Eloqua limelight case study


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Learn how Limelight Networks’ marketing team stole the show and found success by incorporating Eloqua.

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Eloqua limelight case study

  1. 1. Customer Success Story THE POWER TO SUCCEED. Limelight Networks Optimizes Marketing Programs With a Common View of Prospect Interest and Web Activity The ChallengeVital Stats: Limelight Networks Limelight Networks® is the content delivery provider for thousands of entertainment, technology, enterprise, and government entities around the world. The company’s content Headquarters: Tempe, AZ delivery network (CDN) powers many high profile sites, providing end users with live or on- Industry: Media Services demand video, music, games and content. Annual Revenue: $129.5 million The marketing team at Limelight needed a more efficient way to analyze marketing pro- gram performance. The company relies heavily on the insights provided by both Omniture and Eloqua to make smart decisions about marketing program and website optimization, but the silos of information created by the disparate systems were a barrier to maximizing marketing effectiveness. The Solution Understanding the digital body language of visitors—how they interact with the website and how they behave online—is absolutely critical for the Limelight Networks marketing team, but they also need to increase awareness of its products and services and drive demand. In order to follow the entire cycle of prospect behavior—from opening an email campaign sent by marketing to landing on the Limelight Networks website, browsing high value content pages, and eventually filling out or abandoning a form—Limelight had to look at the analytics provided by both Eloqua and Omniture independently and then draw correlations between campaign response and web activity. To make all this information more actionable, the team at Limelight implemented the Om- niture Genesis Integration with Eloqua. With a central repository for all web and campaign metrics, the team could measure and interpret the needs and interests of buyers from the point of origination to conversion. The integration provides a consolidated view of Eloqua campaign statistics and website analytics making it much easier for the team at Limelight to see a correlation between campaign response, form submissions, and web behavior, and highlights the impact email campaigns have on site traffic. “Omniture is critical to our business for website optimization, and we depend heavily on Eloqua for executing marketing campaigns. Having the ability to match up the metrics coming out of both systems was an instant win for our team,” says Keenan Rice, Manager, Online Marketing at Limelight. “Prior to leveraging the Eloqua/Omniture integration we
  2. 2. Case Study: Limelightspent a lot of time and energy collecting and analyzing the data from two separate sources – prospect web behavior from Omniture, and emailcampaign effectiveness from Eloqua. Now we’re able to look at a single dashboard, in Omniture – along with our closed loop marketing met-rics – and get access to every piece of intelligence we have to quickly make smart decisions on campaign optimization.”ConclusionThe team at Limelight is leveraging the integration with Eloqua and Omniture to increase adoption of both internal and external communi-cations. They can now track where a user goes and what path they follow after coming to the website from an Eloqua executed campaign,enabling the team to optimize content, messages, images and placement based on prospect behaviors. The consolidation of the datasets hasdriven increased efficiency for the marketing team and enables a more proactive approach to program and site optimization.“That’s one of the biggest benefits,” says Rice “the ability to see all our data side-by-side and immediately understand the impact marketingprograms are having on site traffic, as well as understanding the profile of our prospects based on web activity, allows us to react to the datafaster and optimize our programs for better results.”Marketers at Limelight have already been able to make optimization decisions to increase key success metrics through the data available fromthe integration. By seamlessly tracking the effectiveness and post click activity of specific campaigns they have been able to optimize con-tent to consistently increase conversion rates. In certain remarketing initiatives, they have measured consistent response rate increases from66% to as much as 266% based on understanding which elements of the email were driving conversions.Looking ahead, the team will look for new ways to leverage the data to improve campaign effectiveness and drive conversion. Being able tosee what users do after they receive a marketing campaign will allow the team to optimize very specific areas of the user experience. Forexample, the ability to see how many fields a user completes and which field they abandon a form on will help the marketing team test newform fields and layouts and drive better conversion. Armed with this information and a consolidated email and online marketing dashboard inOmniture, Limelight Networks looks forward to spending more time on optimization and less time on data consolidation.About EloquaEloqua is the category creator and leading provider of demand generation applications and best-practice expertise for business marketers around the world.Thousands of customers rely on the power of Eloqua’s products and services to execute, automate and measure programs that generate revenue. Eloqua isheadquartered in Vienna, Virginia, with offices in Toronto, London, Singapore and throughout North America. For more information, visit www.eloqua.com.1921 Gallows Road 500Vienna, VA 22181-3900Call Toll Free: 866.327.8764About Limelight Networks, Inc.Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW) is trusted by the world’s most innovative enterprise, entertainment, technology, and software brands to improvethe performance and profitability of websites and end-user experiences. Our scalable, on-demand managed infrastructure solutions provide global reach andconsistently high availability, by routing traffic over a private fiber-optic backbone rather than through the often-congested, unpredictable public Internet. Formore information, visit our web site (http://www.limelightnetworks.com), read our blog (http://blog.llnw.com), or follow @llnw on Twitter. © 2009 Eloqua Corporation