Contents page and front cover analysis


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Contents page and front cover analysis

  1. 1. This magazine cover is effective Strap line-A tag line is a variant of abecause all the colours branding slogan typically used in Cover linecomplement each other. The uses marketing materials and advertising. this isof red, black white and a hint of Here the strap line is used to advertise aligned left the celebrities who will be included in but placedorange, is successful because it the magazine. It draws the audience to on the rightdoesn’t make the front cover look buy the magazine, because will want to of the page,crowded and cramped. The image know why the celebrities are strap lined. to borderand text complement each other the centraland the text is used around the image and The masthead which is the name of the complimenmain image which attracts the magazine is in bold red colour, along t thereader. The magazine doesn’t with the picture it gives a seductive centralreally use any margins. The image colour and will stand out in a line of imageand spread across the margins. competition magazines.The magazine only uses one mainimage, which could stand manyother genres of music. The image Advert, isis giving full eye contact to build a placed on The text is aligned to the left it isdegree of intimacy between you placed like this to border the the frontand the reader. The only in which main image and not to distract page towe know the genre of the the reader too much from the attractmagazine is because the celebrity central image people tois a recognised R&B star. buy into Main image which is foregrounded the the station. picture is of the Beyoncé who is headlined This is the main cover line which takes up more than in the main cover line. This picture has a quarter of the front page. The main cover line uses been used because it is a very seductive bold font which is red and black and attracts the picture of the celebrity and attracts male reader because the colours are quite alarming. It and female readers. The picture is very brings the readers eyes straight to the magazine. sexual and attractive.
  2. 2. This magazine uses four cover lines which are all aligned to the left Main cover line- they want the audience to read the magazine, and understand where the celebrities are coming from. Advert for nextThe layout revolves three columns in this magazine, the same in issuewhich VIBE has used three columns. This magazine has used one This magazine has used three columns, but this is more obvious than themale on the right, one make on the left and a male in the centre, to ‘Rolling Stones’ magazine. The bold text is placed behind the maindivide the magazine into three columns. All three men are giving celebrity who is brought in front. The way in which the main image isthe camera full eye contact with the camera to produce a degree symbolising the RnB genre. The celebrity is giving full eye contact with camera, creating a degree of intimacy with the audience. The main imageof intimacy with the reader. They have dressed the main image to overlaps the masthead because the image is meant to be the main item onrepresent the genre of indie music, they are dressed typically in the front cover. The main image is of a semi –nude man which createsblack leather jackets,. They have used a colour scheme of red, sensuality and lust between the reader and the artist. The cover linesblack and white; these colours attract the reader to the magazine feature a lot of music topics from the UK and USA, there is a reference toalso to stand out on the top shelf. The colours are used much more artists and their record label. The cover lines are aimed at fans and peoplesubtly than VIBE. The main cover line is left aligned, similar to VIBE. who might be serious about the RnB genre of music. The barcode is placed at the front of the magazine. The advert for next issue if placed at theThey have used four cover lines which are left aligned on the left bottom right hand corner of the magazine to entice the reader to the nextside of the page. This magazine hasn’t used a barcode like the issue, it’s a preview. The main image is dominant but is complimented by‘VIBE’ magazine. The cover line ‘Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero’ entices the bold choices of font colour and font sizes, the use of red along with thethe audience to the indie theme, draws the audience into the sensuous main image, creates a high degree of sexual tension between themagazine. ‘ reader and the artist.
  3. 3. This magazine has stuck to two column using the main image as a break up for the page. The magazine uses feature well, aligned to the right of the page. It has been broken up into two, “<features>” and “<fashion>”. The contents page is always set out in this particular style, because it creates a house style for VIBE music magazine. This magazine uses two grids, it is effective because it keeps the magazine very simple . The tone of this contents page is unisex, it appeals to both its female and male audience. The content is very simple and straight to the point. The image is married to the text which keeps it very simple. The main image in the contents page of VIBE magazine is normally of a celebrity.The colours are grey, white and black, this is a very simple way of keeping the textsimple. Yet so elegant which is the normal house style in which VIBE goes for.
  4. 4. The magazine on the right, aligns the text to the right, which is not the typical house style for VIBE magazine. the magazine on the left ‘Boardwalk’, the text is aligned to the right. With the feature again to the left. This magazine marries the text to the images, with the use of numbers on the images. ‘Boardwalk’ sticks to a very simple colour scheme with only black and white and colour only seen in theThis contents page uses, three The magazine is broken images. VIBE music magazinecolumns. There is not a lot of also similarly into three is an R&B magazine , whichwhite space in comparison to the columns, it is broken up plays up to the genre by theVIBE magazine. ‘CONTENTS’ is in much neater than the use of seductive women. Thea much larger font also. This Indie/Folk magazine. contents page uses a tint, oncontents page isn’t broken up ‘CONTENTS’ is in much the left hand of the page,into equal grids, which could be smaller font, which which adds colour butargued to be because of the allows the images to be doesn’t over dramatize theIndie/Folk genre of the the forefront. contents pagemagazine.