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  • 1. Captivity Trailer
  • 2. Due to the typical conventions of a thriller trailer, Captivity successfully complies toall these conventions, as the trailer begins, it takes a more relaxed approach makingit unclear which genre it truly is. As the trailer begins, it uses a statistics to begin thetrailer, which is un-conventional. As the trailer develops it becomes clear in the mindof the audience, what the film is about. The trailer uses text instead of a verbalnarrative, to visually intrigue the audience. The text builds up tension amongst theaudience, as it quickly feeds them information. Thriller’s conventionally begin slowand the past later picks up, this is evident in this trailer also. The beginning of thetrailer successfully draws the audience in as it uses very dark lighting, with brightlights only illuminating from the buildings present in the scene. The trailer takes alinear narrative, rather than a non-linear narrative structure that most thrillers tend totake.
  • 3. Here we can see, a substance being This medium close up, carefullyslipped into a drink, we are unsure focuses on the woman, who is awho does it or exactly what the successful model, it shows to thesubstance is. This is a great way of audience her surroundings and whatkeeping the audience intrigued in the exactly she is doing. As this scenetrailer, as it teases them and makes progresses the audience are left on thethem want to watch the movie, so edge of their seats because they arethe story can unravel. The use of a oblivious to what has been placedblack glove contributes to the fear within the drink. This scene iscreated amongst the audience particularly successful in sending thrillsbecause it hides the identity of the through the audience because we canperson and also it’s a typical only see her and we are unaware ofconvention of a thriller movie. those around her.
  • 4. Looking at this particular scene it begins with a close up of the character Jennifer holding herhead, we can see through her facial expressions, that something is wrong, which engages theaudience. As the scene progresses we see her, mouth opened in a high angled shot , withouther coat which then creates questions in the audiences heads. The colour is then strippedfrom her as she lies on the floor which then makes fear elicit through the audience, again sheis following the typical conventions given to women in thriller films, she is helpless and an easytarget for her stalker to capture her.
  • 5. Here there is a very bright light which then fades out into text, when using this, a mixture oftext and images, it keeps the audiences attention on the trailer rather than elsewhere.
  • 6. The use of this image as part of editing is Again we have the close-up of the female,successful as it acts as a way of creating a where she is completely helpless. The closemore psychological type thriller feel to up of her lying down with the black glove intrailer. The fact the trailer uses a more the previous scene adds more tension toneon colour scale adds to the tension of the trailer. The fact that the audience isthe trailer. unaware whether she is alive or asleep, again adds to the tension. This scene particularly speeds up the trailer.
  • 7. In this scene it begins with the woman clutching onto a dental chair, this elicits tensionamongst the audience. It again follows typical conventions in which females are helplessin the present situations. The use of a dental chair, which typically creates fear amongstpeople, has been successfully used to elicit fear amongst the audience. The actress in thescene has a strap across her forehead which contains her in one space, which is typical ofthe way women are portrayed in the thriller genre. In the 2nd snap shot, in the far right,we can see a bottle containing substance which is unclear to the audience, this prop actsas a way of keeping the audience intrigued in the trailer. Also the facial expression on theactress, is consumed by fear. The character is wearing white which has innocentconnotations which is then used to the advantage of the trailer.
  • 8. The close up of the women createsThe close up of the camera with the eye anxiety, again the black glove appears,looking at you, again heightens fear which simultaneously reminds theamongst the audience. The eye can see audience that something bad is goingeverything your doing, there isn’t any to happen.escape, which is very typical of the thrillergenre.
  • 9. This scene takes very quick sharp shots, which dissolve. This heightens fear amongstthe audience, throughout this scene we can only see her calling for help but we canthear her, the trailer uses very high pitched non-digetic sound to heightens bloodpressure amongst the audience. The scene begins with sand falling from the ceiling,which we are unsure of what is about to take place, then the shots are very quickand a medium close up of ‘Jennifer’ is brought to the forefront asleep, again she ishelpless. Then it is followed by a low angle medium shot whereby the audience canalmost feel the sand falling above, by doing this it will have the audience glued totheir screens.
  • 10. The close up of the hand, almostgives the audience hope that she The use of non-digetic sound in thiscan be saved. This scene is scene creates the fact the womanparticularly important because has no power, she bangs on therather than seeing her hands glass, but almost nobody can hearclenched to the armrest, she is or save her.almost free to move around whichthen contradicts the next scene.
  • 11. Howl Trailer
  • 12. The trailer begins with a very mythicalnon-digetic soundtrack, whichhighlights the fact that it is a fantasytrailer rather than a normal trailer.Typical to most trailers, the trailerbegins with its certificate, which canjustify the reason in which a mythicalsoundtrack is played, to cater for itstarget audience. In comparison to theCaptivity trailer, which doesn’t use thecertificate.
  • 13. The trailer begins with text, As the trailer progresses we are takenwhich will draw the into a low angle medium shot,audiences attention into whereby we are shown a woman ofwhat is being written on their supernatural strength, this is veryscreen. Trailers tend to do untypical of the thriller genre, womenthis, to keep their audience are normally assigned roles whereglued to the screen. they are inferior. This shot also helps set the theme for the trailer. The woman is dressed in black, which has negative connotations, so the audience has already assigned her to being a negative character.
  • 14. In this medium low angle shot, we can By having a medium shot of the moon, itsee, the same woman appears again helps captivate the audience andwearing black, jumping down onto a explain what kind of genre the film is.cart, again she displays supernatural Also being a mythical thriller, this astrength, she is assigned an un typical convention used in mythology. Itconventional role. By using this establishes what kind of film this angle, it sets exactly where weare in the trailer, we can see somemale authority figures in the back, butthey have no acknowledgement thatthe woman is there, which againcaptivates the audience.
  • 15. By stripping the colour from the Here a woman is dressed in black in thismoon, using the same medium shot medium close up. By doing this forwardand a fade it adds mystery the over the shoulder shot, we can see bothtrailer, we are unsure of what facial expressions on the female and theexactly is happening. This will act as male characters. The female holds ana scene to captivate the gaze of the expression that she is unaware of theaudience. fact a potentially dangerous man is standing directly behind her. It adds thrill to the audience, because the fact the woman is unable to see someone behind her. Also we can see some the background which sets the scene.
  • 16. Here we have an establishing shot, which shows exactly where we arein the trailer, by doing this, the audience will be able to know wherethey are, as this trailer uses a linear narrative which begins slow andthen picks up pace. By using dark lighting it will help to add mysteryto the scene, the audience will be able to establish that somethingbad is about to happen, low lighting shows danger, and its popularlyused amongst the thriller genre.
  • 17. Here in this scene the This scene adds drama andcharacters are wearing masks excitement to the thriller, as itin this medium close-up, this showcases in a medium shot a largershows that there identity is than life book, which draws thehidden, which adds thrill to audiences attention. The trailerthe scene. We don’t know if begins to pick up pace at this point asthey are victims or villains, or magical things begin to happen.what there purposes are inthis thriller.
  • 18. In this high angle medium shot, of thisIn this medium close-up a woman supernatural mask, it heightensis placed in the middle of admiring adrenaline amongst the audience, itmen, which is the typical roles looks like a human like face, which drawsassigned to women. We can not the attention of the audience. This showssee her face due to the mask, so that the character in question is hidingwe are unsure of her facial more that just her identity. Also we canexpressions. As the pace quickens smashed chandelier which suggests anso does the music which act argument or fight along with the redtogether in heightening adrenaline piece of silk draped underneath theamongst the audience, also the mask. The colour red has very powerfulcostume suggest the time period connotations, we expect somethingin which the film is set in. alarming to take place. This colour also warns the audience and draws their attention to the screen.
  • 19. The use of the colour in this shot The use of low lighting in this scene,adds mystery to the scene, and prepares the audience for something todraws immediate attention from happen, as a typical convention of a thrillerthe audience, we are automatically convention, by doing this the view of thedrawn to this scene, as we question audience is automatically drawn to thiswhat this mystical image is. The image.pace begins to slow down in thisscene, which also calms theadrenaline of the audience.
  • 20. The close up of the wolf, connects with the title of the film, which also adds to the thrilleffect of the trailer, with the connotations associated with a wolf and a full moon, this is aneffective way to end the trailer because it keeps the audience wanting more. It successfullyteases the audience and lures them into wanting to watch the full movie. The teeth in thewolf have been exaggerated to add scary effect to the wolf. Also the use of light from themoon, to highlight the features of the wolf, adds thrill to the scene.
  • 21. The Notebook
  • 22. With most trailers it begins with a certificate, notifying the audienceabout who exactly the movie is aimed at.
  • 23. Here the scene begins with very bright Here the scene shifts to very lowlighting, and a 70’s soundtrack, to situate lighting, which is typical of thethe time period in which the film is set horror genre. In this mediumin. the costume giving to woman also close-up, we establish that thehelps us to establish when the film was woman is naked, which drawsset. The medium close-up allows us to the view of the audience. Nuditysee her facial expression and also some naturally draws attention. By herthe background to help. The use of the single necklace we can establishwhite swans, allows the audience to again the time period of thepaint a picture of purity and innocence trailer.attached with the animals.
  • 24. It is very typical of the horror/thriller genre to use haunted houses, in this establishing shot,we see where the scene is set. Again it uses very low lighting which will draw the audiencesattention directly to the house. The only sources of light are illuminating from the house,pulling the gaze of the audience into the scene.
  • 25. The way in which this scene has been edited to give it a red colour, symbolises blood. Theaudience is automatically drawn into the scene, we want to see more, know more. Themedium shot has been used throughout this trailer to allow the audience to know wherethe scene is set and also to see the expression that is being held on the characters. Thescene the follows with very sharp, short shots, which captivate the audience, theywouldn’t want their eyes to leave the screen.
  • 26. The use of text instead of images,consumes the attention of theaudience, the audience wouldn’t wantto leave the screen. The use of thecolour red is a popularly used horrorconvention. The use of droplets tomock blood drops, heightens fear inthe audience, which leaves theaudience wanting more.
  • 27. Little RedRiding Hood
  • 28. Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is a beautiful young woman torn between two men. She is in lovewith a brooding outsider Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), but her parents have arranged for her tomarry the wealthy Henry (Max Irons). Unwilling to lose each other, Valerie and Peter areplanning to run away together when they learn that Valeries older sister has been killed bythe werewolf that prowls the dark forest surrounding their village. For years, the peoplehave maintained an uneasy truce with the beast, offering the creature a monthly animalsacrifice. But under a blood red moon, the wolf has upped the stakes by taking a human life.Hungry for revenge, the people call on famed werewolf hunter, Father Solomon (GaryOldman), to help them kill the wolf. But Solomons arrival brings unintended consequencesas he warns that the wolf, who takes human form by day, could be any one of them. As thedeath toll rises with each moon, Valerie begins to suspect that the werewolf could besomeone she loves. Panic grips the town as Valerie discovers that she has a uniqueconnection to the beast--one that inexorably draws them together, making her bothsuspect...and bait.This a twist on the fairy-tale of little red riding hood.
  • 29. Similarly with other trailer, it begins with a certificate to open the trailer, itthen follows with the production company, rather in other thriller trailers,it appears half way through the trailer.
  • 30. Again similar to the trailerHowl
  • 31. In this medium shot the As the camera zooms in, The camera is thencamera is placed is titled, we move closer to the placed at a higherwhich gives the effect that branches, it has been angle which allowswe are viewing it from edited to give a jittery us to see the ground,somebody perspective, the effect which mesmerizes and completelytrailer picks up the audience and establish where weimmediately which claims captivates their attention. are, we are almostthe attention of the being taken throughaudience. We can establish the woods togetherwhere we are in the with the, this is particularly The trailer does thiseffective because the to give fulltrailer follows a linear perspective and tonarrative. draw in the audience, leaving them wanting more.
  • 32. The use of natural light in thisscene captivates the audience. As the previous scene fades As the camera zooms outNatural light is popularly used another scene is presented, the scene it is clear the rolein the thriller convention, in an establishing shot, which of the man in the scene.which aims to keep the notifies the audience where The use of low lighting isaudience interested in what is the scene is placed. Also the also a typical conventionhappening in the scene. The props used, set the time the thriller genre, whichmedium shot draws in the gazeof the audience. The camera is period in which the film is again pulls the audience in.also placed at a lower angle, set. The costume in whichtilted upwards, which draws the man wears suggest histhe gaze of the audience status in society, which againdirectly to the sun. also they draw the audience closer.way in which the lighting ismerged between the trees,creates beautiful imagerydrawing in the audience.
  • 33. Also in this medium shot, the audienceHere in this scene we have a birds can see directly the expression theeye shot, it focuses mainly on the characters face, this again will create adead person, which creates a dramatic effect on the audience.dramatic effect on the audience.
  • 34. This is an establishing shot, it This shot is at a higher angle, where weallows the audience to are looking at the characters, it isestablish where they are in particularly effective in this love scenethe shot, it creates a climate, because we are automatically drawnso the audience are well into the scene, by using this shot, weinformed. It also adds to the can set the season, by the colour of thestory tale genre of the film, leaves, also by the way in which thewhich creates a fiction effect characters are dressed we can set theto the film. time period of the scene.
  • 35. By using a mixture of text and imagery, it automatically captivates the audience, the audiencewouldn’t want to take their eyes of the screen. Also by using animated trees, it will also createa dramatic effect amongst the audience, we are drawn into to the fairy tale aspect of the film.
  • 36. In this establishing shot, In this long shot, we have athe audience are It builds an atmosphere, clearer few of red ridingparticularly drawn to Red because the wolf has burnt hood, by using naturalRiding Hood’s red cape, the village, red riding hood lighting the snow and thethis captivates the is amidst the situation. Our cape are brought directly toattention of the audience, attention has been drawn our they do not want to to it. The fire is to build atake their eyes of their threatening atmospherescreen, the cape is the amongst the audience.main theme of the story.Also it adds to the genredue to the fact of using thehouse which adds aspooky feel to scene. Thescene is uniformly lit todraw attention to thesnow, which makes thescene natural