What To Do When A Woman Has A Higher Sex Drive Than You

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  • 1. What To Do When A Woman Has A Higher Sex Drive Than YouMost of the time if a man is going to write to me about the amount of sex that he is getting from awoman it is to inform me that he isnt getting enough.However, every now and then a man will write to me with the exact opposite problem in which he iswith a woman who has a higher sex drive than he does and wants to know what he can do abut it.The first thing you must do is figure out if she really does have a much higher sex drive than you or ifshe simply enjoys sex and is willing to have it whenever you want.A lot of men unfortunately are used to being in relationships where the woman is in control of themount of sex that goes on in the relationship.In other words, he is used to having sex with a woman until she says that she has had enough andthen waiting till she is ready for some more.Whether you realize it or not in those situations you become the servant and having sex with her isthe master.She is now in control and you lost it simply because you were willing to do whatever it took in order tohave sex with her.Now, you find yourself where you should want to be which is in control and instead of embracing ityou are trying to give it away.Why would you want to do such a thing?Once you can get out of the habit of letting the woman control you through sex you then can controlthe amount of sex you have with a woman.For those of you who have read this and still arent grasping what you do when a woman has a muchhigher sex drive than you let me spell it out for you.You begin leading her to do the things that you want a woman to do for you both in and out of thebedroom.How Can You Jump Higher