Evaluation - Question 2


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Evaluation - Question 2

  1. 1. 2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. How we linked the productsDocumentary, Radio Trailer and DPS• The same presenter appears in all of them•The same name of the documentary appears in all of them• Some of the same facts and figures appear• Same style of language is usedDocumentary and Radio Trailer• Use of the same presenter’s voice• Use of same scripting in some parts• Use of the same VoxPops• Use of the same case study• Use of the same music• Use of the same crying baby noise
  3. 3. How we linked the productsDocumentary and DPS• The same presenter can be seen in both• The image of pregnant Megan is taken from the Documentary• Some of the same figures appear• The same case study is discussed in both• The same font is used for the titles of the DPS and the information in the documentary• Use of graphicsRadio Trailer and DPS• The same presenter is there• The channel it will be broadcast on is the same• The time it will be broadcast on is the same• The slogan is the same• Some of the same facts are used
  4. 4. • Due to there being links between the three these clearly belong together. We did this to ensure that all three were suitable for the target audience and that if a person were to see the three separately they would be able to make the connection that they all belonged together and that both the DPS and the radio trailer were advertising the documentary. Due to this we believe that all of them are appropriate in the way they have been created.
  5. 5. Focus group response to this• I held a focus group with 10 people ranging ages 16 – 20 with 5 males and 5 females. I asked the questions: “How effective is the combination of the main product and ancillary texts? Do you think they belong together? Would you watch this documentary on this basis?”
  6. 6. AbiGender: FemaleAge: 16Occupation: StudentOverall view: Finds everything interesting and links well “I really like the look of this documentary! It looks really interesting the way you have presented everything. The radio trailer is really different with the agent kind of music, I like how this is used in the documentary too because that links really well. I think the double page spread definitely links in too and it advertises the documentary really well. I think this would fit in well to teen vogue! I would definitely watch this documentary.”
  7. 7. ConnorGender: MaleAge: 16Occupation: StudentOverall view: Thinks it links well but isn’t really his interest “Based on your questions I think all the items look like they go together, I think you could pick out the fact that they’re all for the same Documentary. I think they’d be effective to interest girls. But, to be honest it doesn’t really interest me that much, if it was on and there wasn’t anything I particularly wanted to watch I wouldn’t mind watching it but it wouldn’t be my first choice. ”
  8. 8. SophieGender: FemaleAge: 17Occupation: StudentOverall view: Thinks it looks better than most documentaries “I really like the Double Page Spread, it’s colourful, lively and I though the cartoon babies were great! They were really good fun to try and guess what country it was representing – the most challenging was the Netherlands! I think all 3 things go together really well and would interest me in watching the documentary. There are quite a few documentaries of this style out there at the moment and I think yours looks better than most of them! The others are too repetitive but this is something fresh.”
  9. 9. RajanGender: MaleAge: 17Occupation: StudentOverall view: He wants to be a doctor and see this as interesting from that point of viewbut thinks as a boy its not that interesting “I think there are some good links between the 3 things, I think the Radio Trailer and the Documentary link better than the Double Page Spread but I suppose it’s easier to make those two link. I think overall though they link pretty well. As a boy I wouldn’t really be overly interested in this kind of documentary but I want to be a doctor so I find it interesting from that point of view. I think if it was a real documentary because there’s the views of people in the medical profession this would be interesting.”
  10. 10. CharleyGender: FemaleAge: 18Occupation: StudentOverall view: Really liked it, would watch the documentary “I think it was great! I like the links with the same kinds of things being repeated like the script for the documentary and the radio trailer have some of the same bits in there so I think that’s really good because you know what you’re expecting rather than the radio trailer misrepresenting the documentary. The links between the things are clear and so I think its quite a strong advertisement for the documentary. I would no doubt watch this as I think it’s set the tone as informative and I would learn a lot from it.”
  11. 11. OliverGender: MaleAge: 18Occupation: StudentOverall view: Really liked it, thought everything was really interesting especially toteenagers because of the presenter’s age “I thought it seemed really interesting. In some ways the Double Page Spread seems quite girly as it’s all pink but because it’s a girly magazine that fits in well. The actual documentary and radio trailer aren’t overly girly which is really good as most of these style documentaries are too girly and I get bored. The three things link well but as I said obviously the double page spread is more girly because of the magazine. The best bit I think is the presenter being a teenager, this makes me able to relate so I would want to watch the documentary because I think that would make it more interesting then an adult presenting it.”
  12. 12. GeorginaGender: FemaleAge: 19Occupation: StudentOverall view: Based on the degree she’s doing she knows a lot about this and thinks it’san accurate representation “I think everything’s good, there are clear links between the products and they overlap in some ways. Together they promote the documentary well. I would watch this as I’m doing a degree related to the medical profession and I think this shows a good rounded view of teen pregnancy. Especially because I see cases even younger than this so I know how bad it is.”
  13. 13. JoshGender: FemaleAge: 19Occupation: StudentOverall view: He has a friend who’s a teen Dad so he thinks it’s a good topic, he likes theapproach being slightly more feminine as he thinks this subject would most likely appealto girls anyway. “My best friends a teen Dad so I know this is important to make people more aware as I know my friend wasn’t. I think the three things look good together and I like the fact the article is more feminine as this kind of documentary is more likely to appeal to girls anyway so you might as well appeal to them even more. But I like that nothing else is feminine to lads can watch it too. I would probably watch this because I know loads of people who are getting pregnant in their teen years and I think it’s good to open discussions on it more and make people aware.”
  14. 14. KateGender: FemaleAge: 20Occupation: StudentOverall view: Thinks the subject is great and needs exploring “I think the concept is great, this is a subject that really needs exploring. The Documentary, Radio Trailer and Article all look good together and I think I most likely would watch the documentary. The only bad thing I have to say is that I think the article is quite overly pink, some girls wouldn’t like this. But I get that Teen Vogue is quite a pink and girly magazine anyway.”
  15. 15. TomGender: FemaleAge: 20Occupation: StudentOverall view: He’s quite interested in it and he thinks that everything belongs togetherand that overall it looks good and should appeal to the target audience “First off I think it all links really well, there’s the same fonts etc being used to it looks good all together. I think they’d definitely appeal to the target audience and get people to watch it. As for me I wouldn’t say I definitely wouldn’t watch it but I wouldn’t go out my way to make sure I saw it.”
  16. 16. From a questionnaire we sent out we received this result:Is it clear to you that the double page spread, radio trailer and documentary are all related to one another? How/Why? No 0% People said the same images were on the documentary and dps, the same music on the documentary and the radio trailer and on all the name was clearly visible. I think this is very positive, we tried to link the 3 together as much as possible to create an identity Yes so this shows we achieved it. 100%