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Social Media Demand Generation
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Social Media Demand Generation

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  • Joe presents


  • 1. Webinar: Drive Demand with Social Media
    Twitter Hashtag: #SocialDemand
  • 2. Today’s panel…
    Bob Ellsworth
    Joe Chernov, Eloqua@jchernov
    Philip Crampe
    Manager SBLI@Crampee
    Laura Zexter
    TD Garden
    Jeff Pedowitz
    The Pedowitz Group@jpedowitz
  • 3. Social Media In 10 Minutes
    Joe Chernov, Director of Content, Eloqua
    Twitter Hashtag: #SocialDemand
  • 4. For B2B Marketers
  • 5. For B2C Marketers
  • 6. No Longer Adds Up
  • 7. The Consumer Is The Hub …
  • 8. … And The Influence Is Massive
  • 9. A New Model
    Updated image available.
    Please contact Eloqua for sharable infographic
  • 10. In Other Words, This …
  • 11. … Must Give Way To This
  • 12. First Understand Motivation …
    Reciprocity: People give value to get value
    Recognition: Status – social status – matters
    Efficacy: Desire to affect change
    Communion: Man is a social being
  • 13. … Then Think About Media
    Twitter good for real-time information sharing, reach
    Facebook Fan Pages good for brand personality, community
    LinkedIn good for role/topic relevance, community
    Delicious good for SEO, metadata
    SlideShare good for “thought leadership,” SEO
    Flickr good for staff enjoyment, SEO
    Blog good for staff engagement, SEO
    Geosocial good for event engagement, incentives
    Video good for viewer engagement, SEO
  • 14. Don’t do this:
    Share confidential information
    Spread rumors or criticize company, partners, clients or competitors
    Reveal personal information about colleagues (w/o explicit permission)
    Misrepresent yourself or employer – every online action is traceable to its source
    Do this:
    Listen: Best conversationalists listen more than talk
    Be authentic: You are a person, not an avatar
    Be consistent: Both in terms of your voice and your profiles
    Be gracious: Applauding others is good manners, on- and offline
    Disclose: Share any material affiliation (employer, client, etc.)
  • 15. TD Garden’s Social Success
    Laura Zexter, eBusiness, TD Garden
    Twitter Hashtag: #SocialDemand
  • 16. Social & Mobile fitting in…
    Beat Writing
    Text Programs
    Boston Bruins TV
    Live Blog
    Develop social media as an information gateway for our Boston Bruins & TD Garden marketing & communications group. An online forum where fans/patrons can interact with our beat writers, players and interactive promotions for our teams & venue; opening up the brand to an online energetic conversation. To adopt a presence in the space where our fans/patrons like to communicate, and to sustain our database business drivers.
  • 17. Strategy & Measures
    Enter Sweepstakes via SMS and monitor public perception with Sweet
    • Measure new opt-in records
    • 18. Ticket revenue per channel
    • 19. Lifetime value per:
    • 20. Active email subscriber
    • 21. Facebook page ‘like’
    • 22. Follower
    Enter via online form in Facebook Fantasy Application with form fields writing directly into Eloqua
  • 23. Continue To Experiment
    Technology and it’s social world has thrown us yet another challenge…
    …how do we get data around our fans that use the social media?
    Push out Campaigns that suit each social channel where you can capture information giving you small incremental adds to your database
    Survey & Profile to understand where your fans communicate
    …and what do we do with it?
    Leverage Twitter/Facebook to create buzz, extend promotions & push exclusive content adding more people to your social networks
    Measure, Measure, Measure; attempt to use your organizational standards & fine-tune them for your respective social media channels
  • 24. Generating Leads with New Technologies
    Phil Crampe, eCommerce Manager, SBLI
    Twitter Hashtag: #SocialDemand
  • 25. Marketing Optimization through Social Media
    Increase ROMIreturn on marketing investment:
    Reaching the right customers,
    at the right time,
    with the right offer and
    via the right channel.
  • 26. Marketing Optimization through Social Media
    Where are we?
    SBLI Social Assessment
    Where do our customers/prospects go?
    What do they do?
    What do they like?
  • 27. Marketing Optimization through Social Media
    What did we learn?
    State Average Friend count
    Index for social segments shows TX, TN, VA, CA and Colorado customers as highly social. Average friend count by states shows the outreach potential of each customer.
  • 28. Marketing Optimization through Social Media
    Translating this into action?
    In January, we ran with a Hockey promotion tied into a very popular hockey tournament
    Key Components included Text
    In game and on TV promotion
    Cut short due to other issues
    The results were amazing, even in a short period of time
    What success metrics do we use?
    What are we planning for the future?
    Programs with New England Patriots
    Programs with New Red Sox
  • 29. The Tools for Success
    What are the tools for success?
    Good tools for listening
    Try to extend the same principles you are employing today in terms of Marketing Best Practices
    Look for something that extends your systems that you have in place today
  • 30. Simple Truth
    You can always manufacture more products
    But you can’t manufacture more customers!
    Once your customers communicate with each other, it’s the customer experience that counts
    Thank you and good luck….
  • 31. RNC’s Social Push
    Bob Ellsworth, Senior Fellow of Technology, RNC
    Twitter Hashtag: #SocialDemand
  • 32. RNC’s Social Push
    Step 1: Cross channel communications
    • All assets have social interactions
    • 33. Ask for engagement whenever possible
    • 34. Provide rewards for interactions
  • RNC’s Social Push
    Step 2: Build Infrastructure
    • Eloqua as the Core Marketing Data System
    • 35. Pedowitz Sweet for social data
    • 36. Custom RNC Layer
    • 37. Data Warehouse
    • 38. Social Bomb
    • 39. GOP.AM
    • 40. Points Tracking
  • RNC’s Social Push
    Step 3: Track and Measure
    • Eloqua for impacts and email response
    • 41. Pedowitz Sweet for social tracking
    • 42. Widget tracking (proprietary)
    • 43. Points Tracking – integration via APIs
    • 44. Other social tracking tools:
    • 45. ShareThis
    • 46. Tynt
  • RNC’s Social Push
    Step 4: Learn and Engage
    • Data decides the content being delivered
    • 47. Push points rewards for social
    • 48. Pre-target prolific social contacts
    • 49. Create custom applications for Facebook and Twitter
  • Best Practices to Leverage Social Media for Demand Generation
    Jeff Pedowitz, President and CEO, The Pedowitz Group and
    Chief Sweet Officer – Sweet, Inc.
    Twitter Hashtag: #SocialDemand
  • 50. The World We are In Today
  • 51. Social Media Has to Make Sense
  • 52. Best Practices to Leverage Social Media for Demand Generation
  • 53. Best Practices to Leverage Social Media for Demand Generation
    There isn’t as much overlap as you might think
    Not all social media users are created equal
    The content needs to fit the medium
    Give them a reason to join and stay
  • 54. Conversations
    Remember the Golden Rule our parents taught us about listening
    The social media is a continuum of conversations, not just a one time thing
    “Oh….the noise” Look for the Bose Quite Comfort Headphones
    Best Practices to Leverage Social Media for Demand Generation
  • 55. Context
    Context is everything
    Don’t be John Mayer …”Waiting on the World to Change”
    Context can still be customizable
    Best Practices to Leverage Social Media for Demand Generation
  • 56. Converse
    “So, now what?”
    Take the “embrace and extend” approach
    Look for tools that work like the cable company
    Best Practices to Leverage Social Media for Demand Generation
  • 57. Measuring the Impact
  • 58. Contact:
    Jeff Pedowitz
    President and CEO
    The Pedowitz Group
  • 59. Q&A