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Published in: Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. + Background  Founded in October 2006 by  Rashmi Sinha, CEO & Co-Founder  Jonathan Boutelle, CTO & Co- Founder  Acquired by LinkedIn in May 2012  Monthly visitors: 51.6 mil
    • 2. + What exactly is SlideShare? “SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations”
    • 3. + Continued..  Users create a unique profile where they can customize and share different kinds of content  Compatible with PDFs, Microsoft Office, Open Office, KeyNote, and iWorks docs  Functions include following, commenting, favoring, uploading, and downloading content from other members  Users can search for presentations & documents on specific topics using the categories provided or by key words
    • 4. + Example: HubSpot
    • 5. + Privacy  SlideShare provides users with many privacy options  Content can be made public or private  Restrictions can be set to prevent selected viewers from seeing certain content of your presentations
    • 6. + Integration with Other Social Media Platforms  Live Twitter feeds and YouTube channels can be displayed on a profile  Example: Pfizer’s page  Ability to auto-share content to Facebook and LinkedIn
    • 7. + 2 Types of Embedding  Embedding to outside sources:  Content from SlideShare can be placed onto “blogs, website, and company intranets”  Embedding within a presentation:  YouTube videos within in presentations  The ability to sync Mp3s with slides  It helps generate webinars, recorded lectures, and musical slideshows.
    • 8. + Stand out Features/ Benefits  Can be used for networking!  Very simplistic!  It’s Free!  Serves as a online USB!  It is a source of referral traffic!  Content can go viral and be spread on its own!  “People tend to trust content they discover organically more than they do content hosted on a corporate homepage.” -Todd Wheatland, head of global marketing at Kelly Services
    • 9. + Conclusion  Catalyst can use SlideShare as a portfolio of its work, whether to display our creative ability, previous case studies, white papers, or complex data in a more comprehensible, sharable format  It may even be a better way to display Catalyst’s visual portfolio then Pinterest due to its more formal/ business oriented style
    • 10. + Work Cited  