Ux of medicare big design 2014


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Medicare.gov has many pieces, includig tools to compare doctors, nursinghomes and more. This presentation shows how a good user exerperience strategy contributed to a more successful user experience,

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Ux of medicare big design 2014

  1. 1. Bentley  University   UX  of  Medicare:     Building  Strategic  Models         Elizabeth  Rosenzweig   Principal  Consultant,  Adjunct  Faculty,  Bentley  University   Founding  Director,  World  Usability  Day   erosenzweig@bentley.edu  
  2. 2. Bentley  University   2   •  Medicare,  CMS,  UX   •  UX  Work   •  Strategic  Model   •  Next  Steps   This  presentation  
  3. 3. *  Centers  for  Medicare  and  Medicare  Services   CMS  and  Medicare  
  4. 4. 4   Medicare.gov  
  5. 5. Bentley  University   5   *  NHC   *  Allows  consumers  to  assess  information  about  nursing  homes.     *  Contains  quality  information  on  every  Medicare  and  Medicaid-­‐certified   nursing  home  in  the  country,  including  nearly  16,000  nursing  homes   nationwide.     *   December  2008,  CMS  enhanced  its  Nursing  Home  Compare  website  to   include  Five-­‐Star  Quality  Rating  System     *  A  set  of  quality  ratings  for  each  nursing  home  participating  in  Medicare  and/ or  Medicaid,  .     *  Goals  of  this  rating  system     *  Provide  consumers  and  their  families  with  an  easy  way  to  understand   nursing  home  quality   *  Improve  quality  of  care  in  nursing  homes  in  the  USA   Nursing  Home  Compare  (NHC)  
  6. 6. Bentley  University   6   *  The  impetus  for  the  Five-­‐Star  Quality  Rating  System  was  to  continue  the   efforts  of  the  Omnibus  Reconciliation  Act  of  1987  (OBRA  '87),  a  nursing   home  reform  law,  and  to  help  consumers,  their  families  and  caregivers  more   easily  differentiate  quality  among  nursing  homes  and  compare  nursing   home  performance.     *  Nursing  home  quality  ratings  are  derived  from  several  sources  of  data   including:     *  Results  of  annual  health  inspections   *  Current  staffing  levels  in  the  nursing  home   *  Performance  on  a  series  of  Quality  Measures   *  A  star  rating  is  provided  for  each  of  these  three  sources,  and  the  three   individual  ratings  are  combined  to  calculate  an  overall  (or  composite)  quality   rating  for  each  nursing  home.     The  Five-­‐Star  Quality  Rating  System  
  7. 7. 7   5  Star  Rating  System  
  8. 8. Bentley  University   8   *  Create  a  Strategic  Model  that  was  extensible   What  they  asked  us  to  do  
  9. 9. Bentley  University   9   *  The  motivation  for  creating  a  Strategic  Model  is  focus   the  product  to  ensure  it  is:     *  Meeting  the  needs  of  all  users   *  Creating  confidence  in  the  information  presented  on  the   website/product  and  in  the  social  media  channels   *  Encouraging  product  developers/marketing  teams  and   consumers  s  to  utilize  the  information  to  improve   nursing  home  quality   *  Create  a  model  that  was  extensible  across  Medicare.gov   online  toolset   Motivation  
  10. 10. Bentley  University   11   •  Identification  of  key  business  and  product  goals   •  Identification  of  users  needs  to  facilitate  further  innovation   •  Strategic  Roadmap  that  is  correlated  to  Product/  Services   Lifecycles   •  Strategic  Model  includes  key  tactics  that  map  to  product   goals   •  Specific  methodologies  and  tools  to  support  Strategic  Model   •  Key  elements  of  iterative  design  and  development   incorporated  into  overall  UX  Strategic  Model   UX  Strategy  Work  
  11. 11. Bentley  University   12   *  Top  Level  Goals  for  NHC:   *    1.  Help  educate  consumers  about  nursing  home  quality     *    2.  Improve  the  overall  quality  of  nursing  home  care   Strategic  Plan:  NHC  Goals  
  12. 12. Bentley  University   13   *  Agreed  upon  assumptions  create  basis  for  the  strategic  plan   development:     *  Business  goal  to  improve  quality  of  care  in  nursing  homes   *  Product/Service  goal  to  provide  a  tool  for  people  to  find  and  compare   nursing  homes   *  Information  provided  the  product/service  will  help  many  people  live   healthier  lives   *  Areas  for  Strategic  Development   1.  Awareness  Strategy   *  Creating  knowledge  of  the  website,  5  Start  Rating  System  online  and  offline   2.  Usability  Strategy   *  Ensuring  the  website  meets  the  needs  of  users     Strategic  Plan:     Assumptions  and  Strategy  Areas  
  13. 13. Bentley  University   14   •  Review  goals   •  Match  data  collected  to  goals   •  Adjust  model  as  necessary   •  Iterate  as  many  times  as  you  have  resources   Successful  User  Experience       Strategic  Model     Set/Reset  Goals   Data  Collection   Data  Analysis   Review  Goals  
  14. 14. Bentley  University   15   *  Bentley  User  Experience  Center    (UXC)  partnered  with    Abt   Associates  to  develop  the  Strategic  Model  for  the  NHC  website  and   the  Five-­‐Star  Quality  Rating  System.  This  model  will  is  extsenible  and   will  be  used  across  other  CMS  platforms   *      Strategic  Model  Development   Expert  Review   Goal  Identification   Usability  Test   Surveys,  Focus  Groups   Web  Analytics,  Social  Media  
  15. 15. Bentley  University   16   16   Project  Milestones   Competivie   Analysiss     Focus   Groups   Survey   Social   Media   Web   Anayltics   Personas   Expert   Review   Fall  2011   Utest   Winter  2011   Summer  2012   Fall  2012   Winter  2013   Spring  2013   Summer  2013   Utest   Utest  Utest   Fall/Winter  2013  
  16. 16. Bentley  University   17   *  In  developing  this  strategic  plan,  the  website  user  groups  are   identified:     Persona:    Identify  key  Audience   Consumers  of  Nursing  Homes   Advocacy  groups   Nursing  home  providers   The  marketplace     (i.e.  researchers,  corpora>ons)  
  17. 17. Strategic  Model:  Goals   Long  Term  Goals   Intermediate  Goals   Define  the  strategies   1.  Create  confidence  in  the  Five-­‐Star  Quality  Ra>ng  System   2.  Help  consumers  make  decisions  using  the  Five-­‐Star  Quality  Ra>ng  System   4.  Create  knowledge  of  the  ra>ng  system  among  nursing  home  providers   5.  Mo>vate  nursing  homes  to  provide  beNer  care  to  residents   7.  Assist  consumers  in  finding  nursing  home  informa>on   8.  Help  consumers  find  and  compare  nursing  homes     3.  Communicate  the  impact  of  the  Five-­‐Star  Quality  Ra>ng  System   6.  Encourage  the  market  to  use  the  Five-­‐Star  Quality  Ra>ng  System   Help  educate   consumers  about   nursing  home   quality  and   improve  the   overall  quality  of   nursing  home   care.  
  18. 18. Bentley  University   19   *  In  order  to  meet  the  high  level  strategic  goal  of   improving  the  overall  quality  of  nursing  homes,  the   following  intermediate  goals  need  to  be  met  based  on   the  target  user  group/audience:     Intermediate  Goals  by  Persona   User  Groups  &  Intermediate  Strategic  Goals   Goal   Consumers   Advocacy  Groups   Providers   Marketplace   1.    Create  confidence  in  the  Five-­‐Star  Quality   Ra>ng  System   2.    Help  consumers  make  decisions  using  the   Five-­‐Star  Quality  Ra>ng  System     3.    Communicate  the  impact  of  the  Five-­‐Star   Quality  Ra>ng  System   4.    Create  knowledge  of  the  ra>ng  system   among  nursing  home  providers    
  19. 19. Bentley  University   20   Intermediate  Goals  by  Persona,   contd.   User  Groups  &  Intermediate  Strategic  Goals   Goal   Consumers   Advocacy  Groups   Providers   Marketplace       5.    Mo>vate  nursing  homes  to  provide  beNer   care  to  residents   6.    Encourage  the  market  to  use  the  Five-­‐Star   Quality  Ra>ng  System   7.    Assist  consumers  in  finding  nursing  home   informa>on   8.    Help  consumers  find  and  compare  nursing   homes    
  20. 20. Bentley  University   21   *  The  following  tools  were  used  to  collect  information  about  NHC   and  the  Five-­‐Star  Quality  Rating  System;  the  information   collected  provides  the  foundation  for  the  strategic  plan.   Tools     Competitive   analysis     Focus     groups     Usability     testing     Surveys     Web     analytics     Social     media     Expert     review   Strategic Model Strategic  Plan     Persona     Design   Ideation  
  21. 21. Intermediate  Goals  by  Tools   Tools  &  Intermediate  Strategic  Goals   CompeIIv e  analysis   Expert     review   Focus   groups   Usability    tesIng   Surveys     Web   analyIcs   Social     media   Personas   1.  Create   confidence  in  the   Five-­‐Star  Quality   Ra>ng  System         2.  Help   consumers  make   decisions  using   the  Five-­‐Star   Quality  Ra>ng   System   3.  Communicate   the  impact  of  the   Five-­‐Star  Quality   Ra>ng  System   4.  Create   knowledge  of    the   ra>ng  system   among  nursing   home  providers  
  22. 22. Intermediate  Goals  by  Tools,  contd.   Tools  &  Intermediate  Strategic  Goals   CompeIIve   analysis   Expert     review   Focus   groups   Usability    tesIng   Surveys     Web   analyIcs   Social     media   Personas   5.  Mo>vate   nursing  homes   to  provide   beNer  care  to   residents   6.    Encourage   the  market  to   use  the  Five-­‐ Star  Quality   Ra>ng  System   7.  Assist   consumers  in   finding  nursing   home   informa>on   8.  Help   consumers  find   and  compare   nursing  homes    
  23. 23. Bentley  University   NHC  Before  
  24. 24. Bentley  University   Landing  Page  
  25. 25. Bentley  University   NHC  Landing  Page-­‐  original  
  26. 26. Bentley  University   Click  5  
  27. 27. Bentley  University   Click  6  
  28. 28. Bentley  University   NHC  AXer  UX  
  29. 29. Bentley  University   Landing  page  
  30. 30. Bentley  University  
  31. 31. Bentley  University  
  32. 32. Bentley  University   33   Next  Steps     *  Review  Web  Analytics   *  Monitor  Social  Media   *  Usability  Test  on  newest  revision   *  Update  Strategic  Model  
  33. 33. Bentley  University   34   UX  of  Medicare     *  CMS,  Medicare,  NHC   *  UX  Work   *  Strategic  Model  
  34. 34. Bentley  University   Questions?             Elizabeth  Rosenzweig   Principal  Consultant,  Adjunct  Faculty,  Bentley  University   Founding  Director,  World  Usability  Day   erosenzweig@bentley.edu