Relationships: Is Family Conflict Always Bad?


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Are you fed up with conflict in your family? Do you want everyone to have peace? Read this article and discover how a peaceful family could in fact be a dysfunctional family.

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Relationships: Is Family Conflict Always Bad?

  1. 1. Copyright © Elsabe Smit 2010 Relationships: Is Family Conflict Always Bad? By Elsabe Smit, Author of It’s Over! Move On And Feel Good About YourselfAre you fed up with conflict in your family? Do you want everyone to have peace?Read this article and discover how a peaceful family could in fact be a dysfunctionalfamily.A wise man once said that if you have a family with no strife, no issues, no conflict, youshould be seriously concerned about the state of affairs.This was brought home to me again when I asked about the feeding of my new grand-daughter – is it breast or bottle? I deliberately asked the question because I wanted toencourage the mother to exercise her personal choice. I believe that a motherinstinctively knows what is good for her and her baby.I recently heard about a matriarch – a mother of five (including twins) andgrandmother of a handful – who is the oracle on motherhood, and nobody in her familywould dare contradict her on how to raise a child. She had obviously missed the pointthat no two children are the same, unless you wear blinkers.When a recent great-grandchild arrived, this oracle of motherhood insisted that thebaby had to be breastfed. As a result the poor new mother was forced to sit with thenew baby for seven hours so that she could learn to breastfeed.Can you imagine that anyone can be so cruel and destructive? This matriarch likes tobrag about how tight-knit her family is, and how they gather around her for all highdays and holidays. Whenever a decision needs to be made by a child, the oracle isconsulted – or rather they approach the matriarch for her verdict, which is followed tothe letter, for fear of the consequences.One person dared to contradict her and refused to follow her instructions, and was“excommunicated” on the spot and ignored by the rest of the family who are victims ofmass hypnosis and would never question the judgment of the matriarch.Then rather give me a family where the characters and their likes and dislikes are milesapart. I love to meet with my siblings whenever I can. We think in different ways, wehave developed different cultures in our immediate families, and we representextremes. This means we always have something to explore, and our argumentsalways end in love and understanding.Every family needs balance, and you cannot possibly have balance when everyone sitsCopyright © Elsabe Smit 2010
  2. 2. Copyright © Elsabe Smit 2010 www.TheIntuitionCoach.comon the same side of the see-saw. And when the matriarch sits on the high side of thesee-saw and the rest of the family sits in worship on the low side of the see-saw, thereis no balance.The only way for that family to have any balance, is to have a common “enemy” whichis the rest of the world. Anyone who dares to say that for example breastfeeding is anoption rather than the only option becomes part of the common enemy. Where afamily agrees on everything, I would wonder whether the family is really a healthyfamily. If you want to discover how to grow from the conflict in your family and have better family relationships, click on the links below to obtain your FREE e-book How Do I Get Out Of This Relationship? worth £6.97 AND A FREE copy of the video Why relationships Never Fail worth £8.87If you want to finally find some peace in your family and get on with your life, then clickon the link below to invest in the e-book It’s Over! Move On And Feel Good About Yourself By Elsabe Smit, The Intuition CoachCopyright © Elsabe Smit 2010