Evaluation Question 5


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Evaluation Question 5

  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. • Back when I created a questionnaire, I purposely made questions that would help me out greatly in the future. The answers that I received did help me out, as I discovered what people in my target audience like about magazines, and the sort of thing that they enjoy about them. For instance, lures and pictures are popular in my audience, therefore I made sure there were big pictures. The questionnaire therefore helped my out a lot.
  3. 3. I have used two key elements to attract and address my audience. One obviously being the• questionnaire; the other is using Kerrang to gain ideas and information about what my audience like to see. I found out that my audience prefer to see dark colours, therefore as you can tell my colours look darker than Kerrang’s. Therefore when I chose a colourscheme I tried to keep the colours more black, red and purple/blue. The black helpsto keep the other colours relatively dark.However, with my contents page this is not so much the case because I used apicture that was taken outside, so greens, whites and brighter colours start toemerge. I thought that I’d make my contents page picture different to keep thereader entertained, and so it is not the same artist throughout the magazine whichwould start to get boring.
  4. 4. • My DPS keeps the black, red and purple colour scheme. When I conducted my questionnaire I discovered that my audience like to see interviews in their magazines, as they get to know the artist better. Therefore I used this information to make all of my text one long interview, in question and answer form. I also found out that images really draw the audience in, so I used an appealing band member for my front cover so my audience would like it.
  5. 5. • My interview with a member of my target audience…• I think the main feature of this magazine that draws attention is the main image, as it looks appealing and the character look the part. As I love this band, so it really draws my attention. The lures attract the me as well, as I like to receive gifts and special offers, as do other people. I think the strengths of this product are the fact that it looks like a metal magazine; the colours, images and fonts all work together to immediately tell the me that I am reading a metal magazine. I would purchase this magazine because it is my sort of thing and the bands that are being shown and listed really appeal to me. I think that to improve this magazine I would fill the front cover out a bit more, to make it look more chunky and it will tell us reading it that there is a lot of stuff inside. I think that the double page spread needs to be altered slightly; maybe push the text to one side to make room for some more smaller pictures to make it more fun. However overall I think it is well created and produced.