Increase Vertical Jump Exercises - Improve Your Vertical Leap (1)
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Increase Vertical Jump Exercises - Improve Your Vertical Leap (1)






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Increase Vertical Jump Exercises - Improve Your Vertical Leap (1) Document Transcript

  • 1. Increase Vertical Jump Exercises - Improve Your Vertical LeapPlaying Pro Sports such as Basketball can very competitive and youre competitors (and sometimeseven your own team mates) will do anything to gain an advantage if it means winning a game ortaking away your place on the team.In Basketball, there are a few things that separate good players from great players. Perhaps the mostimportant factor in Basketball is how high you can jump. If you cant jump high enough then you aregoing to have serious problems competing with the top athletes.Jumping is everything in Basketball. If you cant jump, you wont be able to defend or attackeffectively and everyone will see that. NBA Pros have an average jump of around 30 inches and itsno wonder that many players do not make it to Pro level because they are lacking one distinct skill.The ability to jump high enough.Fortunately, anyone can improve their vertical jump. Increasing vertical jump is a great way to gain anadvantage over your rivals. To increase vertical jump, there are a few exercises that you can do thatwill help you build the needed power and strength to double your vertical. Heres a few vertical jumpexercises:Squats: Squats are a great for strengthing your thighs to give you extra push so you can improveverticaljump.Calf Raises: This exercise is where you jump and bend your legs and raise them up to your chest.This exercise is designed to increase your vertical jumping power.One Leg Hops: This exercise may seem strange at first but its effectiveness will become apparentafter some practice. One leg hops help increase muscle strength and flexibility in your legs.How can you jump higher