Successful Searching PEKN 1P93 Spring 2014 EYates


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Tips on keyword searching to find books and articles in SuperSearch.

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Successful Searching PEKN 1P93 Spring 2014 EYates

  1. 1. Successful searching Elizabeth Yates, PEKN Librarian May 15, 2014
  2. 2. Your essay • minimum of six academic sources • academic sources may include peer-reviewed journal articles and books Don’t freak!
  3. 3. Today’s outcomes You will recall: • How to use keywords and related words in SuperSearch to find academic sources • Characteristics of the scholarly information ecosystem • How to get help with research info
  4. 4. Scholarly information ecosystem Search engines Websites Journals Books Databases Archives Just a taste …
  5. 5. The Research Path • Work from background to foreground BACKGROUND INFO: -overview -key concepts & vocabulary BOOKS FOREGROUND: -very specific, timely aspects of topic JOURNAL ARTICLES
  6. 6. Questions 1. What’s a book? Does it have to be in print? Do you have to read the whole thing? 2. What’s a journal?
  7. 7. Journals • Publish scientific studies or scholarly discussions • Focus on a specific academic discipline eg Kinesiology • Publish at regular intervals (eg 4x year) • Has a board of expert researchers who review journal articles for quality TIP: Journal articles focus on very specific subjects
  8. 8. Think before you search Try writing out a research question to focus on just what it is you want to know. Example: How has sport influenced the development of Canada’s national identity?
  9. 9. Think like a search engine TIP: start your search with 1-2 keywords; add more as needed to get relevant results
  10. 10. What’s a keyword? -usually a noun -main content words [ not filler] -word versus phrases/sentences
  11. 11. Keywords, synonyms, related words Synonym: word meaning same as original word Related term: word with similar meaning to original term; could be broader or narrower than original
  12. 12. Sample topic How has sport influenced the development of Canada’s national identity? What are the keywords in this topic? What are some synonyms/related words?
  13. 13. Research guide for Kinesiology - -Library website > left nav menu “Research Guides by Program” Got terms: let’s search ’em Pro Tip: Use this guide as your one-stop shop for scholarly information resources
  14. 14. BUT SuperSearch
  15. 15. Succeed with SuperSearch 1. Use “quotes” to search for an exact phrase 2. Use * to search for variations of a word ending e.g. Canad* (Canada, Canadian) 3. Refine your results: select “books & media @ Brock” or Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals” 4. Slide the Publication Date to adjust time period 5. Select “Subject” to find results focused on a specific aspect of your topic 6. Add another keyword to find results focused on a specific aspect of your topic
  16. 16. Getting stuff • Books: call number • Articles: GetIt! TIP >> see videos in Kinesiology Research Guide: -finding books -using Get It
  17. 17. Getting Help Chat with us from this widget @ Text us @ 289.271.8777 Search our Question & Answer Bank
  18. 18. Click on the Help Tab to search topics by Category Contact me: Or chat via Kinesiology Research Guide
  19. 19. Summing up