Intro to Google Forms


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Eastern Oregon Google Summit, May 2012

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Intro to Google Forms

  1. 1. Intro to Forms Eastern Oregon Google Summit May 19, 2012 Liz Becker Eastern Oregon University
  2. 2. Agenda• Participant Survey• Uses for Google Forms• How-To: Create a Form• How-To: Share Forms• How-To: See Your Results• Sandbox Time• Exit Slip
  3. 3. Participant SurveyGo to and fill out the survey found there.
  4. 4. Introductions Liz Becker Eastern Oregon University CORE Facilitator working with At-risk Freshmen
  5. 5. Introductions o Name o Where you are from? o Content Area o What do you hope to learn?
  6. 6. Please ask questions at any time.
  7. 7. Participant Survey: Results Forms can be a quick way to gather information.
  8. 8. Uses for Google Forms
  9. 9. Data Collection• Surveys (Students, Parents, & Staff)• Course Evaluations• Sign-up Sheets: Project topics, fundraisers, parent volunteers, staff events, student run businesses, etc.• Research Sources
  10. 10. Administrative Tasks• Inventory: books, auto tools, calculators, class supplies, etc.• Track Student Behavior or Disciplinary Actions• Parent Communication Log• Information Sort (example: AP DBQ topics)• Materials Request Form• Schedule Student or Parent Conferences
  11. 11. Assessment• Entrance/Exit Slips• Formative Assessments• Quizzes & Unit Tests• Project Grading• Group Evaluations• Automatically Graded Quizzes & Assignments Note: If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, it can be used as a portable way to enter data as you walk around.
  12. 12. CreatingForms: Question Types• Text• Paragraph Text• Multiple Choice• Checkboxes• Choose from a List• Scale• Grid
  13. 13. Quick Tipsfor Google Docs
  14. 14. To Access Google Docs• Click on Documents in the menu at the top of GMail
  15. 15. Familiarize Yourself with the Side Menu Always takes you back to the home page Good organizational tool. Star projects that need to beAlso handy for finished, revised,organization. I remove etc.finished items from myHome page so I can useit as a To Do List. Thisbutton lets me still seeeverything again.
  16. 16. To Return Home When IN a document: You can hover your mouse to the LEFT of the file name to get an arrow icon that will return you Home.
  17. 17. How-to: Create aForm
  18. 18. Creating a Form#1 #2
  19. 19. Creating a FormThis is the page where you can edit your form.
  20. 20. Creating a Form: Title#1 Choose a title for your form. #2 Write a description for your form. This is also a good place to write instructions.
  21. 21. Creating a Form: Theme #1 #2Browse the themes& navigate at thebottom of the page.#3 Click Apply in the top left corner to select a theme.
  22. 22. Creating a Form: Question Type #1 #2 Choose your question type from the menu.
  23. 23. Creating a Form: Question #1 Type your question here. #2 This is a good place to clarify your question or instructions.
  24. 24. Creating a Form: Question #3 Optional - Check this box to#4 make this a required question. If a respondent doesnt answer the question, they will get a message to do so when they hit submit.
  25. 25. Creating a Form: Add a Question #1 #2 Choose your question type from the menu.
  26. 26. Creating a Form: Question MenuHover over thequestion to get this Deletemenu on the rightside. Edit Duplicate Question
  27. 27. Creating a Form: Question Order You can reorder questions by hovering your mouse overthe question until you get the directional arrow. Then dragand drop the question where you would like it to appear on the form. Note: This does not change the order of the questions in the spreadsheet.
  28. 28. CreatingForms: Question Types• Text• Paragraph Text• Multiple Choice• Checkboxes• Choose from a List• Scale• Grid
  29. 29. Creating a Form: Other Options• Edit the confirmation message people see when they submit the form.• Insert page breaks.• Insert section headers.
  30. 30. Sandbox Time
  31. 31. How-to:Share a Form
  32. 32. 1. Fillable Form2. Results
  33. 33. Sharing a Form: As a Link #1 Copy and paste this link to share.
  34. 34. Sharing a Form: As a LinkFor presentations and other situations where a shorterURL is better, use the Google URL Shortener at link: Becomes this link:
  35. 35. Sharing a Form: Email #1 In the spreadsheet menu
  36. 36. Sharing a Form: Email #2 Enter the addresses where you would like to send the form. Or... Use your GMail Contacts
  37. 37. Sharing a Form: Email Click the names of your contacts you #3would like to receive the form. The names of the selected recipients will appear in this #4 box.
  38. 38. Sharing a Form: EmailOr...Click the names of your contact #3 groups you would like to receive the form. #4
  39. 39. Sharing a Form: Email #5 Click here to send an email that includes the form itself. Recipients can fill out the form#6 directly from the email.
  40. 40. Sharing a Form: Google Sites#1 Click here to #2 bring up a list of your forms in Google Docs. Select the one you want.
  41. 41. 1. Share Your Test Form at this link: 2. Follow the link in theConfirmation Message to see the link to everyones forms.3. Click on those links to fill out the forms and provide data.
  42. 42. Sharing a Form: Other Options• Embed into websites other than Google Sites using an embed code.• Insert into a Google Blogger or other blog post.
  43. 43. How-To: See Your Results
  44. 44. How-To: See Your ResultsRead results onyour originalSpreadsheetOr...With charts &graphs! #1
  45. 45. How-To: See Your Results Myers-Briggs Type Indicator survey results for students
  46. 46. Look at the data gathered by your form.
  47. 47. Sandbox Time
  48. 48. Resources on using Google Forms are available on the session webpage: You are always welcome to contact me with questions:
  49. 49. I would love yourfeedback. Please go to fill out the Exit Slip. Thank you!
  50. 50. Photo Sources All photos are under a Creative Commons license.Slide 1: 4 & 5: 6: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12 & 27: 13: 17: 29 & 40: 30 & 47: 31 & 32: 43: 48: 49: