Its Over! Time To Move On And Claim Your Life Back


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Are you stuck in a dead-end relationship? Do you want to finally end a previous bad relationship and move on? Do this quiz and decide whether you need help to either clear the air or break up.

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Its Over! Time To Move On And Claim Your Life Back

  1. 1. It’s Over! Move On And Feel Good About Yourself by Elsabe Smit, The Intuition CoachMany people believe that a broken relationship indicates failure.People often carry negative emotions about broken relationships.Or they remain in a relationship with emotional abuse and feel depressed.Not dealing with a relationship breakup can result in you becomingstressed out and physically ill.Is that what you want for yourself?Has your relationship reached its end? Do you want to know how to dealwith relationship issues?Get some answers by doing the quiz below:Identify the issues, challenges and obstacles that are holding you back and preventingyou from achieving the answers, clarity and results you want in life. Answer each ofthe questions below, adding up all your YES responses. Yes NoHave you lost trust in a relationship? □ □Do you want to end a love relationship? □ □Ever wondered why a good relationship lose spark? □ □Do family relationships drive you crazy? □ □Do you have relationship issues to resolve? □ □Looking for relationship tips to improve your relationship? □ □Has your marriage relationship ended? □ □Do you want to recover from a broken relationship? □ □Do you have relationship questions that nobody can answer? □ □© Copyright 2010 Elsabe Smit 1
  2. 2. www.TheIntuitionCoach.comAre your relationships problems affecting your health? □ □Have you had past bad relationships? □ □Looking for relationship advice for men? □ □Do relationship books give you no answers? □ □Is a relationship breakup still hurting? □ □Do you want long distance relationships advice? □ □Have you been involved in codependent relationships? □ □Are you struggling to get away from controlling relationships? □ □Do past bad relationships haunt you? □ □Looking for love relationship advice? □ □Want to improve a husband wife relationship? □ □Want the best relationship advice? □ □Feeling quite emotional about a current or past relationship? □ □Are you emotionally involved with the wrong person? □ □Do you suffer from emotional abuse? □ □Concerned about having emotional abusers in your life? □ □Does your emotional health suffer because of your relationship? □ □Have you lost your emotional well being? □ □Are you looking for emotional healing? □ □Want to regain your emotional wellness? □ □Do you feel stifled and unhappy in your relationship? □ □Do you feel you are still attached to a past relationship? □ □© Copyright 2010 Elsabe Smit 2
  3. 3. www.TheIntuitionCoach.comDo you still have feelings of love for a past partner? □ □Are you feeling depressed because of your relationship? □ □Do you struggle with expressing feelings? □ □Did you leave a past relationship with bad feelings? □ □Are you ready to get some answers? □ □Add up your score and write down the number of YES answers. If you have more than5 YES answers, click on this link to get a solution from the new book Its Over! MoveOn And Feel Good About Yourself by Elsabe Smit, The Intuition Coach.You now have TWO options on how to get answers to you relationship questions.Option 1: Click on this link to get a FREE copy of the e-book How Do I Get Out OfThis Relationship? (worth £6.97) as well as the full video Why Relationships NeverFail (worth £8.87).Option 2: Click on this link to invest in the book Its Over! Move On And Feel GoodAbout Yourself and discover: ∞ Why we have love relationships. ∞ What a soul contract is and why it is formed. ∞ The importance of looking beyond the surface for the other side of the truth. ∞ The importance of self-love. ∞ Why you were born with “temporary amnesia”. ∞ How to get rid of the “temporary amnesia”. ∞ The three steps in resolving the emotions in your relationship. ∞ The importance of noticing emotional patterns and cycles in your life. ∞ How your life consists of a series of emotional spirals. ∞ What happens when you deal with your emotional spirals. ∞ What gratitude really means. ∞ What true Love really is. ∞ How you can experience true Love more often. ∞ What happens when you experience true Love. ∞ The impact moments of true Love will have on your relationship. ∞ How true Love changes your physical body. ∞ Why all relationships have a natural end. ∞ Why it is necessary to let go of a relationship when it has reached its natural end. ∞ The reasons why people hold on to bad relationships long after they have ended, and how to resolve those reasons.© Copyright 2010 Elsabe Smit 3
  4. 4. ∞ How to end a relationship with Love. ∞ How emotions such as guilt, resentment, regret and fear tie you to a bad relationship. ∞ How you make assumptions about your future and then make those assumptions come true. ∞ How limiting beliefs prevent you from taking action. ∞ How to end a bad relationship once and for all. ∞ How the nature of relationships is changing. ∞ How the Law of Change works. ∞ Why we need to focus on the purpose of a relationship rather than use the relationship as a crutch.Click on these links to ∝ Get a FREE copy of the e-book How Do I Get Out Of This Relationship? (worth £6.97) as well as the FREE full video Why Relationships Never Fail (worth £8.87) or ∝ Invest in the e-book Its Over! Move On And Feel Good About Yourself and find a way to move on and claim your life back.What was your score on the quiz on page 2, and what are you going to do about it? Click on to get solutions for your relationship issues.© Copyright 2010 Elsabe Smit 4