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Coreworx Eloqua case study
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Coreworx Eloqua case study


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. “Viva La Revolucion” 1 to 1 with Eloqua 10 Rising Star Brett Shellhammer Joe Gelata David Yoon Coreworx Inc. 
  • 2. Tweet About The Session #EE10SF 
  • 3. Company Background We provide “Capital Project Information Lifecycle Management” products & solutions. Do that by managing the work processes across the stages of the project from FEED to Delivery. We sell to Owner/Operators and EPC Companies – Average Project size is $500M 
  • 4. Customer Highlights Coreworx is in use on more than 500 capital projects with nearly 70,000 users Coreworx Inc. – Internal Use Only 
  • 5. Key Takeaways To Expect How we use Eloqua with a very small team How we market to a set of defined customers in small groups Our experience with the Eloqua 10 Beta 
  • 6. Business Challenge Unknown small brand competing with much larger established brands Very late adopter mentality in our customer base Small number of customers who freely share best practices & tool experience 
  • 7. Anatomy or a Capital Project    
  • 8. Key Target Customer Construction Superintendent at the Construction company a.k.a. “Bubba” Contracts, Interfaces & “Trades” managers on the Job site The Owner’s Project Manager, who is “Bubba’s” primary customer 
  • 9. How Did We Get Started? Knew we could identify almost all target customers (PEC Database) Needed to focus on 1-to-1 dialog with Prospects to establish trust Needed to integrate with MS Dynamics CRM for Opportunity Management 
  • 10. PEC Database 
  • 11. Why did we choose E10 Small team w/ no prior marketing automation experience Only doing the basics for the first couple of years (i.e. no lead scoring, simple campaigns) Like to live on the edge 
  • 12. How Did We Use Eloqua? Use mostly Web Tracking & eMail campaigns for Webinars & Product Introductions. Spent almost no time building assets or custom integrations, using E10 out of the box. See screen shots 
  • 13. Campign Screen Shot 
  • 14. Contact Segment Screen Shot 
  • 15. Form Layout Screen Shot 
  • 16. Campaign Results Screen Shot 
  • 17. LIVE Demo of our Eloqua 10 Instance Joe Gelata 
  • 18. How Do We Measure Success? New Sales Leads Feedback from Sales Reps on quality Pipeline growth > 500% – May – 34 Opportunities in Pipeline – July – 116 Opportunities in Pipeline – September – 167 Opportunities in Pipeline Gut feel & lots of guessing. Coreworx Inc. – Internal Use Only 
  • 19. What Did Your Boss Say? That’s Cool !!! How come using MS CRM Dynamics is so hard and this Eloqua seems so easy ? How many times did ExxonMobil hit the site last month ? Can we use that thing for Trouble Tickets ? Who is Joey G and why is he so Popular ? 
  • 20. Key Takeaways How we use Eloqua with a very small team How we market to a set of defined customers in small groups Our experience with the Eloqua 10 Beta – AWESOME Support from Eloqua – E10 is sooo much easier for newbies – Never have to teach people what a microsite is. 
  • 21. Questions ? Feel free to contact me ... (519) 772-3190 
  • 22. Tweet About The Session #EE10SF 