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for more information go to sozolife.com/eballard

for more information go to sozolife.com/eballard

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  • 1. Introducing SoZo Global, LLC     
  • 2. SoZo ® Confidential – ©2009 Sozo Global, LLC
      • Greek Origin
      • Etymology: Salvation, Healing, Deliverance
      • “ SoZo” is powerful, short, direct, easy to say, easy to remember
      • It speaks to “healing, spirituality, and good choices”.
    • “ Be Healthy, Be Wealthy, Be Free ™ ”
  • 3. Leadership Confidential – ©2009 Sozo Global, LLC
      • J. Larry Cantrell- Co-Founder, CEO.
        • Current Co-Founder, President and CEO of Integris Global
        • 22 Years of full-time involvement in the industry
        • Successful Network Marketing Distributor
        • Served on Governmental and Ethics Committees of the DSA (Direct Selling Association- SoZo is a “pending” member)
      • Mark Adams- Co-Founder, President.
        • Current Founder, President & CEO of Advocate MD Financial, Inc.
        • Outstanding success managing $200/MM global manufacturing & distribution business.
        • Experienced serial entrepreneur with seven successful prior business start-ups.
        • 2008 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year
      • Bryan Thayer- Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer.
        • Grew his own NWM multi-media and sales tool company into a multi-million dollar enterprise.
        • Extensive experience at creating brand imaging and marketing materials.
        • As a Distributor, grew an organization to include thousands of people.
        • Fantastic experience in public speaking at NWM events.
  • 4. Executive Team Confidential – ©2009 Sozo Global, LLC
      • Jim Landrum- VP, Operations
        • Led operations and compliance for NWM company that exceeded $185 MM
        • Experienced in manufacturing efficiency, contract negotiating, shipping and inventory control.
        • Guided personal company to sales in excess of $50 MM.
      • Michael Boyd- VP, Sales & Marketing
        • Experienced NWM industry trainer.
        • Excellent skills in motivating and relating to the Distributors.
        • Vast public speaking experience includes seminars that led to millions in sales .
      • Pat Taylor- VP, Finance
        • Extensive corporate finance experience in both direct sales and commercial real estate.
        • Financial resolution expert for fast growing start-ups.
        • Guided finance department of company that experienced $90 MM in its second year.
      • Jim Anderson- Founding Distributor/Consultant
        • Former President of NWM company that exceeded sales of $120 MM in its first two years.
        • Extensive experience as a Sr. Director for a multi-national, $400 MM network marketing
        • company.
        • More than 7 years as a successful field Distributor .
    “ Over 100 Years of Combined Network Marketing Experience”
  • 5. SoZo ® : The Exclusive Coffeeberry ® Supplement Confidential – ©2009 Sozo Global, LLC
      • SoZo holds the exclusive rights for the worldwide network marketing industry.
      • SoZo also owns the domestic and international rights for the functional beverage industry.
      • CoffeeBerry holds three world-wide patents. 
      • Gram for gram, the CoffeeBerry in SoZo has an antioxidant potency that is 625 X’s stronger than fresh blueberries.
      • The USDA recommends 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day (=2,500 ORAC). One serving of SoZo equates to 5,600 ORAC units!
    CoffeeBerry: Coffee…as Nature Intended It!
  • 6. The Power of CoffeeBerry ®
    • CoffeeBerry is the main reason why SoZo ® is extremely high in ORAC units (57,159/liter compared to Monavie at 23,323/liter).
    •   CoffeeBerry has an abundance of natural Polyphenols: - Caffeic acid, Ferulic Acid, Chlorogenic acid and Quinic acid   - These are powerful antioxidants that help the body’s defense against poor health.
    • CoffeeBerry contains significant amounts of glyconutrients which are driving the emerging science of Glyconutrition. 
    • The specific glyconutrients found in CoffeeBerry are Mannose, Galactose, Fucose, Xylose, Sialic Acid. 
    •   These are special carbohydrates that are the basic building blocks to biological communication and are essential for our immune systems to function properly.
    • Helps promote mental acuity.
    Confidential – ©2009 Sozo Global, LLC
  • 7. The Functional Beverage Industry Confidential – ©2009 Sozo Global, LLC
      • Recent survey indicates that each year approximately 8 million Americans commit to live a “healthier” lifestyle.
      • Consumers prefer the convenience of "drinking their nutrition" in a good tasting liquid vs. swallowing pills, capsules etc.
      • Better absorption (digestion) and delivery system.
      • Soft drink sales decreasing as functional beverage increases.
      • Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y (“Millenials”) embracing functional beverages.
  • 8. The Plan Can Compensate You in 8 Ways
    • Direct Sales (up to 22% Retail profit)
    • Fast Start Bonus ($20-$40 paid on all personal Distributors’ first orders)
    • Fast Start Matching Bonus ($10-$20 bonus on your Distributors’ FS bonuses)
    • Builder Bonus ($20-$40 on your personally sponsored Distributor Builders)
    • Team Earnings (12% of your lesser leg sales volume up to $12,000 earnings/wk.)
    • Leadership Check Match (% paid on personally sponsored Distributor checks)
    • Rank Achievement Bonus ($200 - $25,000)
    • Additional Business Centers (lucrative incentive awarded upon rank achievement)
    Confidential – ©2009 Sozo Global, LLC
  • 9. Team Earnings
    • Commonly Referred to as the Binary.
    • You Will Receive One Business Center.
    • You Build Two Teams (Legs) Under this Center.
    • Your Team Members Do the Same.
    • Earn a % of Your Entire Team’s Sales Volume (Up to $12,000/wk.).
    • Benefit from the Efforts of Others.
    Confidential – ©2009 Sozo Global, LLC
  • 10. Two Who Get Two
    • Easy to Understand, Easy to Visualize
    • Personally Enroll Two People
    • Help Them Enroll Two People
    • Make it Your Goal to Do It Monthly, Weekly or Daily
    • Watch Your Organization and Compensation Grow
    Confidential – ©2009 Sozo Global, LLC
  • 11. Leadership Check Match
    • Your Personal Distributors are Simultaneously Placed in a Separate Enrollment Tree (Leg) Organization.
    • You Receive a % Check Match Bonus on These
    • Distributors.
    • Pays Up to 8 Generations Deep of Check Match Bonuses Per Leg.
    • Unlimited Width.
    Confidential – ©2009 Sozo Global, LLC
  • 12. The SoZo Wealth Plan
    • Innovative and Lucrative
    • Easy to Understand
    • Quickly Financially Rewarding
    • Team Oriented
    Confidential – ©2009 Sozo Global, LLC
  • 13. Why Will SoZo Global Succeed? Confidential – ©2009 Sozo Global, LLC
      • Highest all natural antioxidant beverage in the world today.
      • Exclusive, globally patented technology.
      • One of the most lucrative compensation plans in NWM history.
      • Consumer demand for functional beverages is exploding worldwide! 
      • Proven leadership with diverse global business experience to relate to the Distributors and expand internationally.
      • Key field leaders with integrity and work ethic.