Social Media Hospitality Best Practices for The Bricton Group by Elly Deutch

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Learn about the hospitality industry in social, best practices, and specific strategy suggestions for The Bricton Group from my presentation on August 19, 2013

Learn about the hospitality industry in social, best practices, and specific strategy suggestions for The Bricton Group from my presentation on August 19, 2013

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  • 2. AGENDA •  Introductions •  Why social media is important for your hotel •  Industry stats and leaders •  How to grow your business using social media •  Best practices and key takeaways •  Questions
  • 3. CONVOMETRICS •  Social Media Marketing Partner of Vagus Inc •  Vast experience creating social voice strategies, engagement tactics and analytics tracking for hotel, hospitality, entertainment industry and beyond •  Authentic, engaged, and centered around delivering actionable analytics
  • 4. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA? •  Increases exposure for your hotel •  Generates conversation and buzz about your brand online •  Allows you to engage with your customers and potential guests •  Builds loyalty, advocacy and word of mouth
  • 5. INDUSTRY STATS •  Online travel bookings are expected to hit over US $54 billion in 2013 (Source: Adobe Digital Index) •  65% of leisure travelers begin researching online before they have decided where or how to travel. (Source: Ipsos MediaCT) •  70% of travelers update their Facebook page while on vacation. It’s even estimated that 1 out of every 6 travelers will do so expressively to make an exlover jealous! (Source: Daily Mail)
  • 6. HOW TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS USING SOCIAL MEDIA •  Listen to conversations already happening around your brand •  Identify your goals and metrics for success •  Create a social media strategy •  Integrate social into all other marketing/pr/corporate initiatives •  Track and analyze your work •  Evolve your strategy accordingly •  Rinse, repeat
  • 7. INDUSTRY LEADERS •  Wynn Las Vegas has the biggest twitter account, with a half-million followers •  The Cosmopolitan is most active with over 36k tweets •  Hotel Urbano in Miami has more than 7.6M likes on Facebook •  MGM Grand Hotel has the biggest Klout score (87)
  • 8. BEST PRACTICES FACEBOOK •  Post at least three to five times per week •  Shoot for quality over quantity –  •  Use strong visuals –  •  Although Facebook now utilizes #’s, @s do not transfer and make a post look as if you did not have enough time to properly format your post for each individual platform Shorter Facebook posts tend to do best –  •  We aim to stay within a two hour window, but the faster you can respond, the better Unlink Facebook and Twitter –  •  Posts with photos typically result in a larger reach, and almost always result in higher engagement Respond to fans as quickly as possible –  •  It is better to have one really good post than three okay posts. Over posting can result in fans un-liking your page Try keeping your Facebook posts under 200 characters, a study showed that 160 characters is optimal for engagement on Facebook Use a Call To Action within your post –  –  •  Like if, share to, comment for, tag your friends Fill in the blanks, ask questions Use resources and marketing tools for further support –  Check out FAQ and help section –  Subscribe to Facebook business and marketing pages
  • 9. BEST PRACTICES TWITTER •  Keep Tweets short and sweet –  Tweets shorter than 100 characters get a 17% higher engagement rate •  Tweet frequently, at least 3-5 times/day •  Engage other users in conversation using @replies and mentions •  Participate in Twitter trends •  Search for daily mentions to monitor the conversation •  Test and tweet at optimal time of day for your brand to spur engagement •  Use highly relevant #’s to increase exposure and engagement •  Don’t be afraid to ask followers to re-tweet important content
  • 10. BEST PRACTICES TRIP ADVISOR/YELP •  List your hotel and claim as your account to become owner of the page •  Use reviews to thoroughly evaluate feedback (both positive and negative) from your guests, and implement into your efforts moving forward •  Integrate Trip Advisor App and Review tab on Facebook •  Understand Yelp’s various offers (reviews, deals, ads, registration) to optimize feedback •  Turn on email notifications so you are notified when new reviews, comments, or ratings are posted •  Take conversations offline if there are issues that need to be resolved
  • 11. BEST PRACTICES FOURSQUARE •  Claim your business or set up business on Foursquare •  Monitor your reputation, comments and check-ins daily •  Utilize Check-in feature to encourage customers to check-in and share your brand with their network –  Types of Specials: •  Swarm Special •  Friends Special •  Flash Special •  Newbie Special •  Check-in Special •  Loyalty Special •  Mayor Special
  • 12. BEST PRACTICES GOOGLE+ •  Post often and keep it fresh •  Target your posts by segmenting via circles •  Use rich media (photos, videos, customized branding assets) •  Be responsive and ask questions •  Use hashtags to insert into broader conversations on topics your posting about •  Host video chats called “Hangouts” •  Poll your audience •  Share insider content •  Run exclusive promotions •  Follow specialists in your field •  Share your opinion •  Offer help •  Teach what you know
  • 13. PINTEREST BEST PRACTICES •  Use high quality images on your website •  Use rich pins from your website to automatically include information like price, availability and review with pins •  Organize your boards with the most relevant on top •  Pin at least once a day so followers get fresh content (and try pacing pins throughout the day) •  Ensure all pins link back to the proper source •  Like and comment on pins that inspire and relate to your brand •  Invite brand enthusiasts to contribute to a group board
  • 14. INSTAGRAM •  BEST PRACTICES Create a theme for your content and be consistent –  Constant product placement is not a theme •  Take lots of photos and make them aesthetically pleasing and creative •  Post once or twice a day and spread out posts like any other network •  Engage with your followers (comment, follow back, like) •  Tell an interesting brand story through your images and captions •  Creative #hashtag contests or #projects are great to spark interaction and amplify your brand message
  • 15. REMEMBER: TAKEAWAYS •  Social media is not about shouting at your customer, but about making connections and building loyalty •  Connecting with your fans in-real-time is an invaluable marketing tool •  Offering incentives, contests, and giveaways are great ways to build communities, but remember to nurture and foster growth as well •  Never forget to surprise and delight your fans, as well as reward them for their loyalty
  • 16. QUESTIONS?
  • 17. Thank you!