Bring Dialog 2014: How to Master Unique Content and Engagement Strategies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+


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Learn how to master unique content and engagement strategies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ from this workshop that I lead at Bring Dialog on August 26, 2014 in Stromstad, Sweden.

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  • Social Media is essential to your everyday communication.

    Everything you do, eat, breathe and play with
    touches social media.

    You have a strategic execution plan and purpose for all other marketing and PR materials.

    So why not represent your brand well while using social media?
  • The web emerged in the 90s with the AOL boom, but it wasn’t until the 2000s that Web 2.0 and open source forums started.
    it does not refer to an update to any technical specification, but rather to cumulative changes in the ways software developers and end-users use the Web.
  • Background: started in 2003/2004 as “online baby book” for Harvard and Ivy League schools
    1 billion users today
    ___ Mobile Users
    Innovator: first social network to connect
    Benefits of Facebook:
    Critical Mass = 1 billion users
    Connecting on a personal level (family/friends)
    Facebook insights
    Ease of engagement (i.e. “like” or “share”)

    Weaknesses: following topics/issues, environment (some people just keep FB personal), privacy, segmenting your life

  • Founded in 2004
    Pages rolled out in Nov 2007
  • Background: started in 2007
    What are you doing today?
    250 million users
    Innovator: expressing yourself in 140 characters or less
    Benefits of using Twitter:
    Following interests


  • Research study that people only pay attention to first 140 characters
  • Background: professional networking site to connect business professionals
    Founded: 2003
    Innovator: allows professionals to connect with other colleagues, coworkers, future jobs and share resumes
  • The site officially launched on May 5, 2003. At the end of the first month in operation, LinkedIn had a total of 4,500 members in the network.

    As of September 30, 2012 (the end of the third quarter), professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of approximately two new members per second.
  • 98M+ EMEA
    75M+ Europe
    56M+ Asia and the Pacific
    11M+ Southeast Asia
    DACH ​12M+
    MENA 44M+
  • Background: Launched in 2011
    Many social networking tries from Google (buzz, places, etc.)
    Innovator: Google is #1. Changes SEO rankings with power
  • Content content content
    Become a believer in social media yourself
    Understand the landscape and language
    Seek out influencers or “experts” you can learn from

    Identify conversations already happening about your brand online
    Integrate social media into your daily routine

    You won’t know who is out there until you connect with them
    Engage in conversation
    Don’t just add to the noise, deliver meaning to your posts
  • Break it down
    Show value in each
    Find out what works for your brand
    Rinse, Repeat, Record
  • Your customers are your company, so it’s imperative to listen and learn from their feedback.

    Look for what people are currently saying about your brand online

    Keep an open mind and take everything into consideration

    Decide which networks generate the most conversations and serve a purpose for your brand

    Identify key influencers

    Analyze customer feedback and track sentiment over time

    - Assess, and plan on best ways to engage
  • Engage in the conversations already happening online
    Express your points of view and have your social persona be heard
    Listen to your fans and provide feedback with a timely response
    Interact with new customers and give them your appreciation
    Develop content with open-ended questions
    Make your fans, customers, and online influencers feel special and unique
    Encourage fans to share their experiences

  • Establish metrics that are aligned with your goals and objectives

    Research what analytics platform would be best to help you achieve your goals OR develop a dashboard to track these metrics over time

    Analyze, evaluate and implement key learnings into evolving social media strategy

  • Bring Dialog 2014: How to Master Unique Content and Engagement Strategies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

    1. 1. @EllyDeutch #dk14 SOCIAL CHANNELS DON'T ALWAYS PLAY BY THE SAME RULES How to Master Unique Content and Engagement Strategies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ @EllyDeutch #dk14
    2. 2. @EllyDeutch #dk14 WHO IS @ELLYDEUTCH?
    3. 3. AGENDA • Introductions • Defining Social Media • Social Media Channels breakdown • Creating unique content and engagement strategies • Mastering social media marketing
    4. 4. @EllyDeutch #dk14 IN YOUR OWN WORDS What does “social media” mean?
    5. 5. @EllyDeutch #dk14 Social Media is defined as a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user- generated content. … but what does that really mean?
    6. 6. @EllyDeutch #dk14 EVOLUTION OF WEB 2.0 AND SOCIAL MEDIA
    7. 7. @EllyDeutch #dk14 SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS
    8. 8. @EllyDeutch #dk14
    9. 9. @EllyDeutch #dk14
    10. 10. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - #1 social networking site on the web - More than 1.32 BILLION users - Instant and direct connection with consumers - Photos and videos are most shareable content - Ease of engagement and user generated content - Variety of content options - Innovative and on the forefront of digital tech WHY DO MARKETERS USE IT
    11. 11. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - Text updates - Photos - Videos - Milestones - Offers - Events - Notes - Locations - Promoted Posts - Boosted Posts - Graph Search TYPES OF CONTENT
    12. 12. @EllyDeutch #dk14 EXAMPLES
    13. 13. @EllyDeutch #dk14 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF - How many fans does your Facebook Page or Wikipedia page have? - What would incentivize YOU as a consumer to “Like” a page or follow a page for updates? - What demographics are you trying to connect with online? - How will you go about reaching and engaging new fans? - How tech-savvy is your audience? - How often do you plan to interact with your fans? - How can you build effective content that reaches your target audience?
    14. 14. @EllyDeutch #dk14
    15. 15. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - 271 monthly million users & 500 million tweets per day - 78% of Twitter active users are on mobile - Real-time news feed from around the globe - Connection to resources you’ve never had access to before - Transparency and authenticity - Instant customer service WHY DO MARKETERS USE IT
    16. 16. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - 1 tweet = 140 characters - Photos - 6 second “Vine” videos - Hashtags - Promoted Tweets - Tailored Audiences TYPES OF CONTENT
    17. 17. @EllyDeutch #dk14 EXAMPLES
    18. 18. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - What is the key difference for your company to use Twitter vs. Facebook? - Is there a different demographic you will be reaching on Twitter? - How will you successfully engage in conversations on Twitter in 140 characters or less? - How will you use Twitter as a Customer Service Tool for your company? - What is the best way to manage conversations happening around your brand? Your industry? Your competitors? - What types of photos or Vines will you be posting? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF
    19. 19. @EllyDeutch #dk14
    20. 20. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - World’s largest professional networking site - 313 million members in 200+ countries and territories - Network includes multitude of Fortune 500 companies and 94 of the Fortune 100 companies for corporate talent solutions - More than 3 million Company Pages - More than 2.1 LinkedIn Groups worldwide WHY DO MARKETERS USE IT
    21. 21. @EllyDeutch #dk14
    22. 22. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - Connections - Personal updates - Questions - Shared Articles - Company pages - Groups - Messages - Sponsored Updates and Ads - Insights TYPES OF CONTENT
    23. 23. @EllyDeutch #dk14 EXAMPLES
    24. 24. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - Where does your business fit into the LinkedIn landscape? - How will you vs. your business grow using LinkedIn? - Who is your target demographic that you are trying to reach from a business perspective? - What will be the most effective content theme you will use? - How will you educate your employees and fans to use LinkedIn properly? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF
    25. 25. @EllyDeutch #dk14
    26. 26. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - 540 monthly million active users on Google+ - Optimize SEO rankings in #1 search engine - Professional branded page like LinkedIn - Control your content with Circles - Opportunity to connect with broader fan base - Google apps integration - Google+ Hangouts/video chats - Notifications via Google WHY DO MARKETERS USE IT
    27. 27. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - Updates like Facebook - Photos - Videos - Calendars/Events - Circles - Hangouts (video chats) - Communities (group pages) WHY DO MARKETERS USE IT
    28. 28. @EllyDeutch #dk14 EXAMPLES
    29. 29. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - Does Google+ make sense for your brand? - How will Google+ help you reach a different community than all other social media channels? - How will you use Google’s technologies to your advantage? - How will you integrate your social media marketing on Google+ into your SEO strategy? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF
    31. 31. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - Understand your VALUE for each social network - Identify conversations already happening around your brand and integrate into your current marketing strategy - Engage in conversation and establish your social stature to become an influencer in the social space IT’S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3 (well sort of)
    32. 32. @EllyDeutch #dk14 VOICE LANGUAGE PURPOSE What is your social voice? Classy Excited Fun-loving Sassy Relatable Easy-goingWhat type of language do you want to use to build your voice persona? Authentic Understanding Demanding Action-oriented Family-friendly Realistic What is the purpose of your voice and messages you are sending to your customers? Reward Entertain Provide sustenance Connect Amuse Environment 3 STEPS TO START CREATING CONTENT
    33. 33. @EllyDeutch #dk14 Now that you’ve built your voice, what percentage of your messaging is about…. Lifestyle/Culture Brand Products
    34. 34. @EllyDeutch #dk14 IDENTIFY YOUR #1 METRIC What is the #1 purpose for growing your presence online? - Traffic - Leads/Sales - Reach - Buzz (Mentions) - Customer Happiness
    36. 36. @EllyDeutch #dk14 LISTEN
    37. 37. @EllyDeutch #dk14 CREATE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES
    38. 38. @EllyDeutch #dk14 DEVELOPING YOUR STRATEGY - Develop you social voice/persona and stay consistent - Create “Rules of the Road” guidelines to tell fans what will be allowed on each channel - Build out planned content a week/month in advance to prepare for upcoming promotions, events, and activities - Engage target audience in relevant conversations - Build momentum by posting at least 3-5 times per week (8-10x’s per day on Twitter) - Use follow-up posts to rejoin the conversation - Create a dialogue with a variety of content including open-ended questions, photos, videos, fill in the blanks, contests, polls, etc. - Monitor and scan social channels every 1-2 hours to respond in timely manner - Response time is critical, so your company will need protocols for monitoring your pages in place before a crisis hits
    39. 39. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - Start by writing what your company is about in 140 characters - Think about available resources and material - Break down content by topics and content themes - Promote company features, goals & mission in your social voice - Keep it positive, relevant and fresh - Write posts that would capture your eye as a consumer - Get creative, especially with your partners and/or sponsors - Position your company as an industry thought leader and influencer - Test the waters and rinse, repeat START CREATING YOUR CONTENT
    40. 40. @EllyDeutch #dk14
    41. 41. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - Create meaningful messages and relevant updates that you AND your consumers would want to read (otherwise it’s just noise) - Monitor keywords and hashtags daily to engage new fans and add new followers - Participate in relevant Twitter chats, blog/forum comments, Google+ Hangouts - Identify and interact with influencers, partners, consumers, and potential consumers - Promote and reward brand advocates and other loyal customers - Analyze progress and implement key learnings from previous interactions - Be professional, respectful and tolerant with consumers - Create a execution plan (post frequency, and best optimal time/days) - Create standard or expected response protocols CREATING YOUR ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY
    42. 42. @EllyDeutch #dk14 MEASURE AND EVALUATE
    44. 44. @EllyDeutch #dk14 1. No sex, drugs & rock-n-roll…or religion or politics. Ever. 2. Remember that nothing is ever “deleted.” 3. Avoid breaking news stories, unless 100% brand relevant. 4. Speak as the brand, not as yourself. 5. Tell the truth. Always. 6. Own your mistakes. 7. You’re only as good as the company you keep. 8. Be worth following. SOCIAL MEDIA GOLDEN RULES
    45. 45. @EllyDeutch #dk14
    46. 46. @EllyDeutch #dk14 - Be social, don’t just be online - Set up a customized content and engagement strategy for each channel - Engage, interact and be transparent with fans and followers - Evangelize your brand - Have fun! KEY TAKEWAYS
    48. 48. @EllyDeutch on Twitter #dk14