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  • *Courtesy of Redfin
  • Roomgroove pitch arial

    1. 1. eHarmony™ for roommates & apartments. Presented By: Elliott Counts, CEO 1
    2. 2. What is RoomGroove? RoomGroove is the first website to integrate both roommate compatibility with apartment searching. Think of us as a way for users to connect before leasing their next apartment. Searching for apartments Our platform allows users to search for apartments first, find the one they love, and save it. Allowing other users that they match with to view them as well. Searching for roommates Roommates will be able to quantify their compatibility before hand and concurrently search for apartments together online. 2
    3. 3. What is RoomGroove? (cont.) Community Benefits By converting single person searches into multiple bedroom leases, apartment communities will now be able to lease larger/more expensive floor plans with ease. Communities will no longer be dependant upon subscription based marketing services for receiving large volumes of leads in hopes that one of the leads actually applies to current pricing and availability. 3
    4. 4. Our Team Elliott Counts, Founder/CEO Elliott has been involved in the multifamily housing industry since 2009. He has experience, both as a top-producing, on-site leasing consultant for BH Management Services, Inc., and apartment locator for Smart Austin Locating in Austin, Texas. In the past few years, Elliott has created a network of working relationships with a multitude of property management companies, advertising consultants, and business advisors in the Austin area. Graham Sparrow, COO Graham studied at Austin College with an interest in Microeconomics and Finance. He has been involved in commercial real estate in DFW area since 2009, specializing in industrial warehousing and multi-family development. At 21, Graham successfully co-founded and operated a popular nightlife establishment near the University of North Texas. Bain Mullins, CTO A graduate of Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Bain is well versed in PHP, C# programming, HTML5, and CSS3, as well as many other programming languages. Bain has completed all aesthetic and database development of and is interested in expanding his knowledge of emerging web based technologies. 4
    5. 5. Product Search by City View Listings Find a Roommate 5
    6. 6. Problem Availability in many major cities has decreased to a marginal average of 2-4% (i.e. San Francisco, New York, Austin, Boston, Baltimore, etc.) Price has steadily increased throughout those markets, as well. Our product allows users to find reasonably priced living accommodations, or increase their quality of living by maximizing their budget with another RoomGroove user. No one way exists for renters to search for both roommates and new leases on a single platform. 6
    7. 7. Solution RoomGroove™ is valuable RoomGroove™ builds value for to apartment communities renters by allowing them to by providing them with connect with, & quantify, their higher quality leases that compatibilities with like-minded would have individuals that they could been, otherwise, unobtainabl potentially live with long-term. e. Apartment Communities Roommates Renters 7
    8. 8. Business model is performance based & charges a flat fee of $399 upon a successful lease signing. Depending on the market and feature viability this number will likely increase. $399 User leases at listed property with RoomGroove invoices property for RoomGroove. $399. -$120 Post lease verification (30 days), reward User claims their RoomGroove reward. of $120 is issued to user(s) $279 RoomGroove nets $279 per verified lease. 8
    9. 9. Traction Clients Users Within one week of post development, RoomGroove had •Cedar Ranch •Shady Oaks reached over 1000+ non-registered •Chateau Duval •Townhollow visitors. •Littlefield House •Skyview •Shanti •Bowman’s Walk We have now reached close to 7000 •The Summit •Twelve Oaks apartment searchers and registered •Ancient Oaks •Pecan Creek users are trending at 20-25% •Archway •Shoal Creek North conversion rate through all •Delwood Station •The Establishment marketing avenues. •Enfield Court •Saddle Creek •Escala •The Enclave We currently have over 350 active •House 2500 •Tambaleo 2208 users utilizing the RoomGroove •House 2604 •Tambaleo 2311 platform. •Mueller View 9
    10. 10. Client Milestones RoomGroove has been post development for one month and the following companies have requested to advertise on the RoomGroove™ platform. (Baltimore, Maryland) (Austin, Texas) (Tulsa, Oklahoma) (Houston, Texas) (Santa Barbara, California) 10
    11. 11. Market validation Active Roommate Profiles (National) Roomster™™ 47,490 450,297+ 11
    12. 12. CompetitionApartment RoommateAdvertising Matching 12
    13. 13. Competitive advantages Rewards 1st to Market As a performance based business, we RoomGroove™ is the first website will offer $120 in rewards to the users that incorporates new leases and a that use our service, making it proprietary roommate matching extremely enticing to use our services algorithm. over other services. Design & Brand Scalability RoomGroove has successfully Our performance-based business branded themselves with beautiful model allows RoomGroove to expand design elements. Branding will exponentially, not only for the users continue to thrive upon a series of (who receive $120 in rewards upon feature developments. signing a lease), but for the client base as well. No other company is offering this service to large management corporations. 13
    14. 14. Strategic Partnerships Partnerships with these types companies will assist, not only in the in virality of the RoomGroove™ brand, but also in maintaining the appeal of its users to other roommates and apartment communities. Video conferencing Background verification Geo-location Renter’s insurance 14
    15. 15. Angel funding$250,000Will allow us…* Current Investors: Hal Sparrow - $30K Jon Cardella - $25K Anthony Horton- $10K•Relocation of RoomGroove, Inc. to Silicon Valley Total: $65, 000•Full-time feature development and user/clientexpansion of new markets Remainder: $185K•Hiring of additional developers/sales team•Expansion of company rapidly to other markets•Placement of regional teams in various strategiclocations to maintain close personal relationshipswith clients and continue to saturate RoomGroove’spresence in existing markets. and a 1 year runway. *$3M company valuation. 15