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TEMPO has come out with a totally new look. It is vibrant, fresh and very innovative in both layout and content, and will integrate many new interactive multi-media elements. The magazine has …

TEMPO has come out with a totally new look. It is vibrant, fresh and very innovative in both layout and content, and will integrate many new interactive multi-media elements. The magazine has rebranded and is now TEMPO, rather than Abu Dhabi Tempo

TEMPO has rebranded into a vibrant, fresh and very innovative magazine in both layout and content. The magazine responds to growing interest nationwide and is distributed at various points across the emirates. Tempo’s content strategy is focused on the community, and it will continue to integrate mobile tagging, and new and cutting edge interactive multi-media elements.

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  • 1. the MAY 2011 PAGE experience south pole 14PAGE tempo goes green
  • 2. There is nothing as exciting as change. And nothing more intoxicating than the feeling of renewal. We gathered feedback from you, ourreaders, on what you want Tempo to be, and we went back into our creative lab to experiment with cutting edge design.We have expanded the size of the magazine and are transitioning it into a monthly. For those readers who insisted on receiving an e-updatewe will dispatch UPTEMPO in the middle of each month. We will also carry more mobile tags ( Microsoft Tag will continue, but in response toreaders’ requests, we are also adding some QR). The tags and codes will link to online information but also to bespoke multi-media content.We continue to reaffirm our commitment to the environment through the choice of a lighter weight paper that consumes less resources and ismore ‘recycleable’. We will continue to spread the green message and will endeavor to carry more information on ways we can all reduce ourcarbon footprint. On the content front, we will also have more features on entertainment, well-being and more on community.One thing is for sure, we wanted to create a more exciting, engaging magazine and to bend the rules of publishing and design.We want to thank our readers for challenging us and our partners for believing in us…. it sure feels great to be out of the box.Sana BagershManaging letters to the editor 04 18 experience zone MANAGING EDITOR uspace 05 20 social meets Sana Bagersh what’s hot 06 21 doc in the house | live well FEATURES EDITOR Alma Kadragic tempo top 10 songs 07 22 my abu dhabi 08 24 EDITORIAL COORDINATOR tech talk | game hedz yank in sandland | just a thought Ellaine Fatima the conversation 10 25 articulate MAGAZINE DESIGNcity bites | dishes for dummies 11 26 tamakkan Mark De Castro my style blueprint 12 27 unleash innovation WEB DESIGN 14 28 Rizwan Pervaiz cover story horoscope | funpage people calendar 16 29 value coupons MARKETING COORDINATOR Manjul Abhishek Laskar Laipubam DISTRIBUTION COORDINATOR Melaku MulunehADDRESS DISCLAIMERTo reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@abudhabitempo. Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORScom. If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 667 does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, Angeli Castillo Shahid Saeed3349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no Dave Solomon Layla EzzedeenNOTE TO ADVERTISERS part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means Neena Rai BlaknissAdvertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. without the permission of the publisher.To reach advertising call 02 667 3349 or Randy Parker Manar Al Hinaiemail: MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 MICROSOFT QR TAG SCANNING SCANNING GUIDELINES GUIDELINES 1 download to your smart phone 1 Scan the QR CODE using your smart phone Published by } 2 run application a for Blackberry this is done through BBM 3 click on tag beside each article to have fun with online content, videos & cool tags! b for iPhone download BeeTag or Neo Reader Tempo’s website
  • 3. dear tempo, A STUDENT’S VIEW FROM I am a regular reader of the magazine Tempo, it’s a fantastic magazine! I am especially interested to take the quiz… PARIS-SORBONNE UNIVERSITY please let me know when you’re ready for me. Best regards, } Ramesh We’ll be in touch Ramesh. Ed ABU DHABI Dave’s column on what happens in an emergency room has opened my eyes. After reading his last column I’ll be sure to Thirsty for an exciting life, a young Brazilian decided be better behaved with the understanding that the ‘quiet elderly lady’ (who almost died a few hours before) may be of to come to Abu Dhabi to experience the Sorbonne much greater need to medical services than me. I learned that the emergency room is the only place where the ‘queue’ University, an oasis of knowledge, the largest in the principle shouldn’t apply. } Dana region, where I quenched my thirst for knowledge and culture...”I met incredible people, visited the Thank you so much for granting my request to appear on the APRIL PEOPLE CALENDAR. My mom was very happy...Two marvelous facilities and learned more than just thumbs up! } Joshua Francisco French. Everything was so wonderful that I never want to leave the oasis; I chose to be part of the Just finished reading April’s issue, and enjoyed it!! I was wondering if it’s possible for me to take part in May’s people ‘Sorbonnian’ journey”. calendar, you see it’s my birthday I’m tired of reminding my entire forgetful family about my birthday every year! Michelle Alves (Brazil) Thanks xoxo } Fatoom A. Fatoom made it into May’s People Calendar. Fatoom is in May 8th this month. Ed. I loved your story on autism in your last issue. God knows it always needs more awareness….but just wanted to remind you to make sure you get permission before showing photos of minors } Arwa Absolutely, Arwa. Noted. Ed. “OMG!!!! I received the best news ever by your magazine!!! Thanks for the article about the opening of libraries all over AD. I am such a bookworm and one of it is going to open near my house!!!! Thanks a lot Tempo!!!! keep it up!!!! :) ” Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi offerrs a unique experience in the heart } Saman Saad of the capital. Students of more than 60 different nationalities choose to pursue their higher studies at Sorbonne experience for its worldclass education and academic resources. ASTING CALL!! Check out the impromptu C “new tempo” promo video on youtube. M.K expressesFOLLOW US ON } Production company screens Abu Dhabi actors for new “WEBISODES” the magazine’s new vibe while dancing the shuffle! We are looking for actors to fit the following roles: Watch it here. Male Male Age: 35- 50 Age: 25- 40 Arabic Arabic / Persian Female Female Female ART NIGHT @ CAFE ARABIA Age: 30- 40 Age: 25- 35 Age: 35- 60 Sent in by Jennifer Simon Arabic Arabic / Persian No specific Nationality Mother’s Day is on May 8th… Come to Cafe Arabia on the 2nd of May, Monday, 8 pm, for our first ever Art Night. This forum is open to artists and art enthusiasts alike- eager to MOM AND ME This is a unique opportunity to have your work showcased. Actors will discuss and share knowledge about recent art happenings in the region. Age 4: Mom knows everything! At 16: Mom doesn’t exist. At 45: I wonder what Mom would think about this. be taking part in a new mode of storytelling. This series is the first of At 8: Mom knows a lot! At 18: Moms old fashioned. At 65: Wish Mom was around... its kind in the region. If you are interested in auditioning please send a From the Sharjah Biennial, Saadiyat, Art Dubai to your own forays into At 12: Mom doesn’t really know everything. At 25: Maybe Mom does know something. recent photo, your age, and a cover letter to: At 14: Mom doesn’t know anything. At 35: Must ask Mom before I decide. Dedicated, with love to my Mom art- we have plenty to discuss over coffee and tasty treats on offer at the Cissie K new and inspiring Cafe Arabia. Together, we can form our own culturally rich and diverse niche in the fast growing, ever changing city that is GOOD LUCK! Abu Dhabi. Join us!
  • 4. { THINGS TO DO IN MAY USA TOP 10 CHARTS 01 E.T - Katy Perry feat Kanye West 02 S&M - Rihanna 03 Just Can’t Get Enough - The Black Eyed Peas 04 Forget You - Cee Lo Green 05 Born This Way - Lady Gaga 06 Look At Me Now - Chris Brown feat. Busta Rhymes 07 Down on Me - Jeremih feat. 50 Cent 08 On the Floor - Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull 09 Frickin’ Perfect - Pink 10 Rolling in the Deep - Adele { tiger doing tricks #1 SONG IN THE UAEABU DHABI’S guy with earphone }FAMILY AND KIDS Listen to the { land surface { water surfacePARK ZOOto townA zoo-menagerie so close { diver S & M *New Mashup*The Family and Kids Park Zoo in Al Bahia is a cool family attraction that’s only thirty Rihanna and Britney Spearsminutes drive away from the Abu Dhabi city. The zoo, which is in the north-east suburb { bubbles Party Rock Anthemof Abu Dhabi, is undergoing significant expansion and will eventually include 35motel-style chalets, a full-size ice-rink, an indoor “marine zone” with 26 salt water and LMFAOfour fresh water tanks, a butterfly park, a play and gaming zone and expanded outdoor What’s My Nameareas. “We are unique among the UAE’s zoos in that kids get the chance to interact with the SHARK FEST Rihanna feat. Drake Please Don’t Goanimals and actually feed them; we provide a very hands-on experience that is lacking Relish the Deep Endin other zoos around the Middle East,” said Mark Wright, General Manager, Family andKids Park Zoo, which is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums 1-15 May, Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Mall Mike Posner Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett and Goonrock(WAZA). Firework One of the most popular leisure destinations within The Dubai Mall is the DubaiHowever the real attraction is the zoo, with 660 animals, including a majestic pair of Aquarium and Underwater Zoo which is organizing a ‘Shark Fest’ celebration this month. Katy Perrywhite tigers, lions, cheetahs, dozens of zebras and the adorable 31-year-old 300kg-plusSiberian bear who ought to be the attraction’s mascot. The animals are housed in Bottoms Upenclosures labelled ‘Predators’ and ‘Wild Animals’ and soon will enjoy more space once The highlights of the Shark Fest include the introduction of seven new and exotic Trey Songz feat. Nicki Minaj On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbullthe park’s total size doubles over the next 12 months. The existing park-wide ‘misting species of sharks (Black Tip Shark, White Tip Shark, Spotted Bamboo Shark, Coral Cat Shark, Zebra Horned Shark, Wobbegong Shark and Leopard Shark) at its Just Can’t Get Enough - Black Eyed Peassystem’ which keeps animals and patrons cool in the summer months will stretch across Give Me Everything Don’t Hold Your Breath - Nicole Scherzingerthe new areas and will also include a ‘Reptile and Amphibian House,’‘Chimpanzee Park’ Underwater Zoo. Neyo ft. Pitbull, Afrojack & Nayer Sweat - Snoop Dogg (David Guetta Remix)and ‘Parrot Park’. A new Arabian fort-themed entrance and an expanded food court are With such a diversity of species in single spot visitors will gain considerable insight into Someone Like You - Adelealso under development. the world of sharks. Besides shark spotting, Shark Fest offers an opportunity for visitors Raise Your Glass Black and Yellow - Wiz Khalifa Buzzin - Mann feat. 50 Cent“The educational emphasis will continue in the park’s new features when they come to learn about the shark community, watch feedings of different species of shark and Pinkonline. We’re a 40-minute drive from Dubai and a 30-minute drive from Abu Dhabi city Price Tag - Jessie J feat. B.o.B engage in interactive events showing the operations of the aquarium. The festival alsocentre, so pretty equidistant between the two. For families making weekend or day trips features informative talks on environmental conservation that give fresh insights on the Just The Way You Are E.T - Katy Perrybetween the cities, we’re a perfect and affordable stop-off point,” added Wright. natural diversity and on how individuals can contribute to global sustainability efforts. Bruno Mars For the young ones there’s a scavenger hunt where children find answers through UK 01 02 Just Can’t Get EnoughTHE TIMINGS OF THE ZOO ENTRANCE FEE 03 04 Black Eyed Peas} May- September, 4pm to 9pm} Ramadan timings are from 8pm to 12am } Dh 20 for adults and Dh 5 for children six and under } Dh 5 for the Ocean Park exploration and discovery, and the winner gets a shark tooth. There’s also a choice of children’s fiction on the topic of sharks. TOP 10 05 06 07 08 CHARTS 09 10
  • 5. } Shahid Saeed } Blakniss Original game head from Atari to XBox!The latest tech news and gossip Quirkat: The Epicentre of Arab GamingTWITTER BOOSTThe UAE’s Twitter community will be pleased to learn that Twitter’s searches are faster, at Game Hedz spoke to Mahmoud Khasawneh and Candideleast according to an announcement from Twitter (that was blogged, not tweeted, via its Kirk, co-founders of Arab game developer, Quirkat, an ambi-engineering online resource). Twitter says it speeded up its search through the use of a Java tious studio poised to put the region on the world’s gamingserver called Blender. Twitter, which serves over one billion queries daily, says the changehas already cut search delays by a third, and had aided discourse capacity and speed since map. Here are highlights of the interview:the earthquake-tsunami hit Japan.FACEBOOK OPENS UPRemember…how can we forget?...Rebecca Black’s accidental smash hit ‘Friday’? WellYouTube has disclosed that the song is not only one of its biggest ‘hits’ but has also beenone of its record searches, especially on (you guessed it) Fridays! As it so happens April1 (aka April Fools Day) fell on Friday this year and in our own backyard a group of AUSstudents performing on World Day concert shocked the audience by performing a raprendition of Friday. As a prank. But apparently not many people ‘got it’. Scan the tag belowto watch the video. Arabian Lords EuroScorersAnd now, SPEC TALKACER ALL IN ONE Z3731The Acer Z3731 is an all-in-one PC has an exciting new look and feel. It comes with a 21.5”Full HD touch screen, Intel Dual Core E6700 (2.66Ghz/2MB) processor, 3GB DDR3 RAM,500GB Hard Disk Drive, DVD Super Multi Drive, nVIDIA GeForce 9200 Graphics and 2MP HDwebcam. It has built-in Stereo Speakers, 802.11bgn wireless LAN, Multi card reader, Digital Al-Moosiqar BashaTV Tuner, Wireless Keyboard & Mouse. Most retailers provide the PC loaded with MicrosoftWindows 7 Home Premium and the Microsoft Office 2010 Starter. GameHedz: Given the erce competition amongst titles for a place in the gaming world, do you intend to break into the mainstream markets?HTC PDA MOBILE DESIRE HD Quirkat: Since the gaming industry is not quite developed in our region, we are goingHTC Desire HD is 3G Dual band constructed with aluminum unibody weighing about after the mainstream market. Our products are inspired by the Middle East but are designed164 grams with battery. It has a touch screen of 4.3 inches WVGA (800 X 480) display, 8 with global gameplay appeal.megapixel camera, with dual LED flash plus 720p video recording, face detection capability GH: How is the Arabian market responding to the ‘homegrown’ content and what are youand built-in effects that include depth of field and geotagging. It has a 1GHz CPU, 1.5 GB using to measure that response?internal memory, 768 Mb RAM, microSD memory card, GPRS, EDGE, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, QK: Our biggest success was Arabian Lords [PC strategy] it reached the number two spotBluetooth 2.1 along with FM Radio & Internal GPS. The PDA has up to 9 hours talk time and in the Virgin Megastore chart for over six weeks. We’ve also had really good numbers ofup to 420 hours standby time.. EuroScorers [football], our Facebook game; and Tariq’s Treasure [adventure] with mobileSONY DVD HI-FI MHC-GZR888D users, outperformed the combined sales of over 50 English language titles in monthlyThe MHC-GZR888D Mini Hi-Fi system, 600W RMS, 6600W P.M.P.O and a 3 DVD/CD/CD downloads over the four months. Al-Moosiqar [music] was ported to mobile and was thechanger that features a 7” LCD Display Screen and FM/AM Tuner. It has Karaoke scoring, mi- winner of Nokia Judges Choice Awards.crophone input, Dolby Digital/DTS decoding, USB direct MP3 recording and playback, USB GH: Has the current ‘discomfort’ with talk of religion in the some pockets of Western culture/movie playback (DIVX, MPEG-4, JPEG simple profile), GROOVE/Z-GROOVE bass boosting, 3 politics had any impact on the Quirkat’s ambitions or strategy?way hybrid dual woofer and weighs about 17.4 kg. QK: Our games do not involve religion or politics. We just want our audience to enjoy our products. So the issue of us originating from the Middle East doesn’t create a problem, on the contrary, it gives us the opportunity to show the world our culture in a positive light. Quirkat is currently developing games for Sony Gulf’s PSP mini-platform and have several games on the Playstation Network (PSN). Quirkat’s HQ is in the UAE with studios in Amman. Visit for details. Hedz Up Look out for Brink later this month and tell us ‘bout your Gears of War 3 Beta experience and see the full version of this interview and other reivews on And make sure to take the polls Tempo Game Heads!! Braap! See the AUS rappers doing SONY DVD HI-FI MHC-GZR888D ‘Friday’ on YouTube
  • 6. Interviewed by } Eli Pearson & Jessica Roberts ANDREW }ENGLISH MAHER }LEBANESE GABBY }GERMAN TIM }ENGLISH } Justin Thomas GLOBAL WARMING WHO OR WHAT DO YOU THINK CAUSES IT? TO THE USHNA AT THE USHNA The Journey WHAT IS IT? A great restaurant experience begins not with an aperitif, nor with the arrival of the entree. Even entering a tastefully decorated establishment, and being warmly received by courteous table staff is not the initial precursor to a great meal. No - for the ultimate origins of a truly The waiter arrived at our table, always an avid reader, I immediately read his name badge - Jocelyn. My inner schoolboy giggled, where I come from Jocelyn is a girls name, and our waiter was all dude, dude. Of course my passive politeness forbade me from saying anything. WHAT CAN WE DO TO fine dining experience, we have to begin at the very beginning, starting with the actual This is a very British characteristic: if you fall over on a UK street people may not rush to help - this is not stiffened-upper lip callousness, or "bystander apathy", this is simply passive i am the only journey to the restaurant. My journey began on a Thursday evening… politeness - we pretend not to notice, to spare you any embarrassment. person whorecycles in my PREVENT IT? Driving to the restaurant I realised just how little attention I had paid my urban surroundings over the past few weeks - so obsessed had I become with my research into the origins of insanity. Staring out at Abu Dhabi through an open car Jocelyn and the other table-staff at the Ushna are super-efficient, working together like a well choreographed chorus line, everyone plays their position impeccably. Theres none of theneighborhood glo window I was struck by how the city had changed. A radical aggressive bullying some waiters are encouraged to employ, scaring, or shaming customers into ordering more food. Furthermore, none of the staff looked as though they were suffering transformation had occurred, like a Hollywood teen-flick ozo bal w from mild to moderate depressive illnesses - a common, and particularly unappetising where the plain-Jane protagonist is reinvented beyond sight at many other establishments. I once had a waitress cry in my soup, minestrone and ne l arm recognition - beautified into existence. Its as if the whole city had up and mascara an ill advised concoction. We struggled a little with the extensive menu in-spite ofwe are all to blame, companies, individuals, factories, all of us clim ayer ing visited a beauty salon while her inhabitants slumbered. Now the city was beautiful beyond its excessive use of double adjectives: hot spicy, fresh creamy… Jocelyn however, seemed to possess a service-industry sixth sense, and appeared at just the right moment to effortlessly ate , thi is de comprehension, the type of beauty that makes no sense, yet arrests all the senses: the type of beauty that commands such a disproportionate share of the brains limited resources that guide our meal-selections without the faintest trace of condescension. and s is stro we forget to breath. tem affec ying For starters I ordered dhal makhni with peshwari nam, and for my main murgh makhani Battalions of blossom had invaded the city from out of nowhere, the Corniche was redolent with saffron rice. The food arrived without delay, although a delay would have been per ting the with the fragrance of flowers. Abu Dhabi had become the unlikely rallying point for the welcomed in such surroundings, the dhal makhni starter was edible perfection. I actually atu ou million plant march; what exactly did these floral demonstrators want? More fragrance, harboured fairly low expectations of this dish, based on its simplicity, and the fact that, it had res r more colour, more beauty. In full bloom the flowers projected their intense nature-defying been just about the same everywhere else Id previously sampled it. However, the Ushnas it’s up to us to colours onto the irises of innocent passers by - violent pinks, and unearthly purples vied for dhal makhni surpassed all its predecessors shaking me out of my complacency towards this attention. The colour contrast with the turquoise gulf, and the powder-blue sky was stark, humble dish. but Abu Dhabi somehow managed to pull it off, she made the look work. conserve as The peshwari nam did not disappoint either, although it was so rich in coconut and other The Destination sweet stuff it may have served me better as a desert - peshwari nam and custard, a cross cultural culinary experiment I may yet attempt. The murgh makhani was delightful, but the much energy My destination for the evening was the Ushna, an Indian restaurant within the grounds of star of the evening for me was the best supporting actress, saffron rice. My favourite colour the opulent Souk Qaryat Al Beri. The joyous drive across town in the cool breeze, taking in is yellow, my favourite spice is saffron, even my favourite perfume includes saffron as an the floral roadside displays left me psychologically tenderised. I arrived as a well marinated ingredient. The Ushnas saffron rice captures everything I love about this spice, the taste, the as we can piece of meat, fully prepared to play my consumptive role in the culinary process. The aroma, and especially the colour - Ushna saffron rice is to yellow, as blood is to red. restaurants decor was tasteful; there was nothing cliché, no No dessert for me, the peshwari nam sufficed, I did however order the chai masala. When stereotypes screaming "India" through a megaphone, no be- the tea arrived I was happily surprised to find that it was un-sweetened, and for once I was turbaned waiters, no elephantine memorabilia, and thankfully free to add, or not add sugar in accord with my own hedonic inclinations. The teapot was no colonial era exotica. The lighting was perfect with a huge window out onto the aesthetically pleasing, a perfectly spherical cast-iron affair that just begged to be held. My we’re burning gulf. Using my peripheral vision I could just about see both bridges of Bain Al-Jessrain fame, kleptomaniacal better-half took an immediate liking to this uber-cute teapot and spent a we should encourage car simultaneously if I squinted. Out on the terrace the Grand Mosque was visible, its four largest minarets pointing emphatically skywards, perhaps encouraging us to raise our gaze and good five minutes trying to convince Jocelyn on the merits of gifting, selling, or bequeathing it to her - all to no avail. We left without the pot, but with the indelible memories of a trulytoo much gases sharing and recycling. we contemplate more than our earthbound existence. great dining experience - which of course included the journey home. need to stop wasting our electricity YOU WILL NEED: 6 store bought or homemade cupcakes 1/2 cup store bought frosting wa glob in 1/2 cup melting chocolate CAKE BALLS of ma Level 5: are you sure you wanna do this? rm al 1 tsp shortening Sent in by Ma. Cheryl Esteban we need to become Level 3: medium skills required candy sprinkles se he ing cau are t more eco-friendly as Level 4: cooking skills a must HOW TO 1. In a bowl crumble the cupcakes and smash it with a fork Level 2: relatively easy we 2. Add spoons of frosting and mix until cake is moist enough the human race Level 1: super easy RATING SCALE: 3. Roll cake mixture into balls 4. Melt chocolate in the microwave as per package directions 5. Dip the cake balls into the melted chocolate and lay in wax paper 6. Decorate with candy sprinkles
  • 7. COLOURS AND PRINTS Abigail Pingul, 25, Filipina steps out of her comfort zone and boldly shows off her true colours and prints!FASHION STATEMENT: Fashion is a way RED SHOES: Whenever in doubt wear red. This dress is calledof expressing oneself. Confidence is not an “bestida” in theaccessory, but by far the foundation of any Philippines. I can wear itfabulous outfit. In-your-face prints are so indoors or outside. But within for summer… the sunshine splashing on my skin almost every day, I can wear exquisite,Comfort is my number one fashion airy fabrics.priority. Loose chiffon blouses, to vividfloral prints, checks and stripes. It is easyto fall in love with the fabulous decadesthat brought us these feminine styles.Break away from the ever-so-common“black dress” and the safety net it offers,and dare to drape in wild prints, floralsand colours. CHECKERED LONG BLOUSE: I had no second thoughts when IForever21 is my second home. I could stay grabbed it.there for hours, mixing and matchingclothes. Abu Dhabi has great style. Youcan see it in the way local ladies in their FISH LONG CHAIN NECKLACE: RING: A little touch of mother-nature SANDALS- From Dumond.abayas portray simplicity and elegance. I make a statement with large to my floral prints! The simplicity appeals to my feet.The way I see it, everybody is entitled to articulated fish necklaces! It is antheir own opinion and their own sense awesome conversation piece!of style. So I say go ahead andexpress yourself!!
  • 8. { PAINTING THE SNOW DAY 15 We reached the top of the mountain and I saw Zodiacs navigating through floating icebergs. Soon there were flashes of green, orange, red, blue and yellow that dotted the snow as everyone proudly flashed out their national flags, and I held up the UAE flag. This was a historical moment and we all got the opportunity to Dana Al Hammadi, the first Emirati woman to set step on the hold up our flags and take photographs with Robert Swan. We were proud of representing our South Pole shared her diary with Tempo…. countries and we all made a committment to the cause of a sustainable future. DAY { OUR LAST FOOTPRINTS... 16 Our last stop was at Whalers Bay on Deception Island. There we observed the volcanic mountains and the remains of whale hunting. The water that surrounded the volcanic mountain was boiling hot, and as I touched it I had the urge to just dip myself in it and relax. It felt like my icy body needed melting. I knew we came to the end of our expedition when I saw everyone clearing out of the base camp and load all their stuff onto the Zodiacs. The Zodiacs were completely hemmed in with ice but we were able to pushA JOURNEY TO THE SOUTH POLE, our way slowly out. By then the wind was strong and we returned to the ship amid choppy waves, back through the scary Drake Passage…AND A MESSAGE FOR LIFE DAY { THE END...BUT ONLY THE BEGINNINGLike the rest of us Dana Al Hammadi heard for much of her life about After two days on the Drake Passage I had double vision, and no appetite. Iglobal warming, but unlike most of us Dana decided to see for herself. 17-18 consulted the ship doctor and he said that I would be able to regain my full eyesight after two days. Great news! As I reached the airport, I felt like I wasShe attended a conference on global warming, raised the funds for the blind asking people to help me read my ticket. I spent the rest of journey sleeping on the flight,cost of the journey, and joined an expedition to the South Pole. Now she and by now was hardened to the bumpy domestic flight. Now I’m back in the UAE…and I havehas come back to tell her story and spread her message... seen with my own eyes the need for change. I have a mission in mind, and I hope to build on Robert Swan’s lifelong commitment to inspire and educate young people and government entities on the importance of preserving Antarctica. I am ready to tell my story so everyone is aware of climate change, and to encourage people to adopt sustainable, renewable energy practices. For me this wasn’t a two week journey, but the start of a lifelong commitment. { THE PURPOSE OF THE TRIP { THE FIRST GLIMPSE OF THE SOUTH POLE DAY DAY 1 I attended a conference on 13 June 2010 in Abu Dhabi on “Sustainability and Climate Change” and from the moment I heard Robert Swan, the famous environmental explorer, talk about his “Inspire Antarctic Expedition” I was 8-9 After what seemed like months of sickness and torture, the sea calmed and reached the South Pole! I stepped out on the deck to find the calm sea calling out to me at around 8am. The stillness and the silence were indescribable. Thetotally inspired. I wanted to go myself and learn of the continent’s fragile ecosystem. This March I skyline of the mountains and glaciers were magnificent! We set out in groups of eight on “Zodiac”became the first Emirati lady to go to the South Pole… speed boats that brought us to land. Upon arrival, we were greeted by small penguins and seals. We took pictures of the wildlife and explored the place. We trekked to Petermann Island and Pleneau Island. On the way there were blocks of ice glittering. I was tempted to eat the ice and I SAO PAULO did. It was so pure and fresh… a gift from God. DUBAI BUENOS AIRES DAY { THE MAGNIFICENT LANDSCAPE USHUAIA 12 { CAMPING ON ICE Early morning we set out to other parts of the Antarctic Peninsula. The high { FLIGHT FROM DUBAI TO SAO PAULO TO BUENOS AIRES DAY rising glaciers were splendid especially the ones that were painted in hues of DAY AND FINALLY TO USHUAIA (TIERRA DEL FUEGO, 10 At 1 am on Day 10 we were divided into groups of two, and ours was the blues and whites. The scene was dramatic especially because the sun peeked 2-5 ARGENTINA) I took the flight from Dubai with two other Emiratis (both men) who were also first to go to land. We set up tents for the night, on the ice…it was freezing! During the day, we took our Zodiac to explore Neko Harbour, Andvord Bay, Leith Cove and Paradise Harbour. By nightfall, it was snowing heavily. Each tent accommodated out the corners of mountains’ silhouette. It was an incredible sight for us all as it was the first glimpse of the sun after days of grey. Time stood still, and for a moment I feel that this was whatcoming on the expedition. The flight took 33 hours (inclusive of all the waiting) and it was almost heaven must be like. three people, and I was with two people from China. The mix of men and women in the sameunbearable. It was finally a relief when we touched the grounds of Ushuaia – the southern-most tent didn’t bother me at all, but the weather did. It was hard to get sleep; the oxygen was sotip of the South American continent and the closest point to the South Pole. While we waited for { BREAKING ICEthe rest of the group of 65 to arrive from all over the world we were coached; on clothing and condensed, it was difficult to breathe and the temperature got colder by the second. The thermal DAY wear that I wore under my clothes, and the gloves and socks weren’t of much help. Just when I 13gear, safety and security matters, warm-ups, climbing and hiking, and how to stay fit and get into I learned that the Antarctic is the most pristine of beauties but it can also was about to get “comfortable” water gathered up under the tent. I learned that our body heat suddenly change without notice into the most hostile of environments. Ithe spirit. It was totally exciting. caused the ice below us to melt making it impossible to sleep on something cold and soggy. watched a piece of the ice break from the mountain and drop into the sea. It was shocking, and the impact set the Zodiac boat rocking violently. It was as if Antarctica was crying out loud before the ice fell. It took us some time to recover from this emotional moment. But soon, as if to reflect the continuum of nature, we saw elephant seals at Brown Bluff, Tabarin Peninsula. There was the sight of a seal, before us, eating a penguin! Ugh! DAY { SAILING THE TREACHEROUS WATERS OF DRAKE PASSAGE 6-7 We boarded the Sea Spirit ship, and set sail through the infamous Drake { THE YEAR 2041, E-BASE* AND THE PLAN Passage, or the sea of “de Hoces” as the natives call it (It is named after the DAY 14 We headed to the 2041e-base on Maxwell Bay, where scientists from China * Learn more about Robert Swan’s mission, the 2041 treaty, and his dream to build the English Pirate Sir Francis Drake, and the Spanish navigator Francisco de Hoces) { SLEEP AND EXPLORATIONSand is known as the most dangerous sea in the world to navigate. The passage connects the DAY and Russia are working on solutions for clean and renewable energy. I world’s first education base (E-Base) in Antarctica. The E-Base is intended to serve as a 8-9southwestern part of the Atlantic to the southeastern part of the Pacific Ocean. It is a rough sea I was eager to get back to the ship! As soon as we reached the ship I knocked desperately want the UAE to be involved in this treaty…this is the Antarctica resource for teachers and to inspire young people around the world.with rogue waves reaching up to 10-20 metres. It was a wild ride but thanks to the scopolamine off all my gear and gave it the second group who were waiting for their turn Treaty that requires nations to focus on the protection of Antarctica and prohibit drilling and Visit we were given (which we attached behind the ears and the wrists), and lying down to camp on ice. They seemed very excited so I decided not to talk to them and mining rights until 2041. We did more trekking by afternoon and I hiked up to the top of the wait after they experienced what I had. I was in dire need of a hot shower and sleep! I spent half mountain, took in the breathtaking 360 degree views, and I took this moment to spread out a Tempo is committed to the cause! Check out the June 2011 Tempo issue to see our list ofalmost the whole way we managed to survive. The hardest part was doing my prayers, which Ihad to do mostly sitting or laying down. my day in bed. By afternoon we rode on the Zodiacs to do some more exploring. banner with the picture of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa! It was a moment of magic and fulfillment! 50 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO REDUCE GLOBAL WARMING !
  • 9. sun mon tue wed thu fri sat 1 3 4 5 6 7 Caitlin Shombe N.B. Zaki Ayman Nada 2 It’s m The Dawn of the His tory Birthday y @ Al Jahili Fort today Snoop Dogg @ Gulf Educational Su Solutions @ Airpo pplies & Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi Anicia’s rt Expo, Dubai Robot Fath Arab Market 2011 World Dubai 2011 World ADNEC Sean Kingston @ Chi Birthda ers @ ADNEC Photo ) @ Dubai Olympiad UAE @ The Lodge, Dubai y -4 (May 2 de Centre PERWAKILAN World Tra Al Qattara Arts Center @ Charity Bazaar @ Alvin Meneses Courtney’s firs t class at the sunset steel pan music Al Qattara Arts Center, Westin Duba Celebration @ The Embassy of Al Ain Malaysia i Mina Seya hi Beach Resort & Ma rina 8 Fatoom Ahmed 9 Interiors UAE 2011 (May 9- 11) @ ADNEC 10 11 Ex @ if - 11 Hal nts ime r per Qas l 12 13 @ ai 14 har 20 ter al ub Dany Jaber n S 79 – Quar Globoil International a ass 19 al ion tel, D at o (May 13- 15) @ Hyatt Regency it H cts ltur le East Vis Obje sn Cu ern H ch Midd & Ho il Int ency Hotel, Dubai TradeTe y 10-11) @ Al bo Reg (Ma yatt, Dubai Glo yatt Mother’s Day The Park H ip nsh er H e& pio Wat che m ak ni My Birthday Satellite Forum renc ha e r Global Space & onfe nat Adelle Lumalang NEC ng C @ Madi ki C Br Co 2011 (May 9-11) @ AD ourc i ) i e t S 3) @ Outs 10-11 Duba EJ t Arab o (May h Hotel, UA (Hea p Ex umeir a JMay 2011 Calendar of Events Ghadi Bou Samra Priya Tawde Sameer Tawakol 15 16 17 1 201 C 18 The Ho 19 20 21 17th GCC eService eGovernment a (May 21-2s Conference nd 5) @ Dub ai ast ADNE tel @ Dub Show (May 1 Happy Birthday to Kath le E ai Worl d Trade 7- 19) Hurts idd ) @ d s M 17- 18 Centre @ Irish Village, Dubai Car ay (M and ME! It’s my Birthday s ean e y m g to m DN ns @ A tio s da n EC 8) ica Thi methi Mid - 1 un Jerlyn Camasin d 16 m 16-1 le East e@ r Roxett orld Trade Cente ay om so 8) @ Pl JW M astic P (M st C Gastech Amsterd arri ipes ( Dubai W am @ 11 Ea ot H M Emirates Palace & 20 ddle otel ay nju , Du ADNEC Ma Mi Brigett V. Joel Mohammed R.A. bai Hala Mutair Benny 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Muhimma Sulaiman bai e entr X Du 5) rade C on- Visi ay 24-2 World T (M ubai @D Hassan Abu Assali 1 A 201 Khan Joe Cocker ICCSE 7) @ Dubai Naiomi Mulligan @ Al Badia Golf Club, Dubai Visit the Splendours of Logich h Ali Mesopotamia @ Manarat e Grosve m Middle Eas 5- 2 t Fate DNEC (May 2 Raha A Al Saadiyat Dubai nor Ho use Ho t @ Ustad Concert @ tel, Murtada Yang Ezekiel P. De Castro 29 30 31 Beth MY MAY PRIORITIES MY MAY ECO PLEDGE TAMAKKAN COURSES: May 3 • Social Media for Business { FREE } May 6 • Entrepreneurship Made Easy Saoud Al-Maamari May 13 • Entrepreneurship Project Management 2 It’s my May 14 • Social Media Bootcamp Happy Day! May 20 • Entrepreneurship Project Management 1 May 27 • Performance Management 101 May 28 • Online Business 101 ! 4th Anniversary of it (May 29 - 30) @ Happy Birthday to me Al Wahda Mall CSR Summ e Center, Dubai Third Ey Janet email:
  • 10. VAMP UP READ BUY Starry Nights “Les Énergies Renouvelables” in Arabic Swappeez: The limitless sandals At your very own boudoir Kalima, the translation project of ADACH, has published the Arabic What if you have five minutes to pack for a Getting weary of your plain and simple, monotonous translation of Jacques Vernier’s “Les Énergies Renouvelables” super vacation in the Bahamas, and you have boudoir? The One’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, (Renewable Energies). several colourful outfits but can only squeeze in promises to give your home some luxurious The translation is by Abdel Hadi Idrissi, a professor at the Higher one pair of sandals? Well that must have been pampering… Hollywood-style. College of Teachers in Tetouan. The book looks at how humans the situational dilemma that drove two girls to have made use of different types of energy available on the planet develop what they think is a universal solution The One serves p a decidedly romantic vintage for the world: a single pair of sandals that can be EXPERIENCE IT! modern mix inspired by 50s Hollywood glam. since ancient times. worn in a number of colours and styles. Swappeez Recreate your chic bedroom with classic damask It talks of how humans started by burning wood to produce fire sandals come in colourful and interchangeable wallpaper, a curvaceous bed upholstered in lush and to cook food, heat up their homes and protect themselves straps, with buckles and accessories that you can assemble yourself. Their sales pitch is that you can use a single velvety fabric and a buttoned floor screen; layer from enemies. The book explores modern day renewable energies, Swappeez kit to build the right shoe for day or night, formal or informal occasion, and all without the wardrobe/ the bed in cool cream and beige; add a couple of discusses each source with a look at future prospects through bag space, and without spending a fortune. Worth a try? For you to decide. Where to get them: Sauce andcushions in the palest of purples for subtle contrast, then pair it with an eclectic stone-top copper side table the examination of French, European and global statistics and Modern Antiques in Dubai or online at www.swappeez.comor an ornately designed painted wood bedside table. Sweet dreams glamour girls! You can find The One atAbu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. data. Tempo’s verdict: a timely read, and a great Arabic resource on the topic. THE LOUNGE - Executive Grooming Saloon for Men GO ECO Courtesy Tempo Value Coupons BROWSE LISTEN BagItWise: Reusable Shopping Bags The “Femme Fatale” is Back! If you are serious about going green then using Who do you want to be today? reusable shopping bags is probably one of the The seventh album released by the Queen of Pop Britney easiest and most proactive ways you can make Spears has made an impact, and looks like it could be Shaikh Mohammed Usman, Pakistani, 23, Haven’t you ever wanted to see what a significant contribution. Thankfully the guys the redemptive coup for the beleaguered songstress. from BagItWise have come up with a great idea you’d look like as a James Bond, a Paris Already getting considerable airplay on radio, TV and the to get rid of all those plastic bags, which by the decided to visit The Lounge and try out their Hilton or a Mick Jagger? Well in this worldwide web, her album “Femme Fatale” reaffirms her site you can virtually (excuse the pun) status in a market thronging with young female talent. way make up most of our city’s waste (actually services. Here’s what he has to say…. become the celebrity you’ve long been the top waste collected from our seashores, Britney has described her album as “sexy and strong, dying to be…get those six packs in according to the Environmental Agency, dangerous yet mysterious, cool yet confident.” no time, become the wife of the most Abu Dhabi). powerful man in the world, and get Well what’s for sure is that the album has reached number WHAT I TRIED: your face on a magazine cover! All you BagItWise not only made these bags eco- one on the Billboard 200 with 278,000 first-week sales, friendly, but stylish as well. They come in three First, I had a haircut. Then I was taken upstairs for a Moroccan bath.need is a good photo of yourself, a little resizing skill, and voila! And the best part is you can even send it out to went certified gold during its debut week in Australia withall your friends and make them jealous that you went on a date with Justin Bieber! Cheesy, fun and best of all kinds: BAGGU, which is big, bold, and available After the bath, I was brought downstairs again for the hair wash and the 35,000 copies sold, and made it to Germany’s top ten. in a variety of colours, FLIP & TUMBLE, whichfree. Also available as iPhone and iPad apps. Tempo sampled the album and suggests you give a listen to: Hold It Against Me, Big Fat Bass (feat Will.i.Am), hairstyling. roll beautifully into a ball when you don’t use itWebsite: and Till the World Ends. So is this Britney’s big comeback? We say YES! as a bag, and OBOE, which is made entirely from recyclable materials, is very spacious and comes in a range of 50+ designs and prints. All of these bags are made from durable ripstop nylon, can carry weights from 14-22 AWESOME PART? kilos and comes in a range of smacking cool colours and print designs. They are also machine washable and easy SHOP The fact that the stylist for my haircut was really professional in his work DOWNLOAD to maintain. Tempo has already tried these bags and recommends them… take part in being green! Email or call 050 5182746 to get your hands on these environmentally friendly bags and pledge to stop using plastic bags. and knew what he’s doing. I didn’t say much. I had a happy haircut. The Moroccan bath was one of the most relaxing things that I have done for months... Palringo’s multiprotocol chat client has quickly Numero Unica! become the favorite of many IM addicts. It VISIT gives users much of what they expect, as well There is one thing that the Italians will AWKWARD MOMENTS? as something that its competitors lack. First of make time for, and strive for perfection None as such all it’s free, and second, it offers some unique to create, and that’s coffee. There’s also features such as “Groups” and voice-clip ability. one thing that most of us are guilty It supports MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Google, ICQ, of spending too much money on, and The Splendours of Mesopotamia HOW MUCH? Jabber, iChat and MobileMe, QQ, Gadu-Gadu, that’s coffee. For Lovers of Art and History and Facebook Chat, although it can be buggy Well since I used the Tempo Coupon, the offer was “All for AED 100- haircut, at times. And so enter the solution: your very Discover the Splendours of Mesopotamia at the hair wash, blow dry, hair style, Moroccan bath”…. cool deal! own Unica coffee maker from Gaggia to Manarat Al Saadiyat, to learn about the three great Tempo likes the fact it can send audio messages provide you with great coffee and long ancient centres of Mesopotamian civilisation: Sumer, directly which are received with 10 seconds term savings. Assyria and Babylon. The exhibition introduces the RECOMMEND IT? of sending and that it plays automatically. history of a crucial region in the development of Yes, I would certainly refer it to my friends. They should go to The Lounge Quality is pretty darn good too. We think this The newly launched Unica is a fully human civilization and demonstrates how, through for the service and the nice way to relax and pamper yourself… really creates a true push-to-talk alternative automatic coffee machine with a trade, Mesopotamia became a great junction where for people. sleek and clear control panel, an art and literature flourished and gave rise to the adjustable frontal dispensing head and world’s first truly ‘international cities.’ The exhibition Palringo is synchronizable and available on a removable coffee ground container… showcases a stunning array of more than 200 ancient multiple mobile platforms, including Android, which makes it easy to clean and treasures from the British Museum’s iconic Middle iPhone and iPod Touch, Blackberry, Java, maintain, say the guys from Gaggia. East collections, as well as objects from the Al Ain Symbian and S60, and Windows Mobile. They National Museum. Tempo recommends the exhibition, Would you like to review a service for Tempo? have their own IM service, but it requires The Unica produces everything from along with its supporting activities of workshops, registration before you can setup your IM creamy cappuccino to smooth espresso. educational tours and talks. The exhibition is free Or are you a retailer who wants your services reviewed? account details. IM as often as you like from your But your barista dream comes with of charge and guided tours are available upon Email desktop PC or from your cell, Palringo might just a hefty price tag of Dh 3290 (and is request. It runs until 27 June 2011 and is open daily become your best pal. available in Dubai Garden Centre). from10am - 8pm Coffee anyone?
  • 11. KAREN NYBORG Now, for a tale of caution…It’s just one of those that make you want to say “what the #&%! were you thinking? However the timing and sentiment aren’t really necessary. A poor immigrant worker is rushed into the emergency room one evening. He had extensive burns to his face, body, arms and was wide awake. The first thing he tells me is that he was on fire but thanks to his coworkers they were able to extinguish the flames and rush him to the hospital. “What happened?”, I asked, THE ABU DHABI while surveying for other injuries. “I was cutting a metal drum with a grinder when it exploded”. “Exploded?? How does a metal drum explode??” CREATIVE CLUB } Dave Solomon A Doc from the Bronx “I think a spark from the grinder caused the diesel inside the drum to explode..., KWAME BUSIA THE “POWER” AWARDS ’he replies. “Say no more,” I tell him. The Main Guy : Poor guy. The others: Bohdan Turok, Luis Let me introduce you to some candidates for my own Grolez, Karen Nyborg, POWER awards ( Patients of the World from the ER). These Well loyal reader, we have come to an end. But by no means, is this the end. If you Maria Divina Dipon etc. action packed super-heros and incidents have actually past have read this far, then you are definitely the type who slows down to look at the car accident. There will be more. Stay tuned....... through the hallowed doors of our emergency department. But, before we start, let’s get something clear here- it’s not KWAME a competition. Not at all, because, in my eyes..... you’re all I’m an architect from London but I’m trained winners. in creative fields such as photography, graphic design etc. Our community is for like-minded Let’s start with this sad tale. The patient was writing a letter to his boss explaining his people to collaborate with, learn from and recent absence, and the need for time off. He had just had a heart attack and was still grow creatively. It doesn’t matter whether in recovery. However, while actually writing the letter, he clutches his chest in agony you’re a novice or a professional. and begins to notice severely laboured breathing. He then becomes sweaty. Oh no, he says to himself.... his worst nightmare is happening. He recognizes this feeling and the We have a wide variety of backgrounds both culturally and professionally, ranging from psychologists to teachers and timing couldn’t be better. Another heart attack…at the ripe age of 32! He had just had musicians, to advertisers designers and architects. his first heart attack only two weeks ago!!THE PITCH am not a professional artist by any stretch of the imagination but I like Karen Nyborg: I’m from Canada. I am a teacher by profession, and I me the opportunity to take part in cultural and artistic events while to dabble in as many mediums as possible. AD Creative Group has given Maria Divina Dipon: I am a Here are some helpful tips to start: e along, SHARE IDE realtor by profession but myCom new techniqu AS, br • Give your space a good-clean up first. arn le es an i ng dd passion for arts is seeking out • Divide objects you want to get rid of into: trash, recycling, repairs, isc for opportunities to showcase donations, returns, and undecided. yo the fin ur p er points of creativity. , and share my talent…I can } Layla Ezzedeen • Leave something undecided for up to a month then revisit to make the uss ortfo final decision. Attend to repairs promptly. hopefully leave a mark on the Performance Whiz and Feng Shui Practitioner • Decluttering aggressively or slowly is up to you, and can depend on what lios, start collaboratin Abu Dhabi Arts scene. practicing some of my own craft. you are decluttering. Go with your feeling. • Look for relief; this is key. You know you have decluttered correctly when Karen Nyborg: Since I’ve joined we’ve attended an art workshop on Saadiyat SLATE CLEAN • you experience the sense of “At last!” Trust life. Avoid the what-if-I’ll-need-it-later and just-in-case mentality Island, an Arabic jazz concert, we met for Weather changes are inspiring to many of us. For and do not worry too much about regrets. That said, think carefully lunch and drinks, where we got together better or worse, the heat is kicking in. It is time through your stuff. g and talked. • Start where you like. Decluttering is typically contagious throughout the to lighten up, dress comfortably and wrap up house. involvements before the arrival of summer. • Decluttering can mean reorganizing. Tidy up and arrange things in a wayabudhabicreativeclub Kwame Busia: We meet and talk about each other’s work. Members bring their portfolio Let us power up the usual spring-cleaning with decluttering, a powerful process that makes sense to you. then pass them around. We discuss them • And most of all enjoy decluttering! whereby we get rid of the old to ring in the new. We examine everything we own – and and offer constructive ideas. We also discuss I mean every single thing – and decide what to keep and what to release. It is a seriousKwame Busia: The creative roundtable techniques for creating, like how to use your business of redefining ourselves through our spaces, which are faithful mirrors of ourprocess works by giving everyone a chance camera, settings, lenses etc. identities, cares and challenges. The key is to become aware and understand why weto talk about their work and receive useful keep what we keep – then let go what we have It’s amazing because you realize Karen Nyborg: Generally it’s people’s reaction to what’s The decluttering mantra says, “Love it, use it, or lose it.” When you hold up that odd-how differently people perceive the things being presented and getting everyone’s take on the piece. looking thingamajig out of the depths, ask yourself, “Do I love it? Do I use it?” If youyou create and how they responded it to it. Showing your art can be a very vulnerable experience so answer “no” to both questions, lose it. Also ask yourself how long you have kept it andYou become more confident in your creative to have a relaxed place to do it with people at a variety of why. Most importantly, discern how it makes you and learn loads of great skills. levels and different experiences and talents is nice. Read or download Layla’s Book on Decluttering for Well-being
  • 12. } Alma Kadragic Photos } Abdul RahmanAROUND THE COMMUNITY After the talk, Al Fahim signed copies of his book which most expats pick up sooner or laterAn Evening with the Abu Dhabi Networking Group to learn about the country before it became the UAE and to understand some of the history that underlies the present city and emirate. In 2009 a young woman whose name sounds Turkish but who is an expat from Later, the networking the US decided what was missing in Abu continued as Al Fahim, Dhabi was an opportunity for people to Boutros, Ronald Wherry, meet and network for fun and profit. Today and Dean Hoke, posed with Nouvriet Boutros is Managing Director a giant version of the check of the Abu Dhabi Networking Group and for 82,440 AED raised by hosts a meeting at the Hilton at 6:30 pm Multiculturalism at this table with Egyptians Wael Eissa and Nevine Ezzat who have lived in Abu ADNG to benefit the Future on the second Tuesday of each month. Dhabi four and eight years respectively with Kim Christiansen from Denmark, the new to Abu Dhabi married couple Neri Askland and Henny Borve from Norway separated in the photo by Center for children with Rizwan Khan from Pakistan who’s been here seven years. learning disabilities. ADNG is non profit, and there is no charge to attend. When the speaker is well known, as happened at the April meeting, 150 people sent in an RSVP. The speaker was Mohammed Al Fahim, author of From Rags to Riches and Honorary Chairman of the Al Fahim Group which he headed for a number of years before retiring to give a brother the chance to be CEO. If you’re interested in ADNG, join the group on LinkedIn and come to a meeting. He treated the group to some of his photos from the 1950s and The next meetings are 60s when Abu Dhabi was tiny, he and other children walked barefoot, and the only school was surrounded by sand. Before cars May 3 and June 7.Anwar Iman from the US and Moustafa Hamwi both work for the Abu Dhabi Government. and roads, it took seven days to travel from Abu Dhabi island to Hisham Al Yahyai, an Omani who has lived and worked in Dubai the past twoHamwi is new to Abu Dhabi although he lived 10 years in Dubai. Iman has been in Abu Dhabi Al Ain. Al Fahim says they would make the trip twice a year in a years, came with his sister-in-law Fariya Al Berky and their friend Rana Akoulan, a18 months working on the emirate’s technical development. caravan of 150. Lebanese who was born in the UAE.
  • 13. } Randy ParkerCaptain America at the Race Track Visit Randys blog on your smart phoneFIA GT1 World Championship Race at Yas Marina CircuitRecently, I decided to satisfy my need for ear-splitting internal combustion The icing on the cake was the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show happening concurrently andnoise, the smell of burnt racing fuel and the screech of tortured tires. So I went adjacent to the racetrack. There was also an an exhibition hall of presentations bythe GT1 race at the local racetrack. premier vendors of toys for the ultra-wealthy and then through the back door were several docks full of the real thing. There were several yachts were well in excessThis racing series started in 2010 and Abu Dhabi had the honour of hosting the of 100 feet and resembled small cruise ships, and as I toured one of these marinefirst race of the 2011. The premium auto makers are represented with the likes marvels I decided I would be comfortable to live aboard it for the rest of my life.of Ford (GT), Nissan (GT-R), Aston Martin (DB-9), Lamborghini (Murcielago)and Chevy (Corvette C6), and there were several teams for each model car. This was my first venture to the Yas Marina Circuit.My schedule dictated I attend on the qualifying day which meant a much more It is a well planned facility but really spread out. Berelaxed pace. There was the usual racing but the pit crews moved in a sloth- prepared to walk long distances and catch shuttlelike pace compared to the frantic NASCAR Crews I am used to seeing. I was buses. When I first moved to this part of town theresurprised how few fans were there considering the “Chamber of Commerce”weather and the nice Yas Marina Circuit venue. The good thing was I could was nothing here, but that is now changing rapidly,stretch out in the grandstand and not have to battle crowds for food and drink. and now there is definitely something happeningThere were fun exhibits behind the main grandstands, too. here almost every weekend! I have not heard of many student-teacher exhibitions. Its not a common phenomena To my surprise most girls around me shared pretty much the same interests; a handsome in this part of the world. So, when I heard of this exhibition, I was very interested to husband with six packs (maybe a moderately thin guy) on a white horse ( now exchanged for a white Bentley) who comes from a long line of kings (nowadays traded for a } Neena Rai attend. The exhibition was hosted by Art Lounge Gallery, Art Select at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai. The exhibition was titled ‘Bondings - Vinculacion’ by two prominent artists businessman). An artist with a flair from India and Mexico. Mexican artist Jose Toledo exhibited with renowned Indian artist Kanchan Chander. Did watching too many cartoons and playing with just as many Barbies mess with our} Manar Al Hinai expectations? Do we expect to meet our Prince Charming at the ball (aka a cousin’s There were some interesting paintings to be seen at the gallery. Kanchan had displayed wedding) who would fall madly in love with us and propose marriage before 12:00 her ‘Frida’ inspired mixed media works which consisted of paints, stickers, photos and A STUDENT-A Khaleeji girl who overthinks a lotand loves to write am? glitter. With the ‘Frida’ collection she also displayed a series of paintings depicting women. Her paintings were bright and colourful, mostly dominated by the use of reds Let’s just assume we did go to the ball and stayed till after midnight… will we be and blues. TEACHER DUOI was looking through my baby pictures and wasn’t happy if we left that Dh 1500 shoe behind? And you know what they say: “you havereally surprised to see myself in the “princess dress”, to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the handsome prince.” How will that happen when Jose had showcased paintings that displayed lovely figures and leaves. The paintings depicted individuals relaxing before taking a bath in Mexico. In my brief chat with him, our society forbids dating ?you know the puffy pink dress we were all forced he gave me a wonderful glimpse of life in Mexico. About how women tie their hair up before bathing and how they lounge around before wear in Eid. As usual, my mind started to drift... What if there’s no prince and all there is are just frogs? What if I’ll never meetare we being fed the wrong information since Prince Charming at the ball because he had food poisoning and threw up all night? We can’t always expect things to be perfect, because things in life aren’t. On the Kanchan and Jose’s friendship had started 16 years ago in New Delhi where Jose had come to study at the Delhi College of Art as a guest student and Kanchan was hisour childhood? My mum told me that whenever contrary, they’re the next closest thing to perfect. Don’t wait for your prince to climb teacher. Despite their student-teacher relationship, the pair remained good friendssomeone asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up your hair and enter your room to save you from your miserable life! Wake up and and continued to meet each other at social and cultural events. While Kanchan stayed look around. This is as good as it gets. Grab it and make the best out of it. in India and worked, Jose moved around the world from Sweden to Spain to Palestineup, I would always say I want to be just like Barbie or before moving to Dubai, where he currently resides. After Dubai, the student- teacherCinderella. Follow me on Twitter @manar_alhinai duo plan to have further combined exhibitions in India and in Mexico. Visit Neena’s blog and website
  • 14. ANOTHER YEAR FOR by BrandMoxie FILM IN THE UAE } Alma KadragicQUICK SKILL-BUILDING COURSES FOR SMALL AND 5 TIPS TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE IN BUSINESSMEDIUM ENTERPRISES (SMEs) by 1 Is it a brochure, a flyer or a sales kit?Entrepreneurship Made Easy Often at BrandMoxie we have a client who comes to us asking for a ‘brochure’ without a clearCOURSE OUTLINE } Setup Privacy Settings & Lists idea of what the piece of marketing collateral is intended for. Here we offer insight on how• Develop a thorough understanding of the entrepreneurial process and its components to fine tune your marketing collateral to fit your specific business needs. Usually marketing• Identify characteristics / skills for successful entrepreneurship Many people ask us how to separate their personal Facebook accounts from their Business accounts – and Facebook has made that very easy! literature are required to help a customer make a buying decision. Because the development• Mentally prepare for your new venture• New venture launch and early management decision-making process Facebook gives you complete control over your privacy settings so of such material can be costly in design, content creation and production, it is important forDATE } May 6, Friday | 8 am to 1 pm you now have the power to decide who sees what when they access the business to determine the kind of ‘collateral’ required to achieve the specific business goalCOST } Dh 1,100 your profile. To do this in the most effective way, you need to set up (which is almost always to convert a potential customer into a real customer). Facebook Lists where you can separate your friends, family and your No way to escape film in the UAE even if youEntrepreneurship Project Management 2 business contacts! The “Hand Out and Leave Behind” Brochure wanted to. The Gulf Film Festival (GFF) that 2COURSE OUTLINE } As the name suggests, this is the brochure that you leave behind after your contact with the featured 153 films from 31 countries ended• Introduction to project management Setup a Facebook Page for your Business prospective customer. This brochure provides a good outline of your products and services and late last month. The Gulf - Bahrain, Kuwait,• Managing project scope, time & cost with it the specific benefits it offers the customer. It is important that your copy is punchy and• Managing resources Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, plus Iraq Many people debate between creating a Facebook Group or a Page has a clear ‘call to action.’ It also has to be relevant otherwise your ‘leave behind’ brochure will and Yemen - contributed 108 films with the• Managing project risks for their business. While both have unique qualities and benefits, probably be left behind in the garbage bin! UAE at 45 leading the pack, almost double• Performance monitoringDATE } May 13, Friday | 8 am to 1 pm Facebook Pages give you the ability to customize the page, is SEO the 23 from Iraq.COST } Dh 1,100 friendly (meaning people can find your Facebook page on Google), The “In Response’ Brochure and best of all, you can create your own unique URL ie. This is the brochure that you send when someone is interested in your product or service and you want to provide information that could help them make a buying decision, basically to As Festival Chairman Abdulhamid Juma said,Social Media Bootcamp 3 take them to a ‘stage two.’ This brochure should list all the strong benefits and features to “The Gulf Film Festival is unique in the world asCOURSE OUTLINE } persuade the customer, and hopefully close the deal. the only platform where filmmakers from the• Discuss basic marketing principles and how they intertwine with social media Build a Community• Learn important social media language and the fundamental drivers Gulf nations, Iraq and Yemen can share what’s on• Learn how to create ads and a following, build fan pages, and undertake a tweet The hardest part of creating a Facebook Page is driving traffic to the The Catalogue their minds and their hearts with the rest of the programme to advertise page. To do this you need to consistently create engaging material to This is ‘brochure’ that is a listing usually in photos and prices. It is important that the world in an open setting."• Develop a professional network and join groups, and recruit employees catalogue does justice to the products otherwise it is best that it should be produced at all. So benefit from News Feed Optimization (NFO ). We recommend that youDATE } May 14, Saturday | 9 am to 2 pm use techniques like asking questions, posting relevant photos, videos the quality of the photos and printing are immensely important to market the products. Such 15 women filmmakers showed their worksCOST } Dh 1,100 catalogues can be expensive to produce, and distribute, if they have many pages. These days and links, and creating promotions. including several Emiratis. Ghafet Osha, directed 4 ‘catalogue’ dependent businesses produce small printed versions and ask customers to browseEntrepreneurship Project Management 1 more expanded online versions. by Emirati Hana Al Zarooni with Tarek GhattasCOURSE OUTLINE } Hyper-Targeted Ads is a short film about a little girl who sacrifices• Entrepreneurship; from concept to establishing a business her life for her dying young sister in the desert.• Understanding the principles of project management Did you know that our Director Abbas Alidina was able to “target” a The Point of Sale Flyer This is usually located strategically at retail points, and usually come in the form of a quick People who attended the Dubai International• Entrepreneurship and project management Facebook Ad so specifically that the only person in the entire universe• Preparation of sample project plan for a new venture and brief read – often a flyer - to help the customer progress towards the buying decision Film Festival (DIFF) in December may remember who was able to see it was his wife!? Now imagine being able toDATE } May 20, Friday | 8 am to 1 pm as they come close to the ‘buying window.’ Or it is something the customer may scan over another film by an Emirati woman director, hyper-target your adverts at that level for your business or product!COST } Dh 1,100 quickly and take with them to read at home. For the sake of convenience, visibility, attractive Nujoom Alghanem’s Hamama, a documentary Just be sure not to link-off of Facebook but instead direct traffic to your customized Facebook Page. design and brevity of copy are all important. about a 90-year-old female healer in the UAE. It 5Performance Management 101 won the Special Jury Prize at the Muhr EmiratiCOURSE OUTLINE } Implement a Landing Tab that Converts The Direct Mailer competition and was shown again at GFF.• Role of performance management in strategic planning Sometimes a marketing strategy calls for a direct mail campaign, and this works best when• Performance models When someone clicks on your Facebook Page, you have the the target group is relatively small and identifiable, and that the contact information is If youve been working on a film or thinking• Similarites with personal performance available to the marketer. In this case, the best collateral type is the direct mailer. Here the• Putting performance management to work opportunity to step above the competition by creating a Landing or about making a film - which can be as short as 5 Splash page. You can encourage users to click “like”, promote products mailer should provide your product or services’ key selling points, and also some level ofDATE } May 27, Friday | 2 pm to 7 pm personalization so the recipient places a greater value since the mailer is intended for him or minutes and as long as a feature film - you stillCOST } Dh 1,100 and create “Fan Exclusive” content to help generate more traffic to your have time but not much. The Abu Dhabi Film business. It is inviting, compelling and creates a unique experience for her. Here try to include the person’s name, title and address, and if at all possible personalize the letter (rather than sending it to ‘dear customer’). Festival (ADFF) (October 13-22) has announcedOnline Business 101 the user. July 1 as the deadline for entering any of itsCOURSE OUTLINE }• Introduction to the trends and opportunities in new media (internet, social media, mobile) The Sales Support Brochure competitions. The focus of ADFF is international• Learn how to take an offline business online, and create a good website In some businesses a sales person has a short time to make a sales pitch to a customer, and but there is a category for films from the UAE,• Learn how to market your business online and generate targeted traffic Social Media for Business that might involve showing the prospect a ‘brochure’. In this instance the brochure needs to meaning by Emiratis or expats who live here.• A study of Facebook and Twitter marketing serve as a selling aid, and showing the products in large photographs and headlines helps. Down the road is the Dubai International Film COURSE OUTLINE }DATE } May 28, Saturday | 2 pm to 7 pm If produced well, this kind of brochure, even if it is left behind with the potential customer, Festival (December 7-14). If you miss ADFF, • Introduction to Facebook, Twitter and Linked in for BusinessCOST } Dh 1,100 doubles up as a ‘leave behind’ brochure. theres always Dubai which hasnt yet announced • Use Twitter to generate business • Learn how to use Facebook as a marketing tool the deadline for submitting films. FOR ENQUIRIES AND TO BOOK: Unleash is an innovation initiative by BrandMoxie, a marketing agency based in DATE } May 3rd, Wednesday | 6:30 pm to 9 pm Abu Dhabi that provides advertising, PR and strategy services. Call } 02-667 3349 / 050 912 9647 | Email } | Website }
  • 15. TEMPO FEATURED RETAILERS Chamas Marroush Al Dhafra Cruising Type: Brazilian all-you-can-eat meat Type: Lebanese Take-away Type: Floating Restaurant serving Emarati dishes Specialty: Rib-eye Steak Specialty: Spicy Mexican shawarma Specialty: Grilled seafood Location: Inter Continental, Bainunah Street Location: Meena Street, Corniche/ Al Salam Location: Mina Port Tel: 02- 6666888 Tel: 02- 6444782 Tel: 02- 6732266Aries (March 21-April 19)It will be a cool month for Aries people. You have worked like workaholics in the past BiteRite Kawloon Abu Shakraand this month is apt for Aries people to relax and take a chill pill, get a short break from Type: Guilt- Free health food Type: Chinese Cuisine Type: Egyptian and Lebanese grubwork and be in a holiday mood. This will not only help in regaining the lost energy, but Specialty: Chicken tikka masala Specialty: Sizzlers, mixed fried rice, noodles Specialty: Grills and Shawarmawill also make you motivated and optimistic to perform better at work. Location: Muroor Street, between 11th and 13th street Location: Khalidiyah Location: Estiqlal Street, Al Markaziyah Tel: 02- 6411660 Tel: 02- 6343436 Tel: 02- 6313400Taurus (April 20-May 20)The first week of the month will mark the beginning of a new phase of the year. New Bandung El Sombrero India Palacemoon entering the Taurus zodiac sign is symbolic of a new beginning and new thoughts. Type: Authentic Indonesian Food Type: Mexican Classic Dishes Type: Indian Food Specialty: Nasi goreng Specialty: Burritos Specialty: Creamy curriesGemini (May 21-June 20) Location: 18th Street, Tourist Club Location: Sheraton Hotel and Resort Location: Salam StreetSocial events and activities might keep you busy during the end of the month. Gemini Tel: 02- 6422008 Tel: 02- 6970238 Tel: 02- 6448777people will enjoy the company of their friends and new acquaintances to a great extent. TEMPOVALUECOUPONSCancer (June 21-July 22)People born under the Cancer zodiac sign will have a month to cheer upon. Whether it isthe personal life or the professional one, the Goddess of happiness is showering all herlove and care for you. TEMPO VALUE COUPONS IS A COMMUNITY SERVICE.Leo (July 23- August 22) If you have a shop, restaurant or service and you want to promote it, please email it to info@abudhabitempo or call Ellaine on 02 667 3349.This might not be a good time for love and romance. Those who are looking to proposeto their loved one should postpone their decision for a while.Virgo (August 23-September 22)This month will be challenging for many Virgo people. Work will take up most of yourtime. There might be new career opportunities waiting for you. AED 250 15% OFF Mother’s Day Special photoshoot packageLibra (September 23-October 22) (Including 10 printouts and one framed print plus gift basket, free wardrobe check)Money matters will be in the favor of Libra people. Second and third week of May will AED 100 Mother’s Day photoshoot package (Including 10 printouts and one framed print)be all the more important for money and finance. AED 80 { On all meals } Regular Black and White photoshoot package (Including 5 printouts, frame is optional)Scorpio (October 23-November 21)Business people need to be very cautious at work. Do not to depend a lot on your col- Valid until May 31, 2011 Valid until May 31, 2011leagues or partners. There might be issues relating to finance.Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)Sagittarius people will be lucky enough to meet someone special at work. This newacquaintance can slowly and steadily turn into a long term relationship if given enough 25% OFFroom. BUY 2 PASTRIESCapricorn (December 22-January 19)Capricorn people will have a mixed month with an increased mixture of happiness and GET 1 FREE* { On any arrangement } { * PASTRY OF THE LOWER VALUE WILL BE FREE }less of trouble. At work things will go on normally, with minuscule issues coming infront. Valid until May 31, 2011 Valid until May 31, 2011Aquarius (January 20-February 18)Focus turns to your career around the 17th with elevation in your status or gettingspecial attention from the decision makers. Promote your skills tactfully especially withthe people responsible for the advancement of your career.Pisces (February 19-March 20)This is the month that the Pisces will find themselves extremely talkative and friendscommunicative. And because of your lucky planetary alignments this month, the 15% OFF 15% OFF { On all Items }potential for financial gain is possible. { On any arrangement } Valid until May 31, 2011 Valid until May 31, 2011
  • 16. TEMPO FEATURED RETAILERSVasco’s Café Moka Mai and Mar Beauty CenterType: Italian and Indian dishes Type: Coffee shop with a light menu Type: Beauty and Spa TreatmentSpecialty: Pastas and pizzas Specialty: Club sandwiches Specialty: Bridal preparationsLocation: Hilton, Corniche Location: Abu Dhabi Mall Location: Khalidiyah, Behind Emirates Islamic Bank, MezzanineTel: 02- 6811900 Tel: 02- 6457474 Tel: 02- 6655808Hatam La Roche Madonna Beauty SpaType: Iranian Cuisine Type: Coffee Shop and Bakery Type: Facial and Body TreatmentsSpecialty: Grills and basmati rice Specialty: Coffee and pastries Specialty: Facials, Thai massage, Moroccan BathLocation: Marina Mall Location: Khalidiyah, 33rd Street Location: Mezzanine Floor, Al Salam Tower, Al Salam StreetTel: 02- 6818585 Tel: 02- 6505558 Tel: 02- 6740666Meat Co. Café de la Paix Zen the SpaType: South African cuisine Type: French Café with an Arabic Touch Type: SpaSpecialty: Steaks and burgers Specialty: French pastries, cakes and sandwiches Specialty: Signature massage with oilsLocation: Souk Qaryat Al Beri, Bain Al Jisrain Location: Al Wahda Mall, Marina Mall Location: Beach Rotana, Tourist clubTel: 02- 5581713 Tel: 02- 6672121 Tel: 02- 6979333TEMPOVALUECOUPONSDISCLAIMERTempo Value Coupons Disclaimer: Each magazine coupon is limited for per customer. Online coupons can be downloaded from Tempo provides these offers as a service to the community,as provided by the retailer and takes no responsibility on any service shortcomings. These coupons do not carry any cash or credit value and can be redeemed only as dictated in the coupon by the retailer. Avail of the offer by emailing AL SAJ CAFE Or call 055-7812624 Offer available @ Al Najda Street, Al Yasat Tower Conditions: next to Standard Chartered Bank, Abu Dhabi • Prior appointment is required. Tel: +971 2 6766568 • One voucher per person • Mother’s day package applies from 1–14 of May 2011 OCCASIONS SWEETS DENISE FLOWERS Offer available @ Hamdan Street, Offer available @ Airport Road, Khalifa Street, Opposite to Sun & Sand Sports, Abu Dhabi Amiri Building, Shop #9, Abu Dhabi Tel: +971 2 6725505 Tel: +971 2 6620902 YOGODAY Offer available @ Marina Mall, Al Wahda Mall and Abu Dhabi Corniche (family EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS and singles beach), Abu Dhabi, Tel: +971 2 6817230 Yogoday is made with fresh skimmed yogurt and milk, Fortified with Probiotics Offer available @ Khalidiyah and has 98 cal. per 100 gm of original frozen yogurt. Mall, Abu Dhabi Conditions: Tel: +971 2 6581116 • Not valid with other promotions and loyalty card
  • 17. HAOSFILE 219: C es 2011Client Archiv VER ANTA UAJOURNEY CO MPANY} AQ GGLES POWERED GO PROD UCT} SOLAR UNCH PRODUCT LA DATE} 20 DAYS TO ples? e the box sam Did we receiv ing doesn’t…, fit We did, but the packag What??! n’t fit, sir The goggles do Why? cks… t the blister pa We couldn’t ge Why not? wasn’t ready The artwork u ask Arun? Why didn’t yo a speak to Ann He told me to a say? What did Ann sa renew her vi Anna’s left to And Dana? leave On maternity s! e blister pack So let’s get th d the boxes ady ordere But we’ve alre How many…? sand, I think no, sixty thou Thir ty thousand… lier call the supp Tell Mark to les moved to sa Mark’s been China now Well contact the Chinese N ew Year They ’re closed for ie! Call BrandMox Sir? W!!!! NDMOXIE NO GET ME BR A xie BrandMo ose ll breaks lo W hen all he CONTAIN MENT PR – CHAOS G – STR ATEGY – ADVERTISIN www.brand TEL: 02-6673349