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Flyer concurforce sales

  1. 1. Simplified Travel and Expensefor Salesforce Sales CloudLess Paper in Your Pocket,More Time on Your HandsYour job is selling. Managing travel and expenses is the last thing you feel like doing.It’s time consuming, tedious, and it can seem like forever before you’re reimbursed. CONCUR FOR MOBILEAnd if it’s a manual, paper-based process it’s also costly (Aberdeen estimates $28 perexpense report). Conveniently manage expenses no matter where you are, with ourNow you can save time and get reimbursed faster using Concurforce™, the integrated Concur® for Mobile app:travel and expense reporting solution designed for Salesforce® Sales Cloud.With Concurforce, you can quickly create accurate, in-policy expense reports right • Create and submit expense reportsfrom your smartphone or the web. Forget about saving paper receipts and matching from card charges or cash entriesthem to your report—with Concurforce, your credit card spend is automatically • Book flight, rail, cars or hotels fromreconciled with expense line items. Now it’s easier than ever for your manager to your smartphone or tabletreview and approve your expense report, which means quick reimbursement. • Photograph receipts and attach theAnd don’t worry about logging into yet another system. Concurforce is fully integrated IRS-compliant images to the expensewith Sales Cloud® so you can manage travel and expenses the same way you manage • Add car mileage to an expense reportyour sales opportunities—with built-in mobile and social capabilities. • Managers can access expenses fromBenefits of integrating travel and expense management with Salesforce Chatter™Sales Cloud • Share trip details via Salesforce Chatter• Save time – turn travel reservations from any travel vendor into one organized itinerary via TripIt® and automatically expense it• Collaborate – share business trip details via Salesforce Chatter• Create profitable customers – understand costs vs. opportunity for each customer acquisition so you can focus on profitable customers• Get paid faster – improve accuracy and speed of expense processing with credit card charges that automatically populate expense reports Concur on your• Simplify processes – avoid logging into multiple systems—manage trips and smartphone – expenses right alongside your opportunities helping you• Reduce costs – lower transaction and processing costs to better manage the save time cost of sales
  2. 2. Capture expenses on the go Focus on profitable customersSay goodbye to tiny scraps of paper! Take photos of receipts With up to 10 percent of overhead devoted to T&E expensesusing your mobile phone’s camera and attach them directly (and over 20 percent of that spent out of policy), organizationsto your expense report. You’ll save time and help ensure your are potentially overpaying millions of dollars a year. Now you canreport’s accuracy. Managers can use their mobile device to understand the costs associated with sales opportunities andreview, approve or reject expense reports whenever or wherever service engagements. This information allows you to improveis convenient for them, so you get paid faster. margins and manage the cost of sales.Turn trips into expense reports Automatic policy complianceTurn reservations from any travel vendor into a single organized Keep yourself out of trouble—and get paid faster—withitinerary with TripIt® Pro. Create expense reports with a single pre-defined business rules that ensure your expenses areclick by automatically importing credit card charges that match within policy.TripIt Pro itinerary details.Collaborate with co-workersAutomatically post TripIt Pro itineraries and notifications toSalesforce Chatter so you can collaborate on business trips,agendas and content to save time and work more efficientlywith colleagues.About ConcurConcur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. Our adaptableWeb-based and mobile solutions help companies and their employees control costs and save time.Learn more at©2012 Concur, all rights reserved. Concur is a registered trademark of Concur Technologies, Inc. All other company and product names are the property of their respectivemanufacturers. Specifications and other details listed are accurate as of printing, but may change without notice. Concurforce is a trademark of Concur Technologies, Inc. and, Inc. Salesforce and Sales Cloud are trademarks of, Inc. and are used here with permission. BR CF CONCURFORCE NA 2012/11