical 8. Whats the number one archiving challenge that you libraries and librarians in India: Opportunities and might be facing in your library today? challenges? At the moment, we dont face any such problem as we haveThis is information explosion era. The beginning of the 21st sufficient resources for the same.century has seen a surge in interest for health care information 9. What community associations are you part of, andtechnology based on its ability to demonstrate improvements in how often do you participate in librarian meets,the quality, safety, and cost-efficiency of health care. In forums and community events?particular, while most attention has been paid to the exemplarleaders in health information technology, less attention has been lMALAIfocused on the issue of the workforce necessary to sustain the lICMR-NIC Centre for Biomedical Informationsystems to achieve their vision. The discipline of medical lMEDLARinformatics requires sufficient attention to the professional 10. Words you live by:workforce that will deploy systems outside the informatics Great libraries have always looked to both the future and theresearch setting so that they are benefited by the large past.acquisition effectively. Must Have in your Library Hutchisons Clinical Methods, 23rd Edition by Michael Glynn , MA , MD , FRCP , FHEA , ILTM and William M Drake , DM FRCP Hutchisons Clinical Methods, first published over a century ago, is the classic textbook on clinical skills. It provides an outstanding source of learning and reference for undergraduate medical students and postgraduate doctors. It seeks to teach an integrated approach to clinical practice, so that new methods and investigations are grafted onto established patterns of clinical practice, rather than added on as something extra. ISBN: 9780702040924 | Price: £11.49 3|
  4. 4. From the shelves of Elsevier Health Sciences Clear Descriptions And Explanations Of Human Embryonic Development For Easy Gyankosh Issue: Comprehension Jan-March12 Title: Textbook of Clinical Embryology Answer to Gyankosh Riddle: Harvard Author: Vishram Singh University Library founded in 1638. ISBN: 9788131230480 Price: `495.00 The Solved Quest : 5 3 2 8 1 7 6 4 Gyankosh Quiz #12.2 Q: What organ is inflamed when one has encephalitis? Title: SHAFER’S TEXTBOOK OF ORAL TITLE: ORAL PATHOLOGY, 6/e Q: Where does the embryo implant itself in a tubal PATHOLOGY, 7/e Author: Regezi pregnancy? Author: R. Rajendran ISBN: 9788131232811 ISBN: 9788131230978 Price: `1645.00 Q: How many of every 10 victims infected by the Price: `1395.00 Ebola virus will die in two days? Q: What brain operation was tried first on a confused 63-yuar-old female at George Washington Hospital in 1956? Q: What does the "myo" mean in myocardial? Gyankosh Riddle: Theres one sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends. What is it? Send your answers at: or SMS GK <yourname> <space> <answer> to Title: GRAYS BASIC ANATOMY, IE Title: LASTS ANATOMY: REGIONAL with STUDENT CONSULT AND APPLIED, 12/e IE +91-8527622422 Author: Drake Author: Sinnatamby ISBN: 9780808924456 ISBN: 9780702033940 Price: $40.00 Price: £18.99 Join us on facebook For any query contact: Priyanka Jain |4 ELSEVIER, A Division of Reed Elsevier India Pvt. Ltd. 14th Floor, Building No.10B, DLF Cyber City, Phase-II, Gurgaon, Haryana-122002. INDIA Tel: +91-124-4774312, Fax: +91-124-4774100. Website: E-mail: