Digital Transformation in Recruitment Slade Partners 2013


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What is digital transformation, who is doing it and what does it mean for the recruitment industry.

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Digital Transformation in Recruitment Slade Partners 2013

  1. 1. How digital is changing the way we recruit.
  2. 2. We live, work, play in a digital and social media world Digital Transformation: what is it to ‘be digital’ and exactly who is?
  3. 3. We live, work, play in a digital and social media world Digital Disruption. REALISATION: Assessment of current situation. TRANSITON: Creating the plan for change. TRANSFORMATION: Change management and implementation. Process of change: • Aligned to people, process and technology. • Assessment of internal and external factors influencing business strategy. • Viewed from the perspectives of C-level, HR and marketing teams. • Stock taken of digital ‘enablers’ (service and support) and digital assets (domains, sites, propositions, etc). Change in organisational design: • Job roles and descriptions updated. • Identification of where outsourcing will be cost effective. • Work delegated to departments for PR, social media, customer service, customer experience, technology for marketing, sales. • Education for staff on branding/processes/platforms
  4. 4. Leading the way: Those who are not afraid to digitally transform.
  5. 5. 950 million people globally use social media in its various forms. Source: Jobvite December 2011
  6. 6. Social Media Acceptance. Combining social media with our traditional recruitment processes, and recruiting tools including psychometric testing, gives a more detailed view of the talent than ever before. 32% of companies expect to use social media as part of their human resource strategies*. Source: Jobvite December 2011
  7. 7. Recruiting, as we know is the process of…. Attract Source Engage Screen Make offer
  8. 8. Make Offer ScreenEngageSourceAttract Gain competitive advantage through Social Networks Use the information from profiles to garner interest Introduce prospective candidates to others in your organisation Interact with prospective employees through their profiles Learn about prospective candidates through their profiles Source: Forrester Social Recruiting is the process of…
  9. 9. Making the most of social.
  10. 10.  Delivers high quality candidates.  Allows for sharing content with candidates.  Builds networks and connections.  Allows for starting conversations with candidates.  Engages with candidates as people. Social Recruiting: What. Why. How.
  11. 11.  Enhanced communication.  Cost effective for firm and client.  Engagement levels are high.  Reduced candidate and client churn.  Knowledge retention.  Higher levels of productivity.  Powerful SEO.  Increases customer lifetime value.  Revealing commodity. Benefits of Social Recruiting.
  12. 12. You are a brand. Build equity in your own personal brand. Be found. You are a brand. Build equity in your own personal brand.
  13. 13. Slide Share.
  14. 14. Do. Be active. Regular calls to action. Mitigate negative comments. Leverage positive conversations. Measure success of your campaign. Take notice of competitors, clients, colleagues profiles . Create candidate relationships. Activate professional conversations. Develop your own strategy. Link your Google+ and Twitter accounts to LinkedIn. Social media policy. Speak in the first person. Verify the candidate’s profile whilst screening.
  15. 15. Don’t. Lie or swear. Underestimate the power and influence of social media. Rely on written references or recommendations on LinkedIn. Screen out a profile until you have confirmed it is of no use to you. React emotionally to negative comments. Spam. Be sarcastic, argumentative or overly opinionated. Link your Facebook to LinkedIn profile. Use a personal photo on a professional profile.
  16. 16. Slade has digitally transformed. • Online blogging from Practice Leaders. • iPads for candidate interview/client meetings capture. • Smartphone's for all consultants for ease of communication whilst out of the office. • Skype and online webinars for global interviews/conferences. • Online GoToMeetings for conferences and global screen share/meetings. • Virtual expos for broadening of skills and interests. • FastTrack Database. • Salesforce Database. • LinkedIn Recruiter RPS. • Individual Slade Group Websites and Content Management System. • Seek Job Board and Database. • CareerOne Job Board and Job Head Hunter. • Paid online subscriptions for national newspapers including Financial Review. • Slade Group Twitter Account and consultant Twitter accounts. • Slade Group Facebook page. • Train the Trainer. • Industry specific Digital Lunches events. • SameTime Instant Messaging to ensure speed of communication across the national firm. • Online satisfaction surveys sent to candidates and clients to ensure 360 degree feedback. • EDMs sent to clients and candidates. • Search Engine Optimization solutions to promote the firm/capture candidates and clients.
  17. 17. Elizabeth Ebeli Digital Media, Practice Manager Slade Partners, Executive Search (03) 9235 5137 Twitter: @ElizabethEbeli LinkedIn: WordPress: