Gyankosh                             Communique                       Issue 2 : April, 2010Message from the Chief Custodia...
Around the World: Book FairElsevier at the 19th World Book Fair 2010, New Delhi.                                          ...
In conversation with...                                                   A: A well equipped computerized               di...
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Gyankosh Newsletter (April - Jun Issue)


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Topics covered: ECAB: Providing invaluable information continuously; Elsevier at 19th World Book Fair 2010; Losing sleep, losing brain?; Interview: In conversation with Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Librarian Hi8machal Institure of Dental Sciences, Himachal Pradesh.

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Gyankosh Newsletter (April - Jun Issue)

  1. 1. Gyankosh Communique Issue 2 : April, 2010Message from the Chief Custodian Providing invaluable information. Continuously. Thank you for making Gyankosh Elsevier Clinical Advisory Board a resounding (ECAB) India. Making knowledge work for you. success. As a librarian you pride yourself on being Dear Gyankosh member, up to date on matters of critical interest to We are pleased to welcome faculty and students at your institution. After you to the second issue all your institutions library is, by and large,of Gyankosh. Our first issue was a great success, the main source of their knowledge, which I N D I Athanks to all of you who have taken to this programme is why you need access to the latest and the best by way of resources and information inwith energy and enthusiasm. Thank you. a variety of general and specialist fields.We are happy to report that we have had an Clinical information and knowledge you can depend on.impressive number of enrollments. Till date, we have ECAB clinical updates provide valuable, unbiased, peer-reviewed,more than 500 librarians enrolled in our Gyankosh need-based content created by specialists to add an edge to clinicalprogramme, from recognised institutions in your practice.sphere of specialisation. We look forward to havingmore of you join us in the near future. ECAB covers 33 topics and ECAB offers: has been responsible for 27 √ Seven specialties in printWe would also like to convey our appreciation on the books and projects in 2008, √ Indian origin journalsfeedback we have received from you and others in the 50 in 2009. It has already soldfraternity. This very positive response has enabled us more than 80,000 books. √ Topics from recent conferences:to take on board your concerns and matters of • Well-researched disease The relevance of ECAB.interest, enabling us to better serve your needs and conditions ECABs Clinical Updates arerequirements. • Topics of epidemiological integral to Elseviers aim to fill relevanceWe would also like to direct your attention to our web the information gap, especiallysite: for clinical practitioners in South-Asian countries. The idea is to present locally relevant, updatedCustomised to suit the needs of the Indian medical clinical information on subjects within a specialty - based on thoroughprofessional, this web-site is user-friendly and offers research into local data along with perspectives from national experts.information on new publications categorized bysubject and consults on a range of specializations, ECABs content is contributed primarily by specialty members themselves, with valuable contributions by national experts. Theto name a few of the features and benefits available. chapters often include specially designed algorithms by the authorsWe look forward to your continued feedback and to suit the local practice scenario and patient case records.interaction with the Gyankosh programme. ECAB provides clinical updates on a range of specialtiesYours sincerely, including: • Obstetrics & Gynaecology • Cardiology • Diabetology • Gastroenterology/Hepatology • Orthopaedics • PediatricsAjit K Sharma • NephrologyChief Custodian, Gyankosh An all-important process of peer-review is built into this system forElsevier Health Sciences, India unbiased evaluation of the content quality and relevance.
  2. 2. Around the World: Book FairElsevier at the 19th World Book Fair 2010, New Delhi. The launch of the website was presided WBF is targeted at readers and over by Mr. Vasant Sathe, former Union publishers to make them more aware Minister, as the Chief Guest and about new arrivals Mr. Rohit Kumar, Managing Director, Mr. Vikas Kapoor Elsevier Health Sciences, as the Guest Director Sales, Elsevier Health Sciences of Honour. students of leading medical and Online Bookstores in India are now engineering institutes, publishers seeking translation and distribution poised to become the “Amazon” of rights, librarians looking for the right India. The trick is to be able toThe New Delhi World Book Fair, books and journals, parents in search efficiently combine internet with a solidorganized by the National Book Trust, of a career for their children, students order fulfillment model and adopt aIndia, is the biggest book fair in the wanting to take a step further into theAfro-Asian Region and attracts fascinating world of science. robust click and mortar approach.exhibitors both from India and abroad. For students appearing in Post- Mr. Rohit KumarThe publishing scenario in Graduate Medical and Dental Entrance Managing Director, Elsevier Health Sciencescontemporary India has come a long exams, seeking PG admission inway over the last few decades, institutes of excellence like AIIMS and carries features such asdeveloping in diverse directions. In fact, JIPMER, Elsevier’s guides in 4 volumes book search – by author, category,India ranks third in the publication of entitled PGMEE and PGDEE with book title etc. It offers book lovers theEnglish books, immediately after the provision for mock tests are a best buy. option of browsing and searchingUSA and the UK. In keeping with the fast growing trend through a wide variety of Indian andElsevier and Scientific, Technical & of accessing, sourcing and buying all Foreign books across over 600Medical publishing in India kinds of books online, categories; buy the same at theThe stalls of STM publishers at Hall No was also launched at World Book convenience of a mouse click; and get6 were crowded with the faculty and Fair’10, New Delhi. free shipping anywhere in India.Losing Sleep, Losing Brain? insomnia may be another condition they have in the region involved in associated with reduced cortical pleasantness evaluation, which may volume. also be important for the recognition Using a specialized technique called of optimal comfort to fall asleep," voxel-based morphometry, Ellemarije explained Altena. She added, Altena and Ysbrand van der Werf from “Our group previously showed that the research group of Eus van Someren insomniacs have difficulties with evaluated the brain volumes of persons recognizing optimal comfort. These with chronic insomnia who were findings urge further investigation into otherwise psychiatrically healthy, and the definition of subtypes of insomnia compared them to healthy persons and their causal factors, for which weA new study published in Biological without sleep problems. They found that have now initiated the NetherlandsPsychiatry links insomnia to grey matter insomnia patients had a smaller volume Sleep Registry.”in brain Philadelphia, PA, 27 January of gray matter in the left orbitofrontal Dr. John Krystal, Editor of Biological2010 - Chronic and severely stressful cortex, which was strongly correlated Psychiatry, commented, that “insomniasituations, like those connected to with their subjective severity of is a common feature of nearly everydepression and post-traumatic stress insomnia. psychiatric condition associated withdisorder, have been associated with “We show, for the first time, that reduced cortical volume; in fact, it is asmaller volumes in “stress sensitive” insomnia patients have lower grey common symptom of psychiatricbrain regions, such as the cingulate matter density in brain regions involved disorders or high levels of life stress,region of the cerebral cortex and the in the evaluation of the pleasantness of generally. The study by Altena andhippocampus, a brain region involved stimuli, as well as in regions related to colleagues suggests that there arein memory formation. A new study, the brains resting state. The more additional risks of not treatingpublished by Elsevier in Biological severe the sleeping problems of insomnia, such as detrimental effectsPsychiatry, suggests that chronic insomniacs, the less grey matter density on the microstructure of the brain.”
  3. 3. In conversation with... A: A well equipped computerized dissemination of information) and library with adequate library support exhibitions are very effective tools in and access to online journals arousing the interest of library attracts students and teachers. users. Qualified and well-trained staff is a big plus point. Students have started using the internet Q: How do you develop and maintain a library collection that will meet for research, but books and journals the needs of the students and remain irreplaceable as they use it to faculty?Mr. Sandeep Kumar build strong fundamentals A: With the help of teachers, weLibrarian, Himachal Institute of Dental Sciences determine what material the libraryPaonta Sahib, Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh lacks and we keep teachers Q: Does your college library subscribe continuously updated by sending to online journals? them a monthly list of additions.Q: Does your vision of a college library A: Yes, we subscribe to online journals Enquiries made by students about fall within your philosophy of related to dentistry. We have new releases are factored-in. education? subscribed to a database service Q: How can the librarian and teachers (worth Rs. 3 lakhs)A: Education is a life-long process and work better together? How often do everyone passes through this Q: What do you think is unique about you interact with the teachers about process in two forms: formal and your college library? their requirements and new books? informal education. The library A: Our library has about 5000 books, plays a vital role by helping people A: Librarians attend monthly faculty including reference books. A pursue both these forms. meetings which assess books and computer lab with internet facility. journal requirements according to The library remains the great Our teaching and library staff are the curriculum. conservator of learning. Quality co-operative and supportive. Plus education is impossible without a This helps to support teaching the central location and timings of quality library. programmes through relevant text the library as well as the books and reference materials. This experienced library staff all go intoQ: What is the role of the librarian in a also helps to stay in constant touch giving a certain relevance and college setting? What changes do with research problems and distinction to our library. you hope to bring to the library? methods of teaching.A: The librarian has a definite role to Q: Do you find that your budget is Q: How do you encourage students to being stretched between finding play in the promotion of higher read? resources for computerization and studies in society. There are many educationists who are convinced getting the relevant text books? about the indispensability of the The Gyankosh programme is a A: Our library budget is focused services of a trained librarian. knowledge oriented program. Through towards database of journals, The librarian and his staff can Gyankosh, we can disseminate library periodicals and books. create curiosity amongst students, Q: When it comes to deciding how to related information which is very useful encouraging them to find more spend the budget you have, what references on a specific topic. This in our daily life as librarians. are the factors that come into play? creates a sense of self-dependence A: There is a library committee set up in students in the pursuit of higher A: With an orientation tour of the for this. The Committee is headed studies. library we help students to use the by the Principal and the Librarian is I want to maintain a state-of-the-art library effectively. We also the Secretary. Other members are library with internet facilities and encourage them to participate in from the faculty. The budget add more reference and seminars on reference database, allocation is based on the number bibliography tools. user profiles, document profile, etc. of proposed additions, new releasesQ: What kind of library attracts Library services like CAS (Current in each segment and the current students and faculty? awareness services), SDI (Selected requirement of the students.Innovation at ElsevierUnderstand that the budget reveals the true strategic planOne might think that a strategic plan sets an organization’s priorities. In reality, however, a strategic plan is meaningless unlessit is used to decide on which activities to fund and to what degree they are funded. This is because one must have resources toimplement the strategic plan’s priorities. For example, if a plan’s highest priority is to replace old furniture with new, but if nomoney is budgeted for that, then that part of the plan might as well not exist. It is the allocation of funds in the budget, not thewords in a strategic plan, that demonstrate what one’s true priorities are.
  4. 4. Gyankosh Help Desk: Must-haves! Title: Oral Radiology: Principles and Interpretation 6th Ed. Author: White Year: 2009 ISBN: 9788131219775 Price: Rs.1245.00We would like to hear from you.Your feedback is of great importance to us and it helps us to better Title: Short cases inserve your needs. We look forward to your queries, suggestions Clinical Medicineand comments about : 4th Ed. How to improve the Gyankosh programme Author: Abdullah 1 Year: 2010 2 Books and journals related information ISBN: 9788131221990 3 How to improve the next issue of Gyankosh newsletter Price: Rs. 695.00To contact us, please call: 011-46074929 Title: Robbins & Cotrans Pathologic Basis of 011-41664558 SMS on 9560136060 Disease 8th Ed. Author: Kumar Year: 2010 I’m really happy that now there is one contact ISBN: 978813124915 point where we will have access for our books and Price: Rs. 1745.00 periodicals requirement. Mr Nikhil, Librarian, Hazaribagh College of Dental Sciences, JharkhandBrain Teasers! The Gyankosh Quiz. Gyankosh Quiz # 1 Results We thank you for the overwhelmingTake this quick and snappy quiz with your friends and colleagues and response to the first quiz. Your enthusiasmwin exciting prizes. Fax or email us the answers and a lucky draw will and support makes for a warmdecide the winner! welcome to your community.1. Visceral muscle is also called Cardiac muscle Smooth muscle Skeletal muscle2. The longest section of the digestive tube is Ist Winner Small intestine Stomach Large intestine Ms. Janet Lobo Fr Muller Charitable3. The largest gland in the body is the Institutions, Mangalore Thyroid Pituitary Liver4. The total number of bones in the human body 2nd Winner 3rd Winner 206 300 200 Mr. Humayoon Kabeer Mr. S.K.Tyagi Govt. Medical College Subharti Medical College5. The longest bone in the human body is Thrissur Meerut Neck bone Collar bone Thigh Bone Answers to Quiz #1:1. Ears 2. 8000 tastebuds 3. Leukocytes6. How many calories does water contain? 4. To the arms 5. Cancer 6. None 7. November 14 50 100 None 8. Windpipe 9. Swine Flu 10. All the above Elsevier, a division of Reed Elsevier India Private Limited 14th floor, Building No. 10B, DLF Cyber City, Phase-II, Gurgaon, Haryana, India-122002 Tel: +91-124-4774444 Fax: +91-124-4774100 E-mail: Website: