Music magazine cover comparison.


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Music magazine cover comparison.

  1. 1. Strap lines are placeddiagonallyFour cover Main cover line- they wantlines the audience to read the Advert for next magazine, and understand issue where the celebrities are coming from. This magazine has used three columns, but this is The layout revolves three columns in this magazine, the more obvious than the ‘Rolling Stones’ magazine. same in which VIBE has used three columns. This magazine The bold text is placed behind the main celebrity has used one male on the right, one make on the left and a who is brought in front. The way in which the male in the centre, to divide the magazine into three main image is symbolising the RnB genre. The celebrity is giving full eye contact with camera, columns. All three men are giving the camera full eye contact creating a degree of intimacy with the audience. with the camera to produce a degree of intimacy with the The main image overlaps the masthead because reader. They have dressed the main image to represent the the image is meant to be the main item on the genre of indie music, they are dressed typically in black front cover. The main image is of a semi –nude leather jackets,. They have used a colour scheme of red, man which creates sensuality and lust between black and white; these colours attract the reader to the the reader and the artist. The cover lines feature a magazine also to stand out on the top shelf. The colours are lot of music topics from the UK and USA, there is a reference to artists and their record label. The used much more subtly than VIBE. The main cover line is left cover lines are aimed at fans and people who aligned, similar to VIBE. They have used four cover lines might be serious about the RnB genre of music. which are left aligned on the left side of the page. This The barcode is placed at the front of the magazine. magazine hasn’t used a barcode like the ‘VIBE’ magazine. The advert for next issue if placed at the bottom The cover line ‘Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero’ entices the right hand corner of the magazine to entice the audience to the indie theme, draws the audience into the reader to the next issue, it’s a preview. The main image is dominant but is complimented by the magazine. ‘ bold choices of font colour and font sizes, the use of red along with the sensuous main image, creates a high degree of sexual tension between the reader and the artist.