Research (week 1)


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Research (week 1)

  1. 1. Research andPlanning WEEK 1
  2. 2. Goldilocks Potential Fairy tales CinderellaBeauty & the beast Little Red Riding Hood Snow White
  3. 3. • In our next meeting, we then decided on how we shall adapt the fairy tale, we discussed all the genre’s and then decided we wanted to use the thriller genre. We decided to use this genre because we felt the narrative of Little Red Riding Hood, uses some aspects from this genre already. In addition to this we wanted to make this more apparent to the audience.• After this we made a list of macro and micro elements such as: • Representations • Props • Mise-En-Scene • Camera angels • Music • Codes and Conventions of the thriller genre. • Narrative • Lighting • Sound (diegetic/non diegetic/sound bridges/voice overs)Whilst discussing this, we then came up with the idea, that as we adapt the fairy tale, there will besome aspects we shall keep the same such as the colour red, the use of younger actress for thecharacter of Little Red Riding Hood, the grandma and the mother. The use of the forest, we did thisbecause we felt it was essential in understanding the narrative.
  4. 4. Changes we made to the original narrative:•We decided to change the narrative structure to non-linear narrative, we didn’t wantthe narrative to follow a typical structure, in which we all find boring. We wanted tobe able to captivate our audience through the narrative, if we followed a non-linearnarrative the audience will be more likely to concentrate on the trailer, they will bemore likely to watch the actual movie so the true meaning of the film can beunravelled.•Another adaptation we made to the narrative is the use of a wolf. We felt it would beeasier to portray and will act as a way of modernising the fairy tale. We felt that dueto the fact we don’t have the resources for the wolf costume etc., it will be easier touse a witch for obvious reasons. We didn’t want the trailer to look cheap, this is themain reason why we decided to change the wolf to a witch.•With the actual narrative of Little Red Riding Hood we have only taken parts of thestory in which we find particularly interesting. Such as the death of Red RidingHood, but rather we shall never reveal the true resolution of the trailer.
  5. 5. Why change the wolf to a witch?How would you adapt the fairy tale?What does the thriller genre consist of?How did you find your characters?
  6. 6. As my role is being a producer, our budget is £100, to buy a red dress, make-up, props etc.we looked at different locations whereby we found out the use of these locations will befree. As the producer I am in charge of looking over the whole project. I made a decision tochange the scene from the huntsman at the pub, to a huntsman riding a motor bike, I didthis because I felt we could play on this more, it will be more representative of our targetaudience, and also it will appeal to them.Through my role, I helped make critical decisions during our productions meetings, I helpedestablish many different decisions, were we looked at things such as costume, I helped formthe red dress idea as a way of modernising the fairy tale, also as a way of modernising thefairy tale, we wanted to change their costumes completely and also the idea of the wolf.Through my role I also helped my director when it came to looking for locations and shotlist. I overlooked these variables and made sure, it will best suit our target audience.When allocating roles I was allocated the role of the producer. The role of the producer is toinitiate a project and oversees it from the conceptual stage through to completion. As this ismy role I will be in charge of making sure we follow story boards. Making sure we have thecorrect equipment we need i.e. camera, costumes and scripts. This role requires me to findthe characters, costumes, the kind of shots we will use, the type of location.
  7. 7. Camera Shots
  8. 8. Lighting
  9. 9. . ‘
  10. 10. SCRIPTING
  11. 11. We researched how real media textsare scripted, we used the sameformat when scripting. Throughresearch we found that SFX stood forsound.
  12. 12. Characters