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The impact of digitization on libraries, a talk for Swedish librarians at the 2013 'Future of the Library' conference.

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  • Goed verhaal! en zeker niet alleen toepasbaar op bibliotheken. Trend herkenbaar voor meer producten en processen ook binnen bedrijven die door andere vorm ook een ander doel of doelgroep kunnen dienen.
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20130130 paper and beyond def

  1. 1. Paper and BeyondThe impact of digitization on library servicesElsbeth Kwant, 30 january 2013 Twitter: @ElsbethK
  2. 2. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012
  3. 3. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012
  4. 4. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012
  5. 5. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012
  6. 6. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012
  7. 7. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012
  8. 8. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012Koninklijke Bibliotheek9th century: first pictureof ‘Dutch’ people
  9. 9. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012Technology1450’s: Invention of theprinting press
  10. 10. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012Koninklijke Bibliotheek1798: Foundation of theNational Library
  11. 11. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012Koninklijke Bibliotheek1980: Start LibraryAutomation
  12. 12. Koninklijke BibliotheekPaper and Beyond 30-1-2012 KB webservice: 1993 - 1998: Gopher
  13. 13. TechnologyPaper and Beyond 30-1-2012 1994 : First search engines
  14. 14. Koninklijke BibliotheekPaper and Beyond 30-1-2012 KB webservice: 1994 - 1998
  15. 15. TechnologyPaper and Beyond 30-1-2012 Google Beta 1998
  16. 16. Koninklijke BibliotheekPaper and Beyond 30-1-2012 KB webservice: 1998-2002
  17. 17. TechnologyPaper and Beyond 30-1-2012 2001: Launch of Wikipedia
  18. 18. 2002-2004Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012
  19. 19. 2004-2009Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012
  20. 20. TechnologyPaper and Beyond 30-1-2012 2007: Introduction Iphone, 2010 Ipad
  21. 21. Koninklijke BibliotheekPaper and Beyond 30-1-2012 KB webservice: 2009-?
  22. 22. 1980’s Start of Library Automation Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012 Around 800: The first manuscripts in Dutch1798: Foundation ofthe KB 1477: The first printed book in the Netherlands
  23. 23. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012
  24. 24. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012
  25. 25. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012
  26. 26. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012 1994: Decision to start an electronic deposit system Preserving the records of national textual heritage Preserving the records of international science
  27. 27. Paper and Beyond 30-1-20121995: First digitization projects2009: Decision to digitize ‘everything Dutch’Providing maximal access to researchers and the general public
  28. 28. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012 2012: Decision to build a National Digital Library Coordinating library efforts in the Netherlands for academic and public libraries.
  29. 29. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012Impact on KB* Change of focus: from a hard-copy academic library with a focus on the Netherlands to a Digital National Library with a focus on researchers in ten years* We are playing a different ball-game: we plan to digitize 8 million pages this year. At such a scale you need a very professional organization, because mistakes have a great impact
  30. 30. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012Impact on front-office* Change of focus from visitors onsite to visitors online* Time spent on copyright issues and digital rights management has grown significantly* Patron-driven acquisition means we collect reference works for use not for preservation* Increased focus on value and efficiency
  31. 31. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012Impact on servicesWe see services as the place where our data meets peoples needs* Not necessarily KB-services anymore* Not necessarily webservices anymore (other platforms)* Sharing data with third parties to be part of the network that comprises the information landscape for users
  32. 32. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012
  33. 33. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012Impact on servicesWe see services as the place where our data meets peoples needs* Not necessarily webservices anymore (apps)
  34. 34. We aim to open up our unmediated data to third parties (Europeana, The European Library, researchinfrastructures)
  35. 35. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012 We aim to open up our mediated data* to third parties (for instance through widgets) Mediated data = context All data that have required human effort to make: selections (exhibitions, thematic selections) & edited content (articles)
  36. 36. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012Increased focus on valueValue of services in relation to:- Demand (Who’ll be happy if we do this?)- Strategy (How does it fit in with our general policy)- Cost-effectiveness (is the result worth the money)
  37. 37. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012Increased focus on efficiency* Not a new website for every dataset, but a clear distinction between components:Dataset + application + look & feel = service* A yearly evaluation of all services
  38. 38. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012Main goals* Creating a national platform for full-text discovery of Dutch books and periodicals (Searching in publications, full-text)* Letting users search for everything we can give access to (searching for publications, metadata)* Giving context and visibility to our collections through mediated content (specialized services, exhibitions, social networks)
  39. 39. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012
  40. 40. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012
  41. 41. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012A Library = a library = a library?Similarity in form does not mean similarity in function:• Public libraries: focus on community value• Research libaries: focus on supporting research• Business libaries: focus on supporting business• National libraries: focus on archiving national heritage
  42. 42. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012A book = a book = a book?Similarity in form does not mean similarity in function:• Reference works• Fiction• Picturebooks (cookery books)- For most types of research hard copy books will become obsolete- For reading it depends on usability of devices
  43. 43. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012Gartner’s Hype Cycle
  44. 44. Paper and Beyond 30-1-2012Knowledge is key to the future* Know what makes you unique* Stay curious about what’s happening around you* Combine these two to find your best road ahead* Once you’ve chosen it, don’t choose another too soon* It’s not about the technology but about the value for your users* Don’t try to predict the future, but make sure you can adapt to it.
  45. 45. Questions?Email: Elsbeth.Kwant@kb.nl - Twitter: @ElsbethK