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Joe Options Summary

  1. 1. the vacation rental industry  In 2010, the Vacation Rental Industry generated over $85 billion in revenue.   It is estimated there are 1,260,000 potential second homes in the US market available for rent with over 6,000,000 worldwide.   On average, second homeowners use their second home for only 10-17 days per year.   Current economic conditions have left many 2nd homeowners no choice but to rent for supplemental income, many for the first time  The result is that travelers in many cases can rent an entire vacation home cheaper than a luxury hotel.
  2. 2. the current paradigm  Property owners rent blindly on the traditional listing site where they wait for phone calls and have no idea who they are talking or renting to.  Travelers rent blindly and many times take a leap of faith that the property will be as represented by only a few photos.
  3. 3. the problem Every vacation home is unique as compared to the hotel industry where there are known quantities. In addition every renter is unique with different criteria. the challengeAllowing both parties to understand their options and make informed decisions.
  4. 4. the solution - JoeOptions™How does it work?1.  Property Owners permanently profile their properties, with unlimited listings/photos/videos, at no charge, and with easy, one-click buttons to market their properties using major social media networks.2.  Travelers search properties and can either option themselves and have owners compete for their business or contact a specific property owner.3.  Property owners view and purchase leads. "Hot" leads are people who are interested specifically in that owners property. "Marketplace" leads are people who have searched for similar properties, and are open to being contacted by owners. Owners purchase only the leads they want, then engage in conversations using our Discussion module.
  5. 5. a social platformThe reality is online traffic is consolidating rapidly to social sites as evidencedbelow. Our entire platform is integrated with social networks such as facebookto allow property owners and travelers to meet, share and shop for each otherwhere they spend most of their time online, on social sites. 2007 2011 top ten sites accounted for 20% of top ten sites account for 80% of onlineonline traffic traffic Exposition Ventures
  6. 6. how do we compare?Competition – “listing sites” JoeOptions™Property Owners pay for traffic where Property Owners and Travelers meet, shareTravelers search & dig to find a vacation and shop for each other leveraging socialrental among many choices with limited & videos
  7. 7. how we go to market Facebook Population 850,000,000 The power of Scale Friends ofJoeOptions Fans 32,000,000JoeOptions Fans 110,000 Homeaway Airbnb Fans VRBO Fans 73,000 Fans 66,000 22,000
  8. 8. for more informationWhether a traveler or property owner, click below to visit JoeOptionsand our vacation rental conversations. site JoeOptions conversationsClick here to experience our new facebook social app For more information or a demo of our system, please