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Creating the Internet-Based Nonprofit
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Creating the Internet-Based Nonprofit


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Creating the Internet-Based Nonprofit …

Creating the Internet-Based Nonprofit
Presented during the Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals' 19th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilization Workshop in Mombasa, Kenya. December 7, 2012.

Published in: Education
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  • “In September 2010, international organizations, heads of state, celebrities and specialists gathered to review progress on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)…set in 2000 to achieve eight anti-poverty goals by 2015. In the midst of the coverage of these grand events, high profile attendees wined, dined and debated the relative merits of each MDGs plan, while the actual “poor,” were not invited to these elite events.Project Diaspora decided to change perceptions about the poor by building the Villages in Action platform whereby the voices of the poor can be heard. On November 27, 2010, the first conference was held in a village outside Masindi, Uganda. The goal of this one-day conference was to showcase the grassroots efforts driving economic development and improving the lives of the community – all with little or no assistance from international aid organizations. In January 2012, Villages in Action partnered with GirlUp in a tweetchat that enabled these eight rural Ugandan girls to share their questions with the world spurring a conversation that reached over 1.5 million people (including Ivanka Trump) and generated over 4 million impressions on Twitter. This truly demonstrates the power of social media to amplify a message, empower girls and hopefully open up their world such that they aspire to leadership positions.During the 2012 Villages in Action conference in Uganda, 10 village girls were able to share their views about their community, in a global tweetchat that reached 1.5 million people.
  • MPrep brings education to the masses through SMS-based learning. “MPrep is an SMS and mobile web based study solution.This system helps students, parents and teachers work together to improve on areas that are difficult for the student.”
  • This Ewe-mina Proverb refers to this unknown part of the struggle between the lion and the hunter because we Africans know well that a story is never complete until one hears from both sides. The one who does not have the voice is often the loser. This loser might well be the lion to the hunter, the servant to the master, the chief to his subjects, the wife to her domineering husband. It is in these circumstances when one voice dominates the other that this proverb is often heard.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Going Digital: Creating an Internet-Based Non-profit Presented by Liz NgonziKenya Association of Fundraising Professionals:19th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilization WorkshopMombasa, Kenya | Dec. 7, 2012 @LizNgonzi
    • 2. About me: @LizNgonzi
    • 3. Goals• Review the necessary elements in creating an effective online eco-system.• Learn about various ways to measure the effectiveness of your online footprints.• Discover ways in which your organization can leverage technology to differentiate delivery of its services.• Review how effectively your respective organizations tell their stories online and through mobile channels. @LizNgonzi
    • 4. Your organization’s online eco-system @LizNgonzi
    • 5. Necessary elements for effectivemanagement of your online eco-system Continually and creatively demonstrates transparency and reports impact of work. Makes Giving EASY! Delivers unified visual identity through all online / offline channels. Tells its story in ways that provide compelling reasons for continued supporter engagement. Effectively uses multiple social media platforms / supporters to fundraise and create awareness. Provides tools through which you can assess effectiveness of online activities. Mobile-enabled. @LizNgonzi
    • 6. YouTube for Nonprofits channel @LizNgonzi
    • 7. Assessment:Tweetreach report -Kenyans4Kenya @LizNgonzi
    • 8. Assessment: FacebookPage report - “Liked” @LizNgonzi
    • 9. Assessment: FacebookPage report - “Reach” @LizNgonzi
    • 10. Assessment: Facebook Page report -“Talking About This” @LizNgonzi
    • 11. Assessment: Email Marketing Campaign @LizNgonzi
    • 12. 300 2 0 0160 Assessment: 20 1 Email 2 Marketing Campaign @LizNgonzi
    • 13. 300 2 0 0160 Assessment: 20 1 Email 2 Marketing Campaign @LizNgonzi
    • 14. Assessment: Email Marketing Campaign @LizNgonzi
    • 15. Case study: integrated online /offline ruralcommunity- led advocacy @LizNgonzi
    • 16. Case study: mobile service delivery @LizNgonzi
    • 17. Case study: mobile service delivery @LizNgonzi
    • 18. Case study:mobileservicedelivery @LizNgonzi
    • 19. @LizNgonzi
    • 20. @LizNgonzi
    • 21. @LizNgonzi
    • 22. @LizNgonzi
    • 23. Organizational self-assessment: • Are you setup to effectively attract and convert new supporters online or through mobile channels? • Is your story compelling and accessible on multiple channels and in varied formats? • Do you give your most devoted supporters every possible tool to share their zeal about your story? • Are you using technology to differentiate your organization’s service offerings? @LizNgonzi
    • 24. “Until the lion has his or her own storyteller, the hunter will always have the best part of the story." ~ Ewe-mina ProverbSource: @LizNgonzi
    • 25. Emerging Trends On the Horizon: Industry ConsolidationAsante Sana to Re-think Competition andRequiring OrganizationsCollaboration ? @LizNgonzi
    • 26. Resources• Social Networking Books – – Change/dp/0470547979 –• Technology Resources – Cloud Basics for Nonprofits and Libraries – – Selecting the Right Technology Vendor –• Usability Resources – User Testing – – Feedback Army – – Ethnio – – Google Browser Size Labs –• Video – YouTube –• Text Messaging – Mobile Accord – – Mobile Commons – – “Top 10 SMS Campaigns of Q1” @LizNgonzi
    • 27. Resources• App Creation – AppMakr –• Communications Planning – Smart Chart 3.0 –• E-mail events and invitations –• E-mail only ASP - Constant Contact –• E-mail only ASP - Mail Chimp• Full-service ASP’s – Convio – – Blackbaud –• List Append Services – Fresh Address – – Exact Target –• Online training – NTEN – – Agitator –• Social Networking Books – – Change/dp/0470547979 – @LizNgonzi
    • 28. Resources• 21 Examples of Crowdsourced Fundraising Platforms• ePhilanthropy: • Twitter Searches: #NPTech, #Mgiving, #MobileGiving, #ephilanthropy, #Onlinefundraising • Google News: ePhilanthropy News Section • SlideShare Presentation on Fundraising Using Zipcast • Slideshare Blogpost on Building a Professional Brand Using SlideShare @LizNgonzi
    • 29. SourcesContent / Image: Source:Soccer Ball Goal 0fJyOFBNPT4/TcABPnArS5I/AAAAAAAADMc/fVBzRFD0rP8/s1600/soccer-ball-over-sky.jpgOnline Ecosystem JMgy5JK6mhU/Th5zKF5FAfI/AAAAAAAAA28/o0oN5zW2Qsg/s1600/Babies+Billboard.jpgTweetreach Report: Reports Screen Shots Chimp Screen Shot in Action Screen Shot Screen Shots • • Logo / Text2Live • • Screenshots Provided by Joseph Wang’endo and Hezekiah Mwaniki of BloodLink FoundationDetour Egg e478-44a4-8fed-f49aa917d8cf/Presentation/Image/tax-and-employee-benefits.jpgStacked Books Hands Math Classroom Image
    • 30. LIZ NGONZI @LizNgonzi +1 732.208.3304 |