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  1. 1. As the producer, I assigned the editor the role of looking for locations. Whendiscussing the kind of locations we wanted to use for our trailer, we decided wewanted it to be a modern take on Little Red Riding Hood. The thriller genregenerally uses very old grotesque locations, so we decided to keep this the same,in order to keep the genre apparent and also to appeal to our audience.We also wanted to use a forest within our trailer, to keep the fairytale similar tothe original story. So we looked at many different locations which have forests suchas Streatham Hill, Clapham Common. We then looked into which of these locationshad a path within the forest and found they both did. We then decided to useStreatham because we felt it had a larger forest and also the trees within this forestwere much more grand than that of Clapham Common. We looked closely at theforest’s we looked at the path in apparent because this is very important to theopening of our trailer.In addition to locations, we needed a Victorian style house, we looked at brixton inparticular because we felt it had houses which we of this style and not too far forour filming team to get to. We looked at houses which were free to use, whichwould only require permission without cost because it would not fit into ourbudget. As the producer I felt, I should have taken into consideration the cost oflocations and added this to our budget because it would have given us morevariety of locations to use.
  2. 2. Location: Brixton Library Why we chose this location: We choose this location because we liked the work of the library, we felt it would fit perfectly into our storyline because it has an older type feel to the library. we felt that when looking for locations we needed a house which was rather grotesque and had a gothic feel to the location. We couldn’t use this location because it didn’t have a room we could use for the grandma scene. Through this location it became apparent the style of house we need to use, it became an outline for the type of house we need to use.I made sure that when I sent the location manager out that this building was the outline for thetype of building we were looking for. I particularly liked the work on this building and felt that itwill be perfect for our trailer because it feed to the gothic aspect of our genre. I felt throughediting we could exaggerate the mystical aspect of this house.
  3. 3. Location: Brixton St Matthew’s Church Why we chose this location: We chose this location because we felt it would fit into the church scene. We wanted to find locations that would fit exactly into our story line. I liked the staircase in this location and felt this would be effective if we wanted to create a mythical, gothic genre. I liked the fact that the work on this building is rather old, I didn’t want to loose the ancient feel of the fairytale.I wanted to use a location which had an ancient feel to it because I felt that it would helpcreate our genre. I liked this location because of the staircase and I felt we could manipulatethis when filming or through editing. I felt that this location was a bit too modern for ourproduction because it had metal railing appose to wooden ones which would emphasize theancient feel. With this location I felt it didn’t exactly fit into our trailer exactly because wecouldnt’ really use this location.
  4. 4. Location: Streatham St Leonard’s Church Why we chose this location: We chose this location because we liked the grave stones and the architecture on the windows and the way the tree comes into the fore front of the church. This location was exactly what we were looking for when it came to a church. We liked the fact the church was not so large because we felt it would make the audience feel more involved in the scene we will use the church for.I liked the gravestones in particular. I felt this would fit perfectly into the thriller genre as itwould create a very gothic scary atmosphere. I liked the way in which the location was verysmall I felt it would be effective in making the audience feel involved in the trailer. I felt if thechurch was larger it would be harder to create a gothic atmosphere. We decided to use thislocation because it fit perfectly into our story line also through editing we could manipulatethe grave stones and make them more scary. In addition to this, I liked where the locationwas, it was not on a busy high street and it would help reduce noise pollution when filming.Furthermore this location was rather easy to get to, and also would help reducetransportation costs.