Eloqua and Dell Case Study


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This case study explores how Dell uses Eloqua to its strategic advantage.

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Eloqua and Dell Case Study

  1. 1. SOLuTIONS • BACKUP/RECOVERY/ARCHIVING • CONSOLIDATION • GREEN COMPUTING • POWER & COOLINGONE BILLIONTRANSACTIONS CuSTOmER PROFILE COuNTRY: Vienna, VA (USA) INDuSTRY: TechnologyPER DAY FOuNDED: 1999 NumBER OF EmPLOYEES: 200 WEB ADDRESS: www.eloqua.com CHALLENGEEloqua enjoys a threefold jump in scalability with combination Eloqua needed to find a scalableof Dell servers and disk expansion enclosures hardware platform to power its marketing automation software and process large volumes of transactions with maximum availability and high performance. SOLuTION The company chose Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers with Dell PowerVault™ direct-attached storage as a model for its hardware infrastructure. BENEFITS RuN IT BETTER • 99.998% system availability GROW IT SmARTER • Threefold increase in scalability to 1 billion transactions per day • 3-to-1 server consolidation ratio with Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers • 70% savings in server per user costs • 50% savings in space, power and cooling • Dell servers support 233% customer growth since 2005
  2. 2. With the average tenure of a chief marketing officer a mere 23 months, marketers are under extreme pressure to show results. This has aided the phenomenal growth of marketing automation companies such as Eloqua Corporation (Eloqua), which offers a software platform for executing, automating and measuring effective business-to-business marketing programs.“USING DELL POWERVAULT mD1000 AND DELL POWEREDGE 2950 TOGETHER DELIVERS KEY PERFORMANCE WITH A VERY LOW COST PER SPINDLE. AND WE’VE SEEN THREE TIMES THE SCALABILITY THAN WE HAD WITH OUR OLDER SERVERS AND OTHER STORAGE WE’VE TRIED.” Dave Kuyper, IT manager, production, EloquaSince its beginning in 1999, Eloqua bit Intel Xeon processors. Each Dell HOW IT WORKShas enjoyed three consecutive years of server is attached to a Dell PowerVault100 percent growth, and it has tripled MD1000 disk expansion enclosure. HARDWAREits customer base within the past two • Dell™ PowerEdge™ 2950 servers years to more than 500 companies, The Dell PowerEdge servers and the with Intel® Xeon® processorsmany of which are global leaders in Dell PowerVault direct-attached • Dell PowerEdge R900 servers their own industries. storage have proven to be the right with Intel Xeon processors solution for Eloqua’s high-volume • Dell PowerVault™ MD1000 disk Focusing mainly on the Internet—a computing needs. Scalability and expansion enclosuresuniquely trackable medium—Eloqua performance are core benefits thatuses all available channels, including Eloqua enjoys from the combination. SOFTWAREdirect mail. A typical scenario starts by • Dell OpenManage™ Systems identifying a group of potential leads, “Using Dell PowerVault MD1000 storage Managementfor example, individuals who attended and Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers • OpenManage Server a recent convention. With an email together delivers key performance with Administratorcampaign offering a white paper or a very low cost per spindle,” says Dave • IT Assistant Webcast, Eloqua enables the prospect Kuyper, IT manager, production, for • Dell Management Pack for to click-through to a client’s Web site. Eloqua. “And we’ve seen three times Microsoft Operations ManagerThe results are quality leads that can be the scalability that we had with our • Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 64-bit Enterprise Edition quantified, segmented and analyzed for older Dell servers and other storage • Microsoft SQL Server™ 2005 further sales initiatives. we’ve tried.”THREEFOLD INCREASE IN GENERATING 1 BILLIONSCALABILITY TRANSACTIONS PER DAYThe platform is delivered as software- “From a scalability and performanceas-a-service and runs on 35 Dell perspective, the MD1000’s three-PowerEdge 2950 servers with 64- gigabit-per-second Serial Attached
  3. 3. “TODAY WE HAVE 35 SERVERS SUPPORTING OVER 500 CUSTOMERS—THAT’S 233 PERCENT mORE CuSTOmERS THAN WE HAD THREE YEARS AGO. THAT’S A VERY POSITIVE INDICATION THAT OuR RELATIONSHIP WITH DELL IS WORKING GREATLY TO OuR BENEFIT.” Andrea Corey, vice president, systems architecture, EloquaSCSI (SAS) disks perform our heavy LARGE SCALE NumBER PowerVault MD1000 disk expansionlifting,” says Kuyper. “Plus the CRuNCHING enclosures. As a result of the hardwareconnectivity between the PowerVault Most of these transactions involved upgrade, most frequently used reportsMD1000 and the PowerEdge 2950 processing the activity on customers’ and segmentation rules are runningserver is also SAS. It can deliver campaigns. “We’re capturing all of the between 12 and 77 percent faster. “We bandwidth of up to 12 gigabits per clicks on our customers’ integrated decided on the R900 to support thesecond, and each server has up to 15 Web sites and all the email click growth of our largest customers—thehard drives—that translates into a lot throughs,” says Corey. “We’re actually largest of which has grown by 260of horsepower.” executing and deploying emails. And percent over seven quarters,” says a lot of those emails are based on Corey. “We expect improved I/O andEach Dell PowerEdge 2950 segmentation and real time queries reduced execution time.”server supports an average load around the nature of customers’ dataof approximately 1,000 to 1,500 in terms of who’s going to get the 99.998% AVAILABILITYtransactions per second. Eloqua ran email and what content do we put The technology behind Eloqua’san average of 13,250 transactions in the email. We couldn’t send over marketing automation solution calls forper second system wide over the 200 million emails per quarter and 24x7 availability to ensure that all jobs month of November 2008, or 1 billion track 500 million page views per can be processed and that customers’transactions per day, with Microsoft quarter without Dell PowerEdge 2950 needs are met.SQL Server 2005. servers and Dell PowerVault MD1000 enclosures, which give us tremendous With redundant power and network“It’s quite a lot of processing,” says performance and scalability. We connections and hot-swappableAndrea Corey, vice president, systems couldn’t process our customer’s drives on each Dell PowerEdge server, architecture. “Pretty much any time marketing channels, score their leads Eloqua makes sure that servers will users do anything within the system, and sync their data with their sales be up 24x7. Four-hour, around-the- they’re accessing an online transaction force automation systems every day clock support from Dell and Eloqua’s processing (OLTP) database. We’ve without Dell technology.” own commitment to providing server isolated customers’ data at the database redundancy help reinforce the comfort tier, so each database is for a specific To process even more transactions level for customers.customer. We have anywhere between 1 for its largest customers, Eloqua and 55 databases on a server.” has deployed a Dell PowerEdge “We have a hot spare waiting for every R900 server attached to two Dell PowerVault MD1000,” says Kuyper. “If
  4. 4. a drive were to fail, we’d immediately SAVING 70% OF SERVER COSTpick up the hot spare. This way we are PER uSERable to deliver and provision a drive With Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers,quickly to maintain system reliability.” Eloqua is able to consolidate its server infrastructure, slimming its serverThe job of monitoring the 35 Dell footprint from 42 older Dell servers servers to keep availability high is to 35 Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers. tasked to Dell OpenManage software. “We get a three-to-one ratio of Dell“We installed OpenManage Server PowerEdge 2850 or 2860 servers to Administrator on each server,” the 2950 servers,” says Corey. “We says Kuyper. “And then we have a get a 50 percent cost savings in space,centralized IT Assistant box that power, cooling and less need to patch,consolidates the alerts. We also use maintain and upgrade those servers. Microsoft Operations Manager with A major cost for us is how much we the Dell Management Pack. The pay for software licenses. We get 70 Management Pack checks the local percent savings in cost per user just OpenManage software for any alerts from ten 2850 and 2650 servers and on those servers. We get roll ups three Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers.”of alerts in both IT Assistant and in Operations Manager.” The fact that Eloqua is growing as it trims away servers is even moreThe major benefit to Eloqua is the dramatic proof that its server andtimeliness of the alerts. “We get an storage combination is working on theemail alert, but we can also go to a company’s behalf. “Three years ago,single administration pane and find all we had 30 servers supporting about the alerts pertaining to that server, or 150 customers,” says Corey. “Today weany of our hardware, for that matter.” have 35 servers supporting over 500 customers—that’s 233 percent more In twelve months, the company has customers than we had three years ago.measured the availability of its services That’s a very positive indication that ourat 99.998 percent. “With 99.998 relationship with Dell is working greatlypercent availability, we can give our to our benefit, and a strong number forcustomers a lot of confidence,” says us to keep in mind as we contemplateCorey. “It’s something we’ve been able building out into the future.”to attain because of the quality of theDell products and our commitment to To read additional case studies, go to:proactive maintenance.” DELL.COM/casestudiesSIMPLIFy yOUR TOTAL SOLUTIOn AT DELL.COM/SimplifyApril 2009Intel and Intel Xeon are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries. Microsoft, SQL Server and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. This case study is for informational purposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS CASE STUDY.