Arts and culture of renaissance period
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Arts and culture of renaissance period






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Arts and culture of renaissance period Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Arts and Culture of the Renaissance Period LESSON 4
  • 2. Objectives: Characterize the people and culture of the Renaissance period. Describe the development of art during Renaissance period. Identify the three art masters of the Renaissance period. Draw/portray a picture of parents or loved ones using pencil or oil pastel. Express appreciation for one’s own ability to create or draw.
  • 3. The Renaissance period was the era of a great creativity in literature, sculpture and painting. Renaissance flourish in the 1400s in the Italian city of Florence. Renaissance means “rebirth”. It was a time when people rediscovered the glories of ancient Greece and Rome.
  • 4. There were changes in the history of art during the period. Wealthy people began to support the arts. The development of Renaissance art featured the use of perspective, balance and proportion so that the work would appear more realistic. The uses of new techniques and media produced life-like effects to the subject of the arts.
  • 5. Most subjects of Renaissance art were religious characteristics and scenes everyday life. Today, Renaissance paintings are considered great masterpieces. Renaissance artist showed their talents in sculpture, painting, architecture and poetry.
  • 6. The period produced three great artists: Leonardo da Vinci Michelangelo Bounarroti Raphael
  • 7. Arts of Leonardo da Vinci
  • 8. Arts of Michelangelo
  • 9. Arts of Raphael
  • 10. The influence of Italian Renaissance spread to the other Countries. In Spain, El Greco and Diego Velasquez painted their magnificent works. In Germany, Albrecht Durer was another genius of the Renaissance. His paintings, engravings and woodcut prints are fully of carefully drawn details.
  • 11. The Renaissance style in architecture influenced Christopher Wren, an English architect who designed St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. This is the same cathedral where Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married in 1981.