Aegora opportunity analysis project - v1


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Aegora opportunity analysis project - v1

  1. 1. OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS REPORT prepared for Stanford University’s Venture Lab Technology Entrepreneurship Program by Rick Carlile – E. Joël Cicéron– Peter Rankin November 20, 2012 1
  2. 2. our team Rick Carlile BA in Commercial Music, MA (Hons.) in Mental Philosophy Originally from Scotland, Rick spends most of his time in the Asia- Pacific region, living in the hills of tropical Taiwan. His guiding principle is that advanced technology and evolving attitudes now allow any enterprising individual to possess the choice, mobility, lifestyle andlevel of personal freedom previously available only to the rich and famous.With over a decades experience in the worldwide IT industry, Rick is currently GM ofglobally-distributed bespoke web development house Creadyne Developments, LLC( He has worked with numerous multinational corporations and techstartups, including Interspire (, BigCommerce(, ZyXEL Communications Corp. (, HitronTechnologies ( and Reach Investor Solutions( has at various times in the past worked as a nightclub bouncer and network engineer inScotland, and as a language teacher, technical writer, journalist and martial arts instructorin Asia. 2
  3. 3. our team Peter Rankin Diploma in ICT (Information Communication Technology) Peter is Aegoras development lead and all-round tech maven; hes also Senior Technologist at Creadyne Developments, LLC.Peter started his corporate career at the age of 21 when he moved to Asia and joinedZyXEL Communications Corp. as a technical specialist. He would later move ontonetworking giant D-Link ( in 2008 in a similar role.Peter then joined Instek Digital (, a provider of IP video securitysolutions, as a technical marketing specialist and manager where he was in a positionto innovate a number of cutting-edge techniques and increase sales dramatically. 3
  4. 4. our team E. Joël Cicéron, MBA, MS E.E., ACCA Born in Martinique (French West Indies), educated in Europe (Paris, London), Joël has been leaving and working in Asia (Shenzhen, Beijing, Taipei) for the past 18 years.Joël is a Senior General Manager with solid business management acumen: setting up/ turning around operations; conducting merger & acquisition, disposing ofoperations, managing organic growth; managing P&L; effective governance. He is alsoboard member; advisory board member (Toro NFC technology – G2J.COM videoconferencing).Joël spent ​most of its international career with 2 world leading utilities companies:Areva (power) and Veolia (water). 4
  5. 5. problems with online marketplaces?(1) signal-to-noise ratio problem(2) limited trust, functionality, usability,(3) information overload and communication(4) “race to the bottom” in terms of cost and quality(5) limited collaboration 5
  6. 6. our solutiona multisided platformwhose genetic characteristics derive from twoparent models:- the professional network (LinkedIn); and- the freelance marketplace (oDesk). 6
  7. 7. customer segments(1) Networkers establish a promotional platform and network with other users;(2) Buyers locate other users from whom theywish to purchase services related to theirprofessional activities or other projects;(3) Sellers locate other users to whom theywish to sell their professional services. 7
  8. 8. customer development results• overwhelmingly positive results• direct feedback: twenty (20) individuals• analytical feedback: eighty (18) users• discussion with representatives of 2 sectors of our target market: – technology first-adopters – existing freelancers 8
  9. 9. served available market• based on demographics of LinkedIn: – 120musers x 56% (users in relevant industries)= 68m (high)• based on existing online marketplaces: – Freelancer+oDesk+Elance+wWorker = 5m (low) 5m to 68m users ARPU = US$1.73 per month US$104M to US$1,412M 9
  10. 10. conclusion- validation of our essential hypotheses- demonstration to our satisfaction that Aegora has a fertileground of users with significant pain points, which we cansolve profitably- need to redouble our customer development and useracquisition efforts- need to perform the next design and development push,based on the findings of those efforts, that will allow us tomeet our constituents’ needs and fill in some holes inexecution 10